How to uplift a rural child in Uganda.

In Uganda, approximately 70 % of young people living in the urban areas don’t have access to computers. Worst of the matter is that you may find 40% of them have also never seen or practically used a computer at least once in a lifetime.

They are possibly like me at 14 years of age, I had never seen one and though I had heard about I thought it was a robot. Like the one I we used to watch in movies. However, this is a decade and 2 years past then. It’s shocking is isn’t it?

However, like many countries in Africa; the largest part of Uganda is a rural area. Rural areas are characterized by having poor education, health care, ignorance and the disadvantages you may imagine including poverty.

Of course, the single most reason why a few youths and adults don’t have access to computers is ignorance, poverty coming in the second. At least that it’s in my opinion.

Other factors could be lack of connectivity to national grid hindering the access to electricity which could be used to power the computer devices.