Sunday calling – Almond butter chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been fancying that new cookie Prêt A Manger has been doing but for some reason you can’t get it anywhere these days. My local one is always out and the other day when I passed by a staff person said they’re revising the recipe. So I’ve been scouring the web for something I can…

a great summer

I can’t say it enough those last weeks, that this has been the best summer I’ve experienced for a long time. The weather!!! Starting from May, there have been week after week of pure sunshine, blue skies and high temperatures. Besides of very few rainy days, which is totally fine now and then, this is a summer I can’t remember there was since I was a child.

And I am really making the most out of it. Many trips to the park, two trips to a nearby lake after work, dining outside in idyllic restaurants, having white wine and rosé whenever possible 🙂

Yesterday it was a joy to watch the Kölner Lichter, a big firework over the river rhine, which happens once a year in Cologne. I sat there with friends and my sister at the riverside with some wine and snacks and watching the spectacle, which was just awesome.

I’m definitely a summer person and would never complain about the heat so pleeeeaaase summer, go on like this as long as possible!!

I started replacing Supervisor with systemd for Plone sites

During the Plonator sprint i have started to replace Supervisor (a process manager) with systemd start/stop scripts.

Right now Supervisor does not work with Python 3 (Supervisor version 4 will work) and it has problems stopping a Zope4 instance (needs more testing).

A systemd script could look like this:

root@xxxy:~# cat /etc/systemd/system/demo-latest.service

ExecStart=/home/zope/ fg


I haven't digged deep into systemd start/stop scripts, but i think i will use it more often. Are you using Supervisor? Is systemd a good replacement?

Das DIVI Theme ist …

In der letzten Zeit strandeten ein paar Kunden bei mir mit Problemen im DIVI WordPress Theme. Eigentlich hatten sie gar keine richtigen Probleme, die Site musste “nur” mal aktualisiert werden und hier und da war irgendwas nicht richtig zentriert auf demTelefon … Naja, und ein bisschen Datenschutzgrundverordnung. Und wo wir schon dabei sind, wäre eine …

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Vom Feiern auf dem Dorf

Sommerzeit ist Festivalzeit hier im Süden. So auch in Fitou. Vergangenen Freitag war Weinfest. Die Appellation d’ origine contrôlée Fitou wurde 1948 gegründet und ist die älteste im Languedoc. Ich dachte mir, dass der 70.Jahrestag ihrer Gründung auf dem diesjährigen Weinfest besonders gewürdigt werden würde. Ich habe, ehrlich gesagt, nichts besonderes wahrgenommen, es war so ...

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Uitgaan om en rond Fitou

Voor wie het nachtleven in onze regio wil proeven geven wij hier korte samenvatting van de pubs, disco's en events in onze buurt!
1. De Chateau bar in Fitou Village. Deze mooie bar vind je op 10min wandelafstand van onze Tilley France B&B (Fitou) In de zomermaanden is de bar iedere dag open en geeft elke week een optreden van diverse artiesten. Buiten het seizoen kan je hun openingsdagen vinden via hun FB pagina. In de namiddag is deze bar ideaal om op hun groot terras te gaan genieten van een prachtig uitzicht met een lakker drankje.
2. Op 10 minuten rijden van onze Tilley France B&B (Fitou) vind je Buzz bar. Leuke bar met toffe uitbater die gans het jaar events doet met optredens van verschillende artiesten en DJ's. Always ambiance!
3. Op een kleine 15min rijden vind je de bar restaurant Le Blue in La Franqui. Hier kan je overdag aan het strand gaan luirikken met een glaasje, in de avond lekker vers gaan eten aan een responsabele prijs en s'avond heb je hier in hoogseizoen elke avond een optreden van verschillende regionale groepen.
4. Les Terrases vind je op een goede 20min van onze Tilley France B&B. Voor wie echt naar de Disco wil en even uit de bol gaan tot de ochtenduurtjes kan bij Disco Les Terrasses terecht aan het strand van Kyklos (Port Leucate).
Voor al wie zin heeft om hier te genieten van de scharmes van deze mooie streek kan even kijken naar onze verhuur locaties om en rond Fitou. Hier LINK.
Warme groeten,
Harry & Miranda

How We Killed the Pioneer Car.

If you are fortunate, like me, maybe privileged and one day you arrive in Italy. It’s the beginning of winter but still that doesn’t break your spirit, you went ahead and toured Italy, walked the streets, eat the food and most importantly admired the cars, I mean the Fiat.

The Birth of FIAT

But the real history of Italian cars begins after Italy unified into a nation when? on July 11, 1899, F.I.A.T. (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) was founded as a company, after acquiring other major Italian brands.

The first model produced by Fiat was the Fiat 3 ½ HP. Built in 1899 by design engineer Aristide Faccioli from an inspiration he received from his previous drawing of the Welleyes, the 3 ½ HP had a maximum power output of just 3.5 hp and 400 rpm. Fiat produced just eight copies of the automobile, a far reach from what modern automotive assembly lines can churn out, but at the end of 19th Century, the car was not a common good, but a luxury that only a wealthy few could afford. The 3 ½ HP was not equipped with a reverse gear and its frame was made of wood.

