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Don’t fret

I wrote that in 2012. Little did I know that a huge storm was waiting for me in 2014. I still believe this is true, and because God has helped me I will continue to help others. This is for someone out there: #Godhasnotforgottenyou #Godhasaplan #letgoandletgod and watch him turn all your tests into testimonies. Don't fret.

at the flea market

Today, I spend 8 hours at a flea market with three friends, selling clothes, old dishes and other stuff. 

After a night out with only 3,5 hours of sleep, I got up at 8am, picked up a friend and the circus began.

At 9.30 in the morning, people were already waiting to go through your things, before we even had a chance to put on display everything. And while I imagined being on a flea market meant sitting around all day, being bored and chat a lot, we were so busy having an eye on everything, rearrange our table and answering all the questions. Bvceuase there is A LOT to discuss over a t-shirt for one Euro, I had no idea!

After a long and exhausting day, I counted 149,50 Euro of earnings and brought back three empty boxes out of five full ones, I brought to the flea market in the morning, which is pretty satisfying.


Nieuw seizoen van de Marchés Nocturnes

In de zomer zijn er in onze regio tal van Marches Nocturnes en artisanale kunstmarktjes. Tijdens de zomermaanden kan je ons vinden op deze marktjes met onze handgemaakte juwelen.
Wij brengen een breed aanbod aan stijlen, materialen en afwerkingen op deze marktjes. Al onze juwelen zijn handgemaakt en van goede kwaliteit. Dit jaar is ons derde opeenvolgend jaar dat we deelnemen aan deze marktjes waarop we regelmatig onze vaste bezoekers mogen verwelkomen.
Via deze LINK vind je al de komende events voor de volgende weken en maanden.
X Harry Tilley

Nieuw seizoen van de Marchés Nocturnes

Ieder seizoen zijn er in onze regio tal van Marches Nocturnes en artisanale kunst marktjes. Harry Tilley doet ieder seizoen mee in tal van deze marktjes met zijn handgemaakte juwelen.
Wij brengen een breed aanbod aan stijlen, materialen en afwerkingen op deze marktjes. Er is wel iets voor ieder en geven zelf op marktjes een goed dienst na verkoop. Al onze juwelen zijn handgemaakt en van goede kwaliteit. Dit jaar is ons derde opeenvolgend jaar dat we deelnemen aan deze marktjes en beginnen ook een vast cliënteel op te bouwen.
Via deze LINK vind je al de komende events voor de volgende weken en maanden.
X Harry Tilley

Wie machen sie das bloß – zu leben?

Nachdem ich in der letzten Woche noch am Überlegen war, probiere ich Apple Music nun drei Monate aus. Nach ein bisschen Fummelei mit der Familienfreigabe funktioniert es jetzt und ich bin beeindruckt. Meine Befürchtungen waren unnötig. Die iTunes Match Lieder sind noch da. Ich hatte die letzten Tage leider nicht so viel Zeit, habe aber …

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House renovation – floors, walls and lots of planning

Last week we continued our adventure of renovating our house in the south of France. Not to worry, there hasn’t been a standstill since last time we were there – my parents have done A LOT! As we’re going on another adventure in a few months, there was a lot of planning this time around.…

10×10 – Erster Spieletausch

Als ich die Spiele der 10x10 Herausforderung Ende letzten Jahres zusammenstellte, war mir klar dass, ich  tauschen werde. Mir ist auch klar, dass ich es trotz Tausch nur sehr schwer schaffen werde, aber der Weg ist das Ziel.

Magic Draft (ersetzt Stone Age)

In letzter Zeit spiele ich fast nur noch Magic, das liegt an der tollen Playgroup, die sich jede Woche trifft und an den Magic-Events, die man nicht verpassen darf. Vor kurzem haben wir in der Playgroup ein Draft gespielt (Dominaria), es war mein erstes Draft und mir ist jetzt klar, warum es so beliebt ist. Das nächste Draft (BattleBound) ist schon geplant.

Magic Standard (ersetzt El Grande)

Außerdem haben wir uns die neuen Standard Challenger Decks gekauft und tauchen gerade in dieses Format ein. Ich glaube nicht, dass wir bei diesem rotierenden Format dabei bleiben, aber gerade macht es Laune und passt gut zu den Decks & Spielen in Magic Arena.

Meine 10x10 Fortschrittseite habe ich aktualisiert. 


The Spirit of Travel on Madaraka Express.


The Madaraka express leaves Nairobi terminus at 2:30pm, we are on schedule. It is a beautiful day to fly but the train will do the work just fine. It will be 5 hours or 7:20pm local time is when we arrive in Mombasa terminus. Gone are the days, gone are the days…..I say to my self.

My first travel to Mombasa I had just finished high school, I was looking forward to something great, something of the future. Apart from me finishing school, something else had happened, that thing, that threatened to get me in a police cell was the reason my mother put me in a Mombasa bound bus. But I tell you, this is a story for another day.

A while back it took many hours to travel to this coastal town, to a common man whom flying was unthinkable luxury, they had to put in the time. Today things are different, thanks to the debt hole we as a country dug for ourselves. Its a fact that for at $5.6m per kilometre for the track alone, Kenya’s railway line cost close to three times the international standard and four times the original estimate.

So it is perhaps not surprising that Kenyans have been asking why they seem to have paid so much. But that is a story for another day, today I just want to have a feel of this mega expensive project. Luckily the damage for me is kshs2.1 per kilometre and I want to see if every shilling counts. Its a slow start from Nairobi, suddenly the Athi River station is behind us, we head to Emali. This is an express train so we are not stopping at the small stations.

The guys hawking the snacks are live, in-fact my feeling is that food is the business not travel. At this point I don’t like my  aisle seat, with my wife seated on the opposite row its difficult to be affectionate when people are busy on the move. The seats are not very comfortable but never mind if you booked on second class, first class would be better. But the people making the seats should have done better I think.

By the time we arrive in Emali i am already on my feet. My wife is even making fun of me, my body has had enough already. I am also wondering if the train can be faster, maybe maintain 114km per hour for at-least two hours. But never mind me, I am not a train captain and I even don’t know how it works.

At some point we meet with the train that left Mombasa at 3:30pm, then the train slows down as we approach Tsavo, and at this point we are able to spot some elephants and other wild animals from a distance.


The train keeps rolling and sunset engulf us, and I know we should be approaching Mariakani then Mombasa our last station.  Our speed reduces to 34 KM an hour as we pass Mariakani station, headed to our last Station. We arrive Mombasa terminus 7:20pm, I am still standing. I have been standing better part of the way.

A sea of humanity pour out of the train to the empty station, the smell of Mombasa, the heat welcomes us with a smile. The weather app said there will be rain, it lied. Finding ourselves to our respective mode of transportation to the city, I think about how things have changed for the traveller.

One of my seat mate on the train is a frequent traveller between Nairobi and Mombasa, and he finds the train really useful. This means that when the government does things that improve the life and work of its citizen, they thrive. I agree with many that the government should have done more, done better, but for now “it is what it is”


When I grew up, our family spent the summer holidays camping. These four weeks together in nature were always a wonderful adventure for me. One of my sisters and me slept in a little, old tent, bought by my father when he was a young adult. That tent was made of thick cotton, closed with ...

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