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My daughter Phyllis asked me today via messenger if I could participate in a questionnaire she needs for her Master Thesis. I did and you should do so too, wherever you are on this planet! WHAT IS IT ABOUT?  Master Thesis at Maastricht University with the topic “Blockchain Technology in Healthcare”.   WHY?  You support interesting …

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another experience as a vegetarian

Despite the fact, that I often get to hear, that meat eaters get lectured by vegetarians or vegans a lot and are very annoyed with that, my experience differs a lot.

In fact, just a few days ago, I had a very similar situation again in aspanish  restaurant. We got to chat with the people sitting next to us at our table, two couples, which were quite communicative and easy to talk to. But from the second on that someone mentioned that I was a vegetarian, or didn’t eat meat, the same sentences as usual were thrown at me.

„When you don’t eat meat, what are you doing in this restaurant?“ (a tapas restaurant with a big variety of vegetarian and fish options)

„Oh, why do you even care, just eat what you want!“ (after asking me if it was a taste thing or a thing of beliefs, that I wouldn’t eat meat)

„Believe me, dear, I’ve been cooking for the last 25 years and there is no way of getting this kind of flavour without meat or the fat of it.“ (after me arguing, that you don’t need animal fat to obtain a certain flavour while cooking, that any fat would give flavour and that many times, it is just the spices, that give meat the special flavour, which then in return can work with anything else too, e.g. vegetables. Also I find it a bit sad that there is not more food wisdom to be spread after 25 years of cooking)

So, again, I found myself not talking about my vegetarianism/ pescetarianism/ flexetarianism at all because I don’t want to tell other people how to live their lifes, and receiving los of comments on how to do it right or how to do it better in my life. Weird, huh?


Cici Has Four Puppies.


A pregnant dog’s instincts will help her respond and get through birthing puppies. The owner should be aware of how to help the dog to make sure that the mother dog and puppies are healthy and safe.

This was not the case when Cici gave birth the first time. It was a wet month in Nairobi, and she choose the worst location to deliver her puppies. With my sisters we tried to relocate her and the kids, we didn’t succeed the first time, the second time and the third. I was wondering what I would do, so we let it go for a few days and when she had finally had enough, she agreed to be moved but it was too late, we lost one puppy and one was very weak to survive.

Sadly we later leant that even the two puppies had died after we moved Cici, so we moved on and so did Cici. Bando, the male dog was still around and I think he did not waste time and Cici was expecting again a few months later. This February Cici gave birth again to four puppies.

I thought of doing an article on this event in Cici’s life, but I was scared what would happen, if it will be like the last time where we loose everything. My first step of faith was to move Bando upcountry, just to create more room for the kids to grow. My sister moved the puppies to the living room, so they enjoyed the light and i am sure they watched the television when they wanted to.

They roamed around the house as they wished, during the day we put them outside for the sun and they would feed while at it. My sisters put up with a lot of their troubles, sometimes I wonder if I would have managed it by myself. My mother dewormed them after six weeks and the whole house was in a mess. Its been four months now, the puppies are doing great.

I am sorry i am not the person to tell you how to care for an expecting dog and the puppies when they arrive, I had very little to do with that, but this experience has been my teacher too, just from a distance. But this few things I have for you:

Monitor the nursing puppies. Make sure the puppies are nursing every few hours during the first few weeks. They should eat every 2-4 hours at minimum. Happy puppies are sleeping puppies; if they are crying a lot, they may not be getting enough nutrition. Check for fat little bellies and clean coats to signal that they are well cared for.

  • Try weighing the puppies on a digital scale to make sure that they are gaining weight every day. Puppies should double their weight in the first week.
  • Do not disregard a puppy looking skinnier or less active than the other puppies. Just find ways of making sure that you give more care to them. You can give supplements.

Handle the puppies to socialize them. Puppies need healthy socialization to their new world, including introductions to people. Hold each puppy several times per day. Get the puppies accustomed to being touched everywhere on their bodies so that it will not seem strange when they are older.

Wait until your puppies are 8 weeks old before giving them away.  Our puppies are more that 8 weeks old now and we haven’t given them away. If you are selling or giving away the puppies, wait until they are 8 weeks old before handing them over to the new owners.

  • Puppies should be fully weaned and eating dog food on their own before they leave for a new home.
  • Starting a deworming and vaccination program is often recommended before the pup leaves.

I have said I may not be the expert for this, this I have observed from my little time with the puppies. There is a lot you can learn from just caring for this lovely creation, and with the caring, comes a lot of joy.


Being a tourist in London

This weekend has been a family packed weekend. Both our parents have been/are here passing through our home from a roadtrip through the UK or about to head to one respectively. Usually there isn’t enough time to do touristy stuff in the London, but this time around, my parents stay for 2 days and I…

Videoclip uit onze regio

Een paar weken geleden was er een filmploeg in ons charmant dorpje Fitou. Zij waren hier om een videoclip op te nemen in de garage van één van onze dorpsgenoten (je ziet deze garage in de klip met oude motor.