What vs Why in business.

Many of us from East Africa start up businesses on the principle of results. I want to have some income, I want to be respected, I want to feed my family or I want to be called so and so. As if our sales will be automatic which in reality it can never be. What if we pulled plug on Why and What principles?

Embracing “Why” when involving in any business puts us in pole position to succeed since it  pushes one to look at the realistic bit of things.

Why is the attraction of How, What, Where and When.

Without one is set to running a business by default as opposed to design. The most successful business people in the world observe it. Take for example, facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had to ask  why start facebook.com, How will it work and help in daily life, Where will facebook used (Who will use facebook) and When.

Whatever answers, he got must be the reason why we use this platform everyday, everywhere and everyone virtually uses it.

Embracing “What” helps you define an idea (business) or be part of something. This definition is also the reason why others come on board.

Of course Why defines the purpose for what a solution is created but not everyone will comprehend the why, this is when the What will come to help the people you are talking to understand.

The easier it is for them to understand, the easier it is for them to work with you.

See you at the top!:)