Singles Awareness Day

Red hearts everywhere. Red clothing in all shades and styles everywhere you turn. Blink and you just wont miss that fire engine red lipstick. Nothing brings home the truth about being alone more than Valentine’s Day.

Other days seem to be geared towards culture, tradition and family, but Valentine’s Day? I beg to differ. The celebrations have been narrowed down from showing all types of love, to just the one between a couple, as if that’s all Saint Valentine had in mind. For someone who has enjoyed being one half of a couple for a while, the loneliness hurts, so I would rather call it “Singles Awareness Day” than “Valentine’s Day”.

I’m learning to be alone, but sometimes the loneliness hits me like a ten-tonne truck. This particular year, I got to notice the adverts all over the place, because I am trying to use this same season to promote more giving and charity in my sphere of influence.

Sisu Prime Aromatherapy sells 100% natural, phthalate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, body and hair care products, that boost your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Our Loodus line is our first set of natural perfumes, and we are donating a part of the proceeds towards the lunch program of Street2School Initiative, a local NGO helping to keep children off the streets in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sisu Prime is @sisuprime on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

I had to actually tune into all the messages and ads around, so that I could also come up with something nice enough to increase sales and ultimately make a sizable donation to the Initiative. It seems every company and entrepreneur has one form of sales or the other for this period. I am encouraged by the high number of sales tied to charity, motherless home donations and scholarships. Boosts my heart.

If you are like me, without a significant other today, I encourage you to do what I have planned: Touch someone else’s life today – be it a random stranger, or a friend that you have not reached out to check on, for a long while. Depression is eating away at everyone in our society today, and all the hype about love will only make it worse. Let us add to the other side of the equation: show love to someone that cannot expect or even afford it, today.

Above all, celebrate your achievements. Love yourself today. Give yourself a big treat – do you know how many babies were born on your birthday that did not make it to their fifth? Do you know how many others did not get to be a teenager? So many people went through just one-tenth of what you have been through to get here, yet they are gone. Count your blessings one by one.

Be grateful. I know I am.

Warum benutzt du Instagram?

Warum benutzt du Instagram? Zwei Leute, die ich persönlich kenne, haben angekündigt Instagram zu verlassen. Mit einem der beiden habe ich kurz über das Thema in WhatsApp (!) gechattet. Ich schlug als Alternative zu Instagram Pixelfed vor. Die Antwort beschäftigt mich nun seit ein paar Tagen. Der Auslöser Hier der Screenshot aus dem WhatsApp Chat. […]

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Single and Ready to Mingle?

Where did January run to? It feels as if December was just a few days ago. I guess the days are flying by because of the upcoming elections here in Nigeria.

Today is the first day of February, recognized as the love month worldwide. As the coming days roll in, expect to see a lot of vivid red colour, on cars, in buildings, and even on people. There will also be a lot of romance in the air, with many babies getting conceived this month. And definitely, expect the invitations to begin landing in your mail, especially if you are single.
One such program is the Valentines Meetups for Professionals which will hold at Eko Atlantic, on February 14.
Bonus: People who pay through the website get a taxify code for N1100 off 3 rides.

Are you in Lagos? Are you a working professional? What are you waiting for?

Good Deed: A father indeed

I recently reached out to one of my fathers.

I know that sounds confusing, but in the African tribal system, having multiple “fathers” and “mothers” really means that more than one adult took responsibility for you while growing up, and not just your immediate parents. We have a proverb that says “It takes a village”, which means that the whole society raises each child.

One of the fathers that stood in for me while my biological dad was not available just retired, and his birthday was a few days ago. Let’s call him Daddy A. Back then, Daddy A would drop by unexpectedly, and give us gifts. He would call from time to time, to check on us, and sometimes would insist we kids come over to spend Christmas with his family. When I need a job for my second industrial training program in the university, he came through for me, in the blink of an eye. He would listen to my brother rant, or me lamenting about the issues I had at school, and quietly give advice. I can remember him being there at the precious moments in my life, as a teenager and a young adult.

So, we sang for him on his birthday, and promised to send a virtual cake. When he asked for the real thing, I promised to send it.

He was so surprised I actually did. I wish I could do more. His thoughtfulness over the years helped fill the void I needed a father to fill as I grew into a young woman.

Moral of the story: try to the all the good you can, when you can, while you still can. Every act of kindness leaves unforgettable impressions out there, especially if the recipients are children.

Über Reiche und Arme

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich zwei Dokumentationen gesehen, eine über das Leben sehr reicher Menschen und eine über Menschen aus der unteren Mittelschicht. Diese beiden Dokumentationen haben mich, auch vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen Ereignisse hier in Frankreich ziemlich wütend und auch ratlos gemacht. Ja, ich kenne all diese Berichte und Statistiken über die ...

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Sicheres Anmelden auf einer Website

Ich habe einen Blog Post über Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung geschrieben und halte die Empfehlungen dort auch für richtig und sinnvoll. Das Thema hat mich doch auch nachdenklich gemacht. Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung ist das Prinzip wie bei einer Bankkarte UND einer PIN. Falls die Bankkarte gestohlen wird, kann der Dieb kein Geld abholen, weil er die PIN nicht kennt. Deswegen […]

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