Cool Tool:

Ever wanted to know if someone else was using your chosen name or brand name elsewhere? Well, this cool tool actually checks all over the web for you, and within few seconds too!

I found it on Pinterest, while searching for essential oil blends (story for another day). I saw the pin in passing, and decided to give the tool a try. It’s really fast! And the results pane is so intuitive – within seconds, you get to assimilate a lot at once.

Apart from showing you where your search word is in use, it also shows you were its not yet in use. I’m definitely signing up to the available sites as soon as possible.

You should check it out too, if you are serious about online branding for yourself or your firm.

Software security — process, operations and software — in that order

People or organisations often think about software security as only defined by the software itself. As long as the software has the right features I’m ok, right? In my opinion, the security of some program or digital asset is firstly defined by the human processes around it. This is the crucial bit that many people … Continue reading Software security — process, operations and software — in that order

Experimenting with a new way of drawing animals

A couple of weeks ago, amongst all the travel preparations and house renovation organisation, I took a break and spent almost the entire day trying out drawing with ink and bamboo pens. The bamboo pens were hand carved by Kate Moby from bamboo grown by herself and came in three different sizes. I first came…

Wie houdt van een lekkere snack!

Onze nieuwe snackbar in Leucate Village (Double Dutch) is een goede meerwaarde voor diegene deze een kleine snack zoeken. Ze hebben tal van variëteiten maar hun specialiteiten liggen op lekkere frieten en pizza's.
Vriendelijke bediening in verschillende talen is zeker hun pluspunt, maar zeker het breed aanbod aan gerechtjes en correct geprijsd.
Ook proberen ze wat buiten de traditionele dranken te gaan uit de buurt, zo vind je hier tal van goede Belgische bieren, en Spaanse bieren en wijnen.
Hier vind je hun menu en heb je een idee van de prijzen en de gerechten. Deze snackbar vind je op 10 min rijden van Fitou.
Voor meer info omtrent onze verhuurlocatie zie hier link!
Warme groeten,
Harry & Miranda

The Road To Bahir Dar and Gondor.

The view of the new bridge

Many reviews online discourage you travelling in Ethiopia on the bus. But my friend Glen says “A good tourist takes the Bus” and thats what we did. Truly we did not even look for a bus office, it just found us.

We were changing some money and I asked the lady where to buy a sim card, she pointed at the building opposite. I asked again, where to find the bus to Bahir Dar and she said the same building.

It was like a “one stop shop”.

The reason why were are going to Bahir Dar is because its not possible to do Lalilela in one day. I found somebody who has done it, but it was by luck. Bahir Day became our fuelling station in between trips to Lalibela…….the highlight trip.

But Bahir Dar has a lot to offer, what is called the Blue Nile is born here…..right in the middle of the Lake Nile. There are two island on the lake where the monks have made a home, build churches and made it holy place.

3am International time, 9pm Ethiopian time.

Bahir Dar also has the Blue Nile Falls, one of the biggest………it used to be before Ethiopia build a power plant on it diverting 75% of the water leaving the falls with only 25%. But even that is really big.

The trip to the falls is very expensive, you have to hire a private car, pay entrance fee and pay for a guide. You can decide to go there by boat which you pay or by trekking though the mountain. Time is of essence here.

Back to the bus.

We woke up at 3am which was 9pm Ethiopian time. Our taxi took us to Meskal Square where the bus picks and drops people. The bus was ready…..but it did not leave until 6am. Bahir Dar is 495 km from Addis, 10 hours on route 3 and route 30.

The road takes you to Africas most beautiful landscapes. The say Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills, I think Ethiopia is the land of a million hills.

We travelled to the cloud and back.

The hills and mountains are endless, with rivers meandering in between and the landscape breath taking. Two sights where the bus will stop for you to take pictures are the waterfalls and the recently completed bridge by the Ethiopian government in partnership with Chinese government. The views are to die for.

The bus was comfortable. With two screens we watched everything the driver wanted us to watch. We even watched The Gods Must be crazy 2 which was really funny. Everyone gets a soft cake and two bottles of 600ml water.

Finger of God

Bathroom brakes are just in the bush, the bus stops somewhere, the conductor announces 5 minutes of bathroom break and we are all in the bush.

The interesting thing about Ethiopia is that its very common to see people taking their bathroom break on the side of the road… and women. The only place you will find a real bathroom is when you stop for lunch…that will be in a restaurant.

Its also common to see people showering along the rivers, and when I say rivers….Ethiopia has millions of them.

