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ballet baby steps

I went to a ballet class twice now since I decided to start dancing  again, so here is a little update on how everything turned out so far. 

The first time went pretty great. Though I was nervous and anxious, everything worked out fine. I was a little late and didn’t warm-up as long as I wanted to, but that was no big problem. I took it very slowly and did all the exercises in a softer version than it was supposed to be to protect my knee. I managed to do all exercises at the barre and was really happy about it, because I wasn’t sure at the beginning how long I would have the strengh to continue. In the end, I managed to do 75 minutes out of the 90 minutes class and I was stoked that everything went so well. I could even do little jumps, and only had to sit down, when the teacher wanted to see big jumps and turns.

The second time didn’t go so well. I already felt my muscles hurting while warming up and getting cramps even from little movements. It was just a bad day, which is probably very normal, but I was so excited about the first class, that I felt disappointed now. I tried to do everything exactly as the first time, but my knee kept hurting all the time and my muscles felt weak. I tried to participate up to the same point as the last time, but should have given up earlier. After the class I wasn’t able to walk properly anymore and today, 5 days later, I still have knee pain.

This of course was only the second time dancing ballet again, so everything is fine and I think that days like this are pretty normal. But it showed me, that the process will be long and sometimes painful, but also that there will be good days in between. And it will definitely be a process in which I will learn a lot of new stuff about dancing and myself.

Fitnessen op vakantie!

Wie in één van onze locaties (Port Fitou of Fitou village) reserveert kan gerust zijn of haar vakantie combineren met een bezoek aan de fitness.
Bij Leucate Force aan het sportcentrum te Leucate village kan je genieten van een kleine maar toch vrij up to date fitness centrum. Zo heb je tal van apparaten voor hem en haar ter beschikking en is er ook een professional aanwezig om je bij te staan als je dat wenst.
Het fitness centra is open elke dag van 9 tot 21u en za van 9 tot 13u, zondag gesloten.
Het leuke is dat je voor paar dagen kan inschrijven, zeker als je op vakantie bent kan je voor vb een week fitnessen aan 5€, en je mag zo veel en zo lang fitnessen als je wenst en daarna nog even genieten van aangename douche.
Waar vind je deze fitness, hier Google maps met kaart vanuit onze locatie naar dit centra. Je kan het bereiken op amper 15min rijden vanuit Fitou.
Tilley France

Exploring My Art.


Art is something that has always been with me, I have always lived my life either around it, surrounded by it of by simply devouring it. To me, art is life, or brings life. In this line, am always guided with three elements, To see, To look and to think.

The first two – look and see – are just about using your eyes, and observational skills. The third requires a bit of thought, drawing on what we already know and creatively interpreting what we’ve observed within an artwork’s broader contexts.

When we see anything, whether it’s a work of art, a movie or a billboard, our brains perform a massively complex split-second process of reading and making meaning. We absorb a whole range of clues that make up our understanding of any image, many of which we’re not even conscious of.

Any process of understanding art, then, is about slowing down that process, breaking down the image deliberately and holding off from jumping to any snap conclusions until later.

Isn’t it obvious we “look” at art? Not really. When we visit a gallery, we tend to spend only a few seconds in front of any one work. In fact, some estimates have it at under two seconds.

So look at what’s there, literally right in front of you. Start with the most basic: what medium or material is it – a photograph, an object, a painting? How does it look? Rough and quick? Slick and neat? Shiny? Dirty? Carefully made? Thrown together?

The artist will have made some very deliberate decisions about the materials, style and approach, and these will feed directly into the overall feel and meaning of the work.

What’s the difference between looking and seeing in the context of art? Looking is about literally describing what is in front of you, while seeing is about applying meaning to it. When we see we understand what is seen as symbols, and we interpret what’s there in front of us.

The final step involves thinking about what you’ve observed, drawing together what you’ve gleaned from the first two steps and thinking about possible meanings. Importantly, this is a process of interpretation. It’s not a science. It’s not about finding the “right answers”, but about thinking creatively about the most plausible understandings of a work.

