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total: 140 €
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  • Harry Tilley (@tilleyharry) – 30 € or 6 good deeds
  • Lena Roohnikan (@lerooco) – 25€ or 5 good deeds
  • Adedayo Adeniyi (@daydah) – 20 € or 4 good deed
  • David Opati Aswani (@susumunyu) -20€ or 4 good deeds
  • Hagen Graf (@hagengraf) – 20 € or 4 good deeds
  • Christine Graf (@christinegraf) – 10 € or 2good deeds
  • Isa Schulz – 10€ or 2 good deeds
  • Dick Olsson – 5€ or 1 good deed

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  • Juergen Rinck (since 26.06.2016)
  • Daniel Roohnikan (since 17.04.2017)

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  • Joeri Poesen (@jpoesen)  (since 10.07.2017)
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  • Jonathan Rukundo (since 13.03.2017)
  • Shedy Serem (since 16.01.2017)
  • Manfred Gosch (@1aolivenoel) (since 23.10.2017)
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Another MSG-free Sundaylunch served

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Another #MSGfree #Sundaylunch served. Thanks @abosede.sobodu and @seuntaylor for the inspiration. That #goatmeat sauce though...wish I could lick the pan without raising eyebrows 😂 #FastRepost from @abosede.sobodu by @fastrepost_app ••• Feeling a little under the weather today but that didn't stop us from having an awesome lunch of crepes with some goat meat sauce. Thanks @jibirises . Join us pls.... #crepes #lunch #sunday #foodie #brunch #sunday #goodfood #goodafternoon #pasta #healthyfood #foodlover

Congratulations to my dear cousin

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Congratulations to my dear cousin @alotaiwo on receiving this prestigious award. Jehovah shall continue to elevate you in Jesus name AMEN. #proudofyoucousin🎓❤️ #FastRepost from @alotaiwo by @fastrepost_app ••• I thank God for favor and I am humbled to be the 2018 Erroll B Davis jr. Black Engineer of the Year. Thanks to my left ventricle @beecye, @oladi_olada for the money shot and @geekrestored @goodideas4ever and Dapo for supporting #beya #blackexcellence

Facebook Marketing for Dummies.


Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa with the majority of its citizen on Social Media, therefore it only makes sense for your company to start utilizing social media and replace traditional marketing with social media marketing in Kenya.

Facebook is a complete network when it comes to business pages. When you create your account or business page, seek to know what are the tools that it offers you, the possibility to place information about your company and website, address and hours of operation. Also, you will know how many people visit your page, where they are and what content they liked.

Facebook is a competitive environment, and probably you will find dozens of competitors with well-designed pages. In this way, you need to think about what you can do to make your can stand out, is the way you put, the products features or any other characteristic that can differentiate you from the others.

Instead of posting anything, you must have a well-defined strategy. In it, you should lay down your goals that you want to achieve with the page, select which public you are targeting, what are your investments, put together a schedule of publications and put all the information that will help you in spreading your business.

With the amount of material available on Facebook, to ensure that you catch the attention of your followers you must have a content that adds value to whatever they already have. Use relevant information, talk about your products or services and be very objective in the texts. Also remember to use a language that is compatible with your audience, otherwise, if  they can not identify with what you posted they will no longer follow the page.

You are an expert in your business and therefore the customer needs you to make decisions. Think of the biggest questions and concerns that a customer may have which push them away from you. Then find a way of addressing them. Do you not know what to post? Ask your viewers what they would like to know or search pages in its segment about the most common questions people ask about your product or market.

It is important that you keep a set frequency of posts. Avoid publications with a very wide range, because the impression it gives is that your page is “start up” or you do not have much interest in publicizing your work. If possible, post every day. If not, post at least 3 times a week.

Another tip is to use the feature to schedule posts. With it, you can schedule posts to be served at the times you see fit. With this, your page will always be updated.

Do not leave your audience in a vacuum. It is important that you respond to all comments and messages you receive, thus creating a closer interaction with the people who like your page. Thus, these followers will seek to interact more often and recommend your page, since it is helpful to their audience.

One tip is to enjoy all the comments you receive on your page. Another important point is also to answer the negative comments.  If you see a criticism, ensure that you follow it up by email or phone.

