Convert Large PDF to Smaller Pages

 Recently, a new hobby has found me: Sewing. Sewing, especially by hand, is a new hobby I have. It lets me focus on something else beside PHP, MySQL, Joomla, and WordPress :D. Don’t ask when I actually have the time…lol.

So days ago, I found a perfect pattern for a simple blazer. The instructions were simple to follow and I could not wait to get my hands on the pattern. Today I tried to print it out, and hit a glitch.

The pattern PDF was one single page. One huuuuge single page. As expected, most of the comments under the tutorial were on how to print the pattern at home, but the owner’s standard answer was: Go to a print shop and print with a large scale printer. Try finding one of those in Abuja, Nigeria, a West African country. SMH. There just isn’t one that easily found – Lagos would have yielded more promising results, but Abuja is a different case.

Of course I turned to my best friend, Google for help. The HP forum was not helpful but one post led me in the right direction: look for a 3rd party software to split up the document. could not specifically help because splitting in half did not get the actual size for printing the pattern, and the other options e.g. splitting with text could not trace what was needed, so I asked my best friend again.

Google led me to an Apple Stack Exchange page, where the poster had the same problem. The most voted answer was by Crissov:

*Adobe Reader can do this, too: It includes a Poster Print option in its custom print dialog.

It’s the first time I missed a feature from Preview (or the native OS X print dialog) that Adobe Reader has.

Adobe Reader is free (as in beer) software, it used to be called Acrobat Reader. (Do not confuse it with full-blown Acrobat or any other expensive Adobe product, which can probably do that, too.) *

I checked Adobe Reader and sure enough it was there! I tested with the ‘Save as PDF’ option, which is Microsoft’s Print to PDF and got great results.


Area 1: this shows you the Page sizing and handling section. Area 2: gives a tiny preview of the result, and Area 3: shows you the scale and number of resulting pages.

Ingenious save for the day. I hope this helps someone else out there with a huge one page PDF that needs to be split up. It certainly helped me.