After 10 hours of sight seeing, three bathroom breaks, one lunch break, dozing and waking up….we were finally in Bahir Dar. My wife said it felt like being at the coast of Mombasa…..for me it just felt Bahir Dar.


The lake is 10 minutes walk from where we were staying, the street busy with Hotels and restaurants and its here that we planned our trip to Gonder and Lalibela.

We were in Bahir Dar first three nights then one night after Lalibela. The first day we visited the Lake and in the afternoon the waterfalls. The following day, 5am in the middle of the pouring rain we were picked with a van headed to Gondor.

The road to Gondor starts from the shoes of Lake Nile, just like other roads in Ethiopia, its full of beautiful landscapes married with endless rivers. Everybody competes for the road, the vehicles on one hand, the animals on the other……dogs, donkeys and horses. The casualties always the dogs…..but sometimes the vehicles too. There are two beautiful sights on this road, the finger of God and the nose of David.

Castle in Gondor

Our car stops in the a small shopping centre, the conductor jumps out and after a few minutes he is back with a plate full of bread. Its breakfast…….with his smile I know the bread is on the house, everybody gets it, and we continue with the journey.

We arrived in Azezo and are greated by a small town, here the horse has the right of way. As a common means of transport here, they are everywhere and its difficult for the car to manoeuvre the road.

The road is for everyone.

We finally after 187 km see the Castle standing right in front of us, and we knew we were in Gondor. The air was fresh, the view from the top of the castle was breathtaking and the people were nice and friendly.

Life was just good in Gondor, and my wife was still with me.

Ich gehe zur DrupalCon Europe in Darmstadt

In den letzten Jahren hatte ich DrupalCons ein wenig aus dem Auge verloren. Es war einfach zu aufwendig (Zeit & Geld). Die letzte Drupal Konferenz, an der ich teilnahm, war 2012 in München. Drupal ist nach wie vor das CMS, mit dem ich am meisten arbeite und es gab bisher nichts, was ich damit nicht …

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Ein Kessel Buntes

Wir wohnen da, wo andere Urlaub machen. Entsprechend voll ist es hier auch momentan und eigentlich, wollten/sollten auch wir einfach nur Urlaub machen. Aber wie so oft, haben wir dermaßen viel zu tun, dass wir es nur zwei-dreimal die Woche für kurze Zeit an den Strand schaffen. Ja ja, das liegt an uns selbst und ...

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After my phone got stolen

So my phone got stolen some weeks ago. It was a rainy day and I had looked away for about 2 minutes, but I guess the thief was already monitoring because he was quick. So I was faced with the daunting task of securing my phone line to prevent fraud.

I cannot emphasize this enough – do regular backups to the cloud. It was when I lost my phone that I found out my last backup was months ago. So many pictures, documents and audio recordings were “gone with the wind”.

I had to try hard to remember the apps I had on the phone and block them accordingly. some of them include:

  1. Google Accounts – Change your password. Do security check up using this page. Also remove the device from your Google Play device list.
  2. Linkedin – I found a very useful article that enabled me to log out of other Sessions on this page.
  3. WhatsApp – Do you use the WhatsApp app a lot? I do, and especially for business. It was important that I deactivate my account immediately, to avoid impersonation. I found a WhatsApp article that instructed me to send an email immediately to them to deactivate my account.
  4. Facebook – On this Facebook page you get to see where you are logged in, and log out of the stolen device instantly.
  5. Authy – Do you use Authy for 2 Factor Verification? Then you need to request for a reset. This is tricky because it will send a message to the phone line that was used when registering the app. If this is the stolen line then you will have to find a work around. It will also send an email to your registered email, so its not too much of a bother.

After I got a new phone, I had to reinstall the apps and set them up again. I also activated the Google Find My Phone feature which allows me to do things like play sound, even if on silent, secure my device, or sign out of Google on the device.

The phone that was stolen from me was a Samsung Galaxy Prime Plus, and my real loss was my 10 year old reliable SD card in it – I was constantly complaining of the lack of space on the device, and I could not even install half of all the apps I was used to having on the former device.

The loss gave me an opportunity to explore another brand, but definitely not Techno. My terrible experience with Techno W3 is not something I want to remember or go through again.

All in all, I hope I can keep this new phone for longer, and also keep my data safe.



Recipe – Banana Chocolate Muffins

I had some very ripe and brown bananas left, so I decided to make something banana-ish that would be a nice treat. I was considering doing cookies but felt more tempted by muffins, as I also had some dark chocolate left over. And since I’ve also got other things that needed using up in my…