Human beings are attracted by what they see, and rightly so it is important that your page has quality images. They will cause the first impact on your follower and will serve as an invitation for them to read the material you provided.


Facebook Ads allow you to reach people who are of interest to your business. When creating ads, you will highlight the content that will be directly taken to the public that does not know about your work and may be interested in it at some point.

Today it is very difficult to generate significant results without investing in ads. More than 40 million businesses use the Facebook page to attract customers. Thus, investing in ads is important. Still, it’s very cheap to invest in campaigns on Facebook.

In addition to having a Facebook page, it is interesting that you have accounts on other on social networks like Twitter and Instagram, as this are other dissemination channels for your business, giving you the opportunity to reach more people. With this, you will attract even more people to your Facebook page.

But remember that each channel has a way to communicate with people. Avoid a repeat what put on Facebook  for Instagram, for example. Also, create exclusive content for each audience and each channel.

Facebook gives you all the information you need about your audience, such as age, location, interests, etc.Enjoy this data to create performance reports that show which posts were liked best, which yielded a low performance, who’s been visiting your page. Thus, you will improve your strategy and attract a more qualified audience.

A Belly Hug of a Cauliflower Cheese Gratin

When I got a cauliflower head in our veg box this week, I wanted to try a plant-based version of cauliflower cheese gratin. It’s not that different from the cheesy base needed for a plant-based mac’n’cheese, so I gave it a go today. Makes for perfect comfort food in the midst of a mini hail…


It’s this time of the year again. Drunk people everywhere, at every time of the day, of every age and of every shape. 

Cologne is celebrating, 5 days long, there is no way around it. It’s either leave, hide at home with lots of food and patience, or be in the middle of it.

This year marks 10 years for me in Cologne, so I decided to be in the middle of it for once and take it all in.

Tomorrow I’ll be running around as one half of an M&M, a blue one, and in my next post I will let you know how that worked out for me 🙂


In the 18th century, quinine, obtained from South America was the expensive medicine used to treat Malaria. Because of the high costs, chemists were experimenting to develop a synthetic equivalent, so did W.H.Perkin. He did not succeed in creating quinine out of coal tar but accidentally discovered the colour mauve. I combined violet pigments with ...

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Les bains de Saint Thomas

In het plaatse Fontpédrouse vind je in de Pyreneeën Orientales het les bains de Saint Thomas. Plaatsje om te gaan herbronnen in de warm waterbronnen.
Je kan hier gans het jaar terecht om jezelf te verwennen in de warmwaterbronnen. In de zomer is het gezellig om buiten te zonnen en te zwemmen, In de winter daarentegen kan je ook de buiten zwembaden gebruiken aangezien de zalige temperatuur van de bronnen waardoor je lichaam lekker opwarmt en de koude geen vat heeft.
Wat bied dit resort?
> drie buitenzwembaden
> een vaporarium
> een hamman
> sauna
> massage center
Relaxen en je laten verwennen is de basis van dit center. Er zijn ook voorzieningen voor gehandicapten. Je kan ook best een ganse dag vrijmaken als je dit resort gaat bezoeken. Er is zelf een resto waar je op de middag hapje kan eten zonder dat je het resort moet verlaten.
Je kan ook de dag combineren met een wandeling rond de bronnen. Er zijn verschillende wandelformules en kids kunnen hier zeker ook aan deelnemen.
De balades aux gorges de la Caranca zijn hier een prachtige ervaring en zijn gelegen op 4km van het resort.
Volwassenen (baden) 7,00 €
Kinderen (baden) (tussen 4 en 11 jaar) 5,50 €
Hamman en baden vanaf 12 jaar 15,50€
Adres en openinguren
Les Bains de Saint-Thomas 66360 FONTPéDROUSE tel : 04 68 97 03 13
Open alle dagen van 10h tot 19h40 en van 10h à 20h40 in de maanden juli en augustus en kerstvakanties.
Vanuit ons verblijf Maison Tilley te Bailestavy is het één uur rijden of 50km naar Les Bains de Saint-Thomas > vanuit Fitou moet je 1.30u rekenen of een kleine 100km.
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Warme groeten,
Harry en Miranda