The Sad Ending of Lord Egerton.


The story of Lord Egerton is a really sad one. Maurice Egerton (4 August 1874 – 30 January 1958) was the fourth Baron Egerton. He was a member of the Egerton family and was the only son of Alan de Tatton Egerton, 3rd Baron Egerton and his wife Lady Anna Louisa.

Maurice was known as an aviation and motor car enthusiast, a friend to the Wright brothers. He served as a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during the First World War after which he was granted some land in Ngata area near Nakuru in Kenya under the Soldier Settlement Scheme.

He later purchased a further 21,000 acres around the same area from Lord Delamere. On this land, he founded a school in 1939 named Egerton Farm School (now Egerton University). The school was meant to prepare white European youth for careers in agriculture.

But the story starts when he build his second house for his bride to be. And on seeing the house she said, you have build a house for chickens. Taking it as a challenge he started building another house, this time bigger and better. Close to the Castles that rested in the Land of the then King George VI.

Lord Egerton Castle as its known now was build from from 1938 to 1954. It’s said that he imported most of the things that he used to build this important castle. The castle has 52 rooms. Among them; dance hall with electric organ, dark chamber for developing photos, entrance hall, master bedrooms, study rooms and a wine cellar.

The story is later told that on seeing it, his bride to be said that was a house for the horse. And so she did not marry him and from that point its said the lord hated women and so he did chicken. Interestingly, the other culprit was the horse, and he went scort free. In those days I am sure he would not be able to farm….which was his passion without a horse. So it’s safe to say his hate was selfish.

So he never allowed Chicken and women in the compound where the stands. Maurice did not marry and on his death in 1958 the barony became extinct. Today the Castle still stands out, with most things vandalised. Its now the property of Egerton University.

I visited the Castle with my wife when we were celebrating our second year anniversary.  The gardens are really good for weddings and parties. And yes, women and chickens are now allowed to visit the Castle. The ghost of Egerton has rested.


The inside of the Castle has not been maintained, especially the Bowl room, which if it is kept well can create a really nice experience for those who have never had one.  It’s also a pity that the management would allow something and pricy and eunique as the Organ to be vandalized. I wish more can be done on the inside.

I visited the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Addis Ababa, this was Emperor Haile Selassie’s house that he donated to host the university. It’s a wonderful museum and I wish the management of Lord Egerton Castle would do the same. 

The lady abandoned the house by calling it “chicken house” then the castle she called it “Horse House”. The Lord died and left it where it stood, its should not be abandoned again, it has had enough of it……and it needs justice.



Ja, ja, die Sache mit dem Vertrauen. Ich frage mich in letzter Zeit zunehmend, warum ich so wenig Vertrauen in all diese abstrakten, arbeitsteiligen, hinoptimierten Vorgänge, mit denen ich so zu tun habe, habe. Luhman sagt, Vertrauen sei ein Mechanismus der Reduktion sozialer Komplexität. Also je komplexer die soziale Umwelt ist, desto mehr müsse man […]

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Caves inside Menengai Crater.


The Menengai Volcanic Crater is one of the main attractions in Nakuru. From the top it offers awesome views of nature at its best and the new Geothermal development adds to more eye pleasing and relaxing views.

I was trying to use google maps as a guide for accessing the Creator, it gave me two routes, one on Kabarak Road and the second on Nyahururu. All about 31 KM. But my intuition caused me to ask somebody at the petrol station we were fueling.

Just after the hospital there is a road going up the hill, it turns dusty after a few meter and goes all the way to the Kenya Forest Service gate which is the entrance to the crater. The road was very dusty when we went, it had just been done and there had not been enough rain to wash the dust away.

But for me the main attraction is the Caves, the place full of solitude and peace, away from every other thing. We were lucky to get a guide who could show us where the caves are since there’s no direction showing you how to get there.

But if you take the gate on your left while driving into the park, you will have to take your first left turn to and then the second left after driving for some time. That will take you to the Caves.


The Caves however are protected area used as places of worship, you should not be surprised when you hear loud shouts and chanting when you approach the Caves. You will experience darkness like never before when you are inside the caves, its cold and the only sound is that of drops of water coming down from the ceiling of the cave.


I took a moment of meditation and gratitude to God. When here, I felt a great presence of God and how amazing his works are. From the caves, there is still a different route that will take you to Kiamunyi if you don’t want do go back via the original route.

