Leuk plaatsje om picknicken

Wie op vakantie gaat naar Frankrijk houd zeker ook om af en toe langs de weg of in de velden, natuur te picknicken. Wij hebben een leuk plaatsje voor jullie uitgezocht op 30min rijden van onze verblijven.
Ons plaatsje bevind zich niet ver van Rivesaltes richting Tautavel juist naast de D9. Er staan twee stenen picnic tafels onder de dennenbomen, het zicht is adembenemend en rustgevend. De ideale plaats om na het picknicken nog even een siesta te nemen :) .
Onze kids vinden het super om naar hier te komen en nadien af te reizen naar Tautavel, om daar lekker te gaan baden in bergriviertje >> zie onze blog hierover via deze LINK << 
Klik op deze kaart om onze Google locaties terug te vinden! Veel Picknick FUN ;)

Ironblogging – Blogging a week at a time

One of the results of attending CMS Africa 2016 in Kampala, Uganda, was the creation of an Ironblogger network, IBCOCO. The intent was simple: there is a huge huge benefit from having an online presence, for every business, and blogging frequently is one of the ways to achieve this.

IBCOCO was conceived for global participation: the initial members hailed from Europe, East and West Africa. We work with rules, and the penalty for not blogging is either 5 Euro paid into a Paypal account, or one good deed, that you will blog about. You can blog in English, French or German.

Our blog posts are shared on social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook. We get access to readers outside our network, because of the fact that the group members are from diverse backgrounds and locations. For example, I have increased readership from European cities, places that may never have read my posts, because some Ironblogger members read and share my posts.

Sounds easy right? Well its not, but IBCOCO encourages you to be committed to something worthwhile. Its just once a week after all.
Everyone struggles to stay on top of their writing, especially me, beset by so many things pulling me left right front and center. In fact I owe up to two good deeds at the moment. We Africans especially, have challenges, like epileptic electricity, crazy internet service, and laptops and equipment that have minds of their own, but wee stay committed. Members can always count on the rest of the group reaching out. I hope to get a balance in my life, enough for me to blog more often - everyone knows I love writing and blogging, for the sake of it, not for money.

And speaking of the money in the till from defaulters, its used for things like server management, domain purchase and renewal, and more - a transparent account of the funds is also available on the site.

Why not join us? Reach out to us here

Summary of the week from 18.09.2017

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  • Manfred Gosch (@1aolivenoel) – 10 € or 2 good deeds (on hold/holidays)
  • Hagen Graf (@hagengraf) – 15 € or 3 good deeds
  • Harry Tilley (@tilleyharry) – 15 € or 3 good deeds
  • Adedayo Adeniyi (@daydah) –  15 € or 3 good deed
  • Lena Roohnikan (@lerooco) – 10 € or 2 good deeds
  • Christine Graf (@christinegraf) – 5 € or 1 good deed
  • David M.Wampamba   –  0 €

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  • Manfred Gosch (since 19.06.2017)

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  • Juergen Rinck (since 26.06.2016)
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Good deed: Ich wähle sauber!

Bei großartigem Wetter durfte ich an diesem Sonntag an einer weiteren Müllsammel-Aktion im Kölner Stadtraum teilnehmen und dieses Mal nicht nur durch Müllsammeln unterstützen, sondern zusätzlich mit dem Druck eines Banners mit dem Slogan „Ich wähle sauber!“.

Passend zum Wahlsonntag waren alle Kölner am Aachener Weiher eingeladen, ein sauberes Köln zu wählen, sich am Müllsammeln zu beteiligen oder sich am Infostand über Möglichkeiten zur Müllvermeidung zu informieren. Für jeden Sack gesammelten Mülls gab es ein Kölsch oder eine Fassbrause im Tausch, dazu Live-Musik, Snacks und kostenlose Handschuhe sowie Müllsäcke.

Die Müllsäcke füllten sich schnell, es waren viele Helfer da und diverse absurde Müllfunde gaben mal wieder Anlass zum Grübeln. Wie kommt die Ukulele in den Wald und wer hat seine Orchidee hier vergessen?

Unterstützt, bzw. organisiert wurde die Aktion unter anderem von diesen Leuten:

Tante Olga – Kölns 1. Unverpackt Laden
The Good Food

Und hier noch der Link zur Veranstaltung.

Things you should know before buying the BMW3 E90.


