Ontbijten bij Tilley France B&B

Onze Tilley France ontbijten zijn meer en meer gekend als origineel, goed uitgewerkt en zeker iets anders dan de andere.
De gastvrouw Miranda vind het een uitdaging om iedere gast te verrassen met een super ontbijt waar ze nadien nog over spreken. Zij is continu bezig met het zoeken naar originele gerechtjes.
Het is een passie van haar om zo origineel mogelijke en dan ook zelf zo gezond mogelijk met natuurlijke ingrediënten te werken op maat van de gasten.
Kom eens genieten van onze Miranda ontbijten en overtuig je zelf van dit lekkers om de dag aan te gaan. Zo heb je eens zo veel plezier aan je vakantie.
Warme groeten,
Harry & Miranda

Everything is in a box in a box in a box

Today we moved everything into a box. Which means we’ve now officially switched over to camping-and-living-out-of-our-backpacks mode. I don’t think I’ve properly realised what is happening. For about a month, my focus has been to get everything organised, packed and ready to go and I am very good at compartmentalising, i.e. keeping the eye on…

embracing the cold

I really wouldn’t mind summer coming back for a bit, having some more hot days, when you wish for a cold shower or need a fan to get some fresh air when walking around or sitting in a restaurant. Although there were a few sleepless nights because of the heat and and many loads of laundry being washed with all the sweaty clothes, I really enjoyed the last weeks.

I wasn’t so happy for all the plants, the trees and the grass outside, so a little rain was something, I was really glad about. And then the first time, I had to grab a blanket at four in the morning because in the fresh morning air it was actually a bit freezing. Or when I came down from my bedroom the other day and I had opened all my windows during the night and I had to put on socks and a cardigan to make breakfast because the air was so chilly!

I was super excited about that, really! But now it seems that this isn’t just a phase, it seems to get more and more autumnal every day and I really don’t want to get used to it just yet.

As mus as I love to cuddle up with a blanket on the sofa, as I did all day long today, I would enjoy a few more days of heat before saying goodbye to winter.

Ok, summer?

(picture from my sisters birthay in June, right at the begin of this wonderful summer) 

Hamsterräder und Dinge zu einem Ende bringen

Vor zwei Jahren (2016) sassen die Traumfrau und ich zusammen und beschlossen, dass ich mal wieder in die Welt ziehen solle um etwas Geld zu verdienen. Wir brauchten einen Puffer, falls das Auto kaputt geht und zur Beruhigung im Allgemeinen. Wir dachten ein Jahr würde reichen (News! I’m working as a Drupal Developer in Germany). …

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BarCamp Schweiz

Ein BarCamp ist ein Event, bei dem Menschen zusammenkommen, die sich sonst nicht unbedingt begegnen würden. Jeder Teilnehmer kann, wenn sie oder er das will, eine Session präsentieren. Der Name ist eine Anspielung auf eine von Tim O’Reilly initiierte Veranstaltungsreihe namens FooCamp, bei der ausgewählte Personen (Friends of O’Reilly) sich zum Austausch und zur Übernachtung …

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#FreeBobiWine Concert @ PAWA254.


Yesterday I attended #FreeBobiWine concert at PAWA254. The musician-turned MP was arrested last week sparking violent clashes between Ugandan police and protesters.

Since his surprise election to parliament as an independent candidate in July 2017, under his popular “People Power” slogan, the self-styled “Ghetto President” has continued using his fame and influence to speak out against the decades-long rule of Museveni, whom he accuses of being a “dictator”.

Political tensions rose further last week when Kyagulanyi was arrested in northern Uganda and his driver shot dead amid clashes between opposition supporters and security forces.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 09.23.39


Good citizens around the world have gone online to voice their support with calls to #FreeBobiWine. There would also a march to Uganda’s High Commission offices in Riverside, Nairobi on Wednesday, August 22, in protest of the oppression meted on the Ugandan Opposition politician.

The illegal arrest and detention of Bobi Wine has gotten the full attention of the world with the Washington saying that they are monitoring the situation closely.


Many young people of Uganda have never known how it feels to have a different president. President Yoweri Museveni has been in power for the last 34 years, his intention is to be there forever.

A few people are seeing this as the last days of Mr Museveni. Time will tell. It’s important to understand that the energy of the young is the energy that builds a country or brings it down.

Cool Find: Mystery Shopper

Back in 2006, I was a student, looking for several ways to earn money. I have always been fascinated with working online, and working remotely, so when I found Bare International, despite the misgivings of the people around me, I plunged in and tried it.

Bare International provides businesses with the opportunity to get information about their businesses that they could not otherwise attain directly. They help get answers to questions like:

How much are customer service issues costing my business? Am I missing opportunities to engage my customers? Why are my sales down? I have data about my business but how do I interpret it? How do I identify the real problem points in my business?

Bare International operates in more than 100 countries and has completed over 50,000 evaluations all over the world. No region is too tough for them to penetrate.

Enough praise – the real deal about BAI is that ordinary people like you and me get to make some money doing things we would ordinarily do like shopping at a grocery, taking an exam, buying make up or receiving money via Western Union. Sure, there are instructions on how to act, but you have to keep your eyes and ears open to gather all the information requested.

I enjoyed doing it because I got to be someone else for a few minutes. I remember one occasion that I had to act being an ignorant belligerent Western Union recipient at a bank. Even I laughed at my performance when I left the place. The poor attendant was so harried, I almost stopped and told her its only an act. Almost.

The pay, at least, is small change, but it covers the cost of transportation to the location, and sometimes you get reimbursed e.g. when paying for an exam or buying a cocktail at a bar (yes, you could choose a job to evaluate a cocktail bar!).

You can also take on evaluations if you travel outside the country – just set it up in your profile. I can imagine travelling and doing mystery shops that will at least cover some of my return ticket costs. You can also earn money (up to $25) referring friends, family and enemies to the Evaluator program.



25hours in the forbidden city

As I said in one of my last posts, I wanted to tell more about the french summer festival in Düsseldorf, which I attended with my sister a while ago. 

The festival was sponsored by 25hours hotels, a design hotel company with hotels in nine capitols in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.

This hotel company has a very cool collaboration with FREITAG, where my sisters is working. In the 25hours hotels you can buy and also lend Freitag bags and use them for your city trip.

As +1 of my sister we went to Düsseldorf, the forbidden city for us Cologne people, and had an afternoon and evening with lots of fun.

We were granted free access to the festival which was held outside the hotel and also to the rooftop bar of the hotel, where we could overlook the skyline of Düsseldorf.

When entering the hotel, we received a nice little pouch, the so called „festival survival bag“ filled with fun little goodies such as soap bubbles, a rain cover, a condom, french style sunglasses and vouchers for food and drinks. Let’s get the party started 🙂

First, we explored the outdoors with the many food trucks, activities for adults and children and the main stage. We had a delicious veggie burger with fries and lemonade, we made some very instagramable cute flower crowns to put in our hair and at 7pm the main event happened which we were really looking forward too…. a Patrice concert!!! With the sun shining down on us we listened to his awesome live performance and especially my sister was a very lucky girl <3 <3 <3

After the concert we headed upstairs, or better took the elevator, to the rooftop bar, where there were cocktails waiting for us and a very decadent flying buffet which we couldn’t say no to. Mini caesar salads! Tuna sashimi!! Scallops!!! Fresh oysters!!!! We sure did enjoy that part!

And now the view from the roof top bar…

Thank you Körshd and thank you 25hours hotels for having us at this beautiful stylish place, it was a blast 🙂