A few years later Fiat achieved the first of many victories in car racing with the help of Vincenzo Lancia, winning the Torino Sassi-Superga in 1902. In subsequent years, Vincenzo Lancia was to create his own car company.

Today, the streets of Italy are filled with Fiats, something to really admire. Italians have gone ahead to develop worlds best sports cars racing in different grand pix all over the world.

Pioneer Car

Many of you might not know or remember the Nyayo Car. The Pioneer was to be Africa’s first independently developed car, and the project was started with this amazing quote from Kenya’s then president: he asked for the development of a car, “no matter how ugly or slow it may be.” This must be borrowed from many quotes, The need for a people’s car – VW Beatle or a cheap car for everyone as long as it came in one colour – Ford. Elon Mask said “when Henry Ford made cheap and reliable cars people said, nah! whats wrong with the horse? That was a huge bet he made and it worked”

There’s something really refreshing about hearing this sort of brutal honesty when it comes to cars. Everything that any car company says about their cars or the origin of their company is almost invariably a string of overwrought hyperbole that proclaims their cars to be the finest, noblest, wheeled saviours of humanity. So hearing one exasperated leader plead with a university to develop any ugly, slow car they could be remarkable.

One of the remaining of the Pioneer car rests at Numerical Machining Complex at the Railway Godown in Industrial area. It’s been almost 40 years since the Pioneer car and just last week I managed to see it with my eye.

The University managed, after four years and a bunch of money, to develop five prototypes: a five-door sedan, a sedan with a trunk, a pickup, a sports coupe, and even a rally version. The cars look pretty conventional for the time, and seem to be transverse, FWD cars in keeping with many economy cars of the era.

They used a 1200cc engine designed locally and the Pioneer could make about 75 MPH with it, with the state of roads we had then remember. So, not really all that slow, and it wasn’t even particularly ugly, either.

The start of the Nyayo car might have not been good, Only two of the five cars that were displayed at the Kararani Sports Complex could start, and when the President jumped in one of them he could not manage more than 400 mitres.

The Nyayo Pioneer was an engineering disaster, many people said. The headlights, bumpers and boot did not come together neatly, and the car lacked the finesse you would expect from a consumer product.

Eventually, the factory built for the cars was sold to another firm, and in some ways that did become successful, becoming one of Africa’s first and comparatively few plants capable of producing automotive and locomotive parts, lathe equipment, and other machinery.


In this country, people will kill something and they will surely make sure that its dead. I agree that this was a disaster, but at least it was the start. I have travelled a little and I can tell you that I have come across a lot of automotive disasters, AMC Gremlin – 1970 Ford Pinto on the same year, Fiat Maltipla – 1998, Ford Explorer – 1995, Lamborghini LM002 (1986).

When Kenya was making their First automobile disaster, Lamborghini too were making theirs. The difference between Lambo and Kenya is that they learnt from their mistakes, WE DID NOT.

Today Lamborghini is the fastest car, if not one of the fastest cars, made in Italy and sold all over the world, the FIAT, rules the streets of Italy, while in Kenya we still import cars from Japan.

Good Deed: Do_action Lagos 2018

Last weekend, I was part of a team of volunteers that worked in the do_action Lagos 2018. What is do_action?

do_action is a charity hackathon that uses WordPress to uplift local communities.

do_action hackathons are community-organised events that are focused on using WordPress to give deserving charitable organisations their own online presence. Each do_action event includes participants from the local WordPress community coming together to plan and build brand new websites for a number of local organisations in one day.

from the do_action website

A month ago, when I was asked about volunteering, I was sure I would not be able to participate because I could not see how I would be able to balance my time. The worst thing would be to volunteer, then not be able to show up or help. I was able to offer assistance a few days before the event though, and I am glad I could still find a place.

I was the official assistant to the convener, Mary Job, for the day. This means I was everywhere and running all over the place. I enjoyed it. My joy increased when I realized that one of my friends who runs an NGO made it to the final list that would be assisted.

The five NGOs that got websites that day were REEL Foundation, Life’s Beacon Initiative, St. Don Bosco Foundation, Seedtime Foundation, and Al Hurriyah Foundation. I spent most of my time working with the Don Bosco team.

Here are more pictures from the event:

french football and spanish tapas

I’m not a football person at all but there is no way around the worlcup, so why not celebrate a little bit too. In my opinion, the whole thing has gotten a lot more relaxed since Germany had to go home and you could just spontaneously decide on which side you want to be with every match.

Today I watched the finale, France versus Croatia, while sitting in a very cosy, nice little spanish restaurant. There were like 10 tables outside with both fans of the french team and the croatian team. Everybody drinking wine and eating spanish tapas.

When you are in Cologne one day and visit the southern part of the city, don’t miss out on La Patata, where you can eat delicious tapas, fish plates and meat.