BMW’s 3 Series range has long been one of the most popular model lines for the German car maker and has, through the years, been offered in a variety of body styles from coupe to estate……the reason why I wanted to experience one.

E90 arrived from Japan mid November 2016 but it wasn’t until January 2017 that it was in my driveway. When I took possession, it was sitting at 95,000 kilometers. My first encounter with E90 goes a little back……The year is 2011 on South Africa’s most dangerous road…the N2. The drive took us from eastern cape’s capital of East London to the city of Durban before we ended up below the Drakensberg mountains. The car was just two years old, performing at its best and still on a motor plan.

This car, has since come to Kenya and since it belongs to my friend, it has given me an great opportunity to compare two cars and learn some of their common problems. Starting with Japan, a common market for many of African countries for used cars……if you are importing a European car, I would advise you to stay away from Japan. Most of european cars running in Japan are not well maintained after the motor plan expires. Things as simple as engine service are not done and by the time you get the car, there are a thousand and one things for you to take care of.

Servicing the car should be the first thing you do especially if you are importing the car from Japan, as I said, they just have a problem of doing it after the motorplan expires and while they are thinking of selling the car, they are still driving it. Then you will have to check the leaks in the engine. I wasn’t lucky with this because by the time I was ready to do it, I had to replace the top cover gasket, Solenoid seals, Vacuum Seal Kit, Sump Gasket and the Oil Filter Housing seals.

Then I started loosing my coolant, when I arrived home one afternoon I wondered why there was smoke arising from the hood. I couldn’t figure it out until I drove to the dealer and I was told I needed to replace my connector. Comparing two of the same cars I have found of the common problems on E90. On some cars, it will be the airbag signal. The car is designed not to activate the carbag at the passenger side during an accident IF there is no passenger occupying the seat. Something happens under the seat or on the switch and you are stuck with the warning light.

Despite impressive build quality, glitches do crop up including the tyre pressure monitoring packing in and the run-flat tyres wearing unevenly. On that note, all these cars have run-flat tyres as standard, which means a firm ride (and no spare wheel). But if you are used to carrying a spare tyre and wheel spanner with you, am sorry to break your heart.

Other problems to look for include a leaky power steering system, flat spots on Efficient Dynamics models and the possible failure of the 320d’s turbocharger, evident by a smoky exhaust under acceleration.  Finally, if a towbar is fitted, check that the electricals all work properly; the BMW’s multiplex wiring is easily upset by bodged auto electricians.

Five recalls isn’t a disaster. Issued between 2006 and 2012, they covered potential problems ranging from failure of the power steering and airbag glitches to the brake servo failing and the rear or side windows falling out and thanks to BMW’s talented men in white coats, even the smaller units are smooth, punchy and economical.

The German Elections

I was going to write an ode to public transport, having recently gotten back on the rush hour trains. But today, elections in Germany took place and I am currently watching live streams of the results. I voted in this election, my first time ever actually voting in a German election. I was torn, like…


I am still playing with white pigments while thinking about one’s frame of reference, the overall perceptual, conceptual, affect and action set, which is used to define the self, other people and the world. That set of beliefs has been formed by cultural influences and our conscious and unconscious decision we have been taken: we ...

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Wie sind deine Erfahrungen mit Web Site Building auf einem iPad/Tablet?

Letzte Woche fühlte ich mich ja an den Regensensor erinnert. Ich habe danach alles mögliche über die Weiterentwicklung der ganzen Branche gelesen und komme immer mehr zu dem Schluss, dass die Weiterentwicklung von PC und Laptops gewissermassen am Ende ist. Die funktionieren jetzt und können alles was man von Ihnen erwartet. Es gibt Detailverbesserungen aber …

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Stacks, Mean or not

It took me a while to understand what 'stack' actually meant. When I realized that WAMP was actually a 'stack', I grasped it immediately.
I have been using WAMP for about a decade, so I understood that it was just a compilation of the software needed to produce projects with that software.
WAMP simply means Windows (OS) Apache (Server) MySQL (Database) and PHP (Language). So MEAN means MongoDB (Database) ExpressJS (serverside javascript) AngularJS (clientside javascript) Node JS (more javascript, like the server).

I downloaded Node JS, and MongoDB. For an IDE (integrated development environment) I downloaded and installed ATOM. Apparently ATOM comes with NodeJS built in, so I did not need to have downloaded or installed it beforehand.

I am currently wading through the tutorials I can find, for Express JS.