But being up there, you will enjoy the view of Nakuru town and  Lake Nakuru. There is more to see at the crater, for those who don’t know….and if you would want to see something so amazing, the caves will be it.

Enjoy your travel.

10 Tage in Südvietnam

So langsam fangen wir endlich an zu reisen und diesmal haben wir uns auf den Weg nach Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) gemacht, denn Isa und Dick sind seit ein paar Monaten in Südostasien unterwegs und wir wollten uns mit ihnen irgendwo dort für ein paar Tage treffen. Jetzt ist Vietnam nicht gerade um die ...

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A drive at Lake Nakuru National Park.


Lake Nakuru National Park is a main attraction in Nakuru town. Nakuru is the capital of Nakuru County. The town soon to be city sproal a lot the A104, which is part of the Northern Corridor.

When the Kenya-Uganda railway line was constructed, although heavily criticized as the Lunatic Express or a road to nowhere, it had a profound impact in the creation the nation today known as Kenya.

As the nation grew, Nakuru Town also developed out of the activities of the railroad as it was one of the major stopovers that encouraged growth of business centres along the railway from Mombasa en route for Kisumu.

Nakuru County was among the area that was annexed as white highlands, where many colonists chose to settle.

This county still have a lot trace of the white rule, big part of it is still under the few white, but also to good part is that a lot is under conservation. Major attractions in Nakuru, is a place we choose to visit, the Lake Nakuru National Park.

I would advise you if you have never done a park drive, make sure you do early morning or late evening. The park can be very hot, and animals always want to hide from the hot sun.

The road within the parks is always not turmarked, but it is well maintained. It is advisable to use an SUV but if you are like me, not able to afford one, even a sedan can manage 95% of the roads within the park. The only part we would not manage was the Out Of Africa viewpoint.

The road runs along the lake surrounding and with different exits, connecting the main gate and Lanet Gate. It also connects to Soysambu Conservancy. The park has two top viewpoints and two bird watching spots. The points to note are Baboon cliff, Out of Africa and Lake show where you can watch the flamingos.

I will also advise you against leaving your car when you are not in designated areas, Lions can eat you in a minute, or the Buffalos or rhino can come charging at you, and just like in the movies, you will be running for your dear life.

Lake Nakuru of late has swollen to claim part of the park where trees and buildings sit, am afraid if this goes on we might not have the road. The views along the lake are breathtaking though and we made many stops to just look at animals and observe their body language.

The whole drive would be 45 KM around the park, with hills and valleys and a lot of lake shoe driving.


Eigene Wege entstehen beim Gehen

Meine erste Erinnerung an Mobilität stammt aus der Zeit als ich den Kindergarten besuchte. Ich glaube da war ich vier oder fünf Jahre alt. Der Kindergarten war etwa 700 Meter von unserem Haus entfernt. Es gab einen kurzen und einen lângeren Weg zum Kindergarten. Der kurze Weg war effektiv. Erst rechts aus dem Haus, 50 […]

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De gele hesjes beweging

De Franse minister van Binnenlandse Zaken Christophe Castaner heeft uitgehaald naar de beweging van de gele hesjes, die in Frankrijk en Franstalig België protesteert tegen de hoge brandstofprijzen. “We zien vandaag dat een beweging, die zaterdag in een gemoedelijke sfeer begon, totaal op drift is geslagen”, zei Castaner op France 2. “Men ziet een radicalisering met eisen die niet coherent zijn, die in alle richtingen gaan.”
De gele hesjes vroeger nog onbekend bestaat al heel wat jaren maar toen niet onder de naam gele hesjes. Vroeger waren er in Frankrijk ook al bewegingen die opkwamen voor de minderbedeelden waar er toch heel wat van zijn in Frankrijk.
Op dit moment komen deze bewegingen op omwille van de vele accijnzen op brandstoffen, maar eerder ook tegen het beleid van Macron .
Bij Tilley France hebben we respect voor bewegingen die opkomen voor de minderbedeelden maar moet in evenwicht zijn met respect voor de werkende die hier meestal de dupe van zijn.
Warme groeten,
Harry & Miranda


Seit ich vor einem halben Jahr beschlossen hatte, die Geschichte unserer Familie aufzuschreiben, war mir nicht klar, wie aufwendig das sein würde. Ich habe mittlerweile so viele Geschichten und von Familienmitgliedern gehört, die ich vorher noch nicht kannte, aber auch viele meiner Erinnerungen sind wieder wach geworden. Da geistert eine Menge in meinem Kopf herum ...

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