The key here is context. The broader context of an artwork will help make sense of what you’ve already observed. Much of the information about context is usually given in those dull little labels that tell you the artist’s name, the title of the work and the year. And there are often other valuable morsels of information included too, such as the place and year an artist was born.

Who is the artist? Is it someone whose work you know something about? If so, what do you know about them? Even if this is “Picasso was a womaniser”, or “Jackson Pollock was a drunk”, if you’ve heard of the artist, you have some existing knowledge you can bring to bear.

Importantly, bring to bear everything you know – you’d be surprised how much you know of the context of an artwork just from your general knowledge, a lot of which comes from conversations, television, the internet, all those things that are “informal learning”.

Myself, I love art that pokes me to think differently about something I thought I already knew. Other people prefer eye candy. It’s all valid.

Just give yourself a moment to slow down, to look, see and think, and you’ll find something that really speaks to you.


Muss man programmieren können?

Seit meiner Schulzeit in den Siebziger Jahren höre ich Leute darüber diskutieren, ob jeder programmieren können sollte weil es ja nun Computer gäbe. Das ist nun immerhin mehr als 40 Jahre her. Damals hielten Grossrechner in Firmen Einzug. Personal Computer waren noch nicht erfunden. Taschenrechner, Quartzuhren mit Digitalanzeige und Funkgeräte waren der „heisseste Scheiss“, den …

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I like to experiment with different materials over and over again and try out how they react to each other. For this painting I mixed blue and white pigments with cold beeswax and acrylic, applied all in countless layers on canvas and the result fits perfectly to the time of the year. Actually, I did ...

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Lending yourself money, from assets you own. Interest-free.

I previously talked about liquidity and money on blockchains. I find this a very interesting subject. I believe, some of the greatest benefits that blockchain technology will bring to the world is disintermediation in liquidity, custodianship and brokerage. That is, without any middle men, having the ability to easily swap between different types of digital … Continue reading Lending yourself money, from assets you own. Interest-free.

Gloomhaven ist angekommen!

Gloomhaven ist angekommen!

Vergangenen Samstag ist Gloomhaven bei mir angekommen, das umfangreichste und auch teuerste Spiel meiner 10x10 Liste. Trotz früher Vorbestellung musste ich am Veröffentlichstag noch den Versender wechseln und ein wenig mehr bezahlen. Die Nachfrage ist wohl sehr hoch.

Das Removal Sticker Set ist zur Zeit ebenfalls schwer zu bekommen. Dieses Set ist sinnvoll, wenn man das Spiel irgendwann weitergeben oder komplett von vorne anfangen will. Ich hole es mir wohl später, vorerst klebe ich auch Kreppband wie der Austrian Boardgamer drauf.

Ein ganz anderes Thema sind die irre Menge an Karten, Figuren, Bögen und Marker. Ich kann vorerst alles auf meinen (extra dafür gebauten) Spieltisch liegen lassen aber irgendwann muss das Zeug sinnvoll sortiert werden. Bei Boardgamebuds habe ich schon mal ein paar Ideen gefunden.

Lagos WordPress Meetup: First of the Year

This being the first WordPress Meetup in Lagos for the year 2018, I was eager to attend.
For many years, the events in Lagos that crossed my radar ended up with my wishing I could have made it. But this time around, I am live in Lagos!
The Venue for the Meetup was Suru Express Hotel, Ikeja and the date was Saturday January 20th, 2018. I was a little late, but I was happy to see more than one other lady in the room as its usually a roomful of men.
I met a lot of people and made some new friends, including Mary Job and Seun Taylor, the "chiefs" in charge of WordPress Lagos. I also met Alexa Scordato, who was the former VP of marketing at Stack Overflow. She is the new VP Marketing at Andela.

Alexa and I
I look forward to a fantabulous year filled with WordPress activities, especially the upcoming WordCamp Lagos 2018.

See you there!