How do you find courage to push on hard for success?

Many of us have a vision and dreams, we really want to achieve in this life. In fact, we try to work hard, set goals and objectives but it just doesn’t happen or it is about to happen before we quit. Don’t give up, read this article in which am sharing 10 important lessons which have discovered and embraced to always keep chasing my dreams and stay on the success journey.

First of all, many people treat success like a destination though in actual civilization success is a journey we travel to create reality from our dreams. Paint your vision.

  • Find your passion

I like to agree with one professor who said “Passion is the fire that lights your way“. Put yourself in a position of tasking in a dark cage without light, how far will you go?

  • Know WHY

If you don’t have a reason, then you purposeless/directionless take a journey. Such journeys end nowhere. The WHY is the reason you are here on this planet, breathing and perhaps do whatever you do.

Let me share something with you about me.

I’m passionate about developing solutions using computers, skills, knowledge and talking to people about positive side of things. I didn’t know how to do this effectively to benefit myself without wasting resources. When I was introduced to David Reeve, Unleash Dream and Unleash culture founder, I put in time to learn this thing “WHY”. I’m happy that I stand before you with my head high and say my purpose to you in a simple sentence. Everyday I live, everything I do, the question is am fulfilling my purpose?

Indeed Bosco Anthony was right in a aTEDx talk when he said. Besides the 2 most important

  • Admire at least 2 individual successful persons and study them.

2. Find a mentor.

3. Read biography of people in your niche or area of interest.

4. Watch/listen to inspirational videos/audios.

5. Don’t listen to everyone.

6. Balance life.

7. Attend entrepreneur and leadership meet ups.

8. Give your plans to God.

9. Celebrate

10. Share your experiences and knowledge.

More elaboration coming on