Gegen Upload-Filter und Leistungsschutzrecht – Portknox unterstützt offenen Brief von Nextcloud an das Europäische Parlament

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Ende März stimmt das EU-Parlament über ein neues EU-Urheberrecht ab. Problematisch: Mit Artikel 11 und 13 sind große Einschränkungen für User und Plattformen im Internet geplant.

Artikel 13 besagt, dass Betreiber von Internetplattformen künftig im Voraus jedes von Nutzern hochgeladene Bild, jede Tonaufnahme und jedes Video prüfen müssen und wenn eine Urheberrechtsverletzung vorliegt, nicht hochladen dürfen.


Arzikel 11 bezieht sich auf das Leistungsschutzrecht für Verlage. Im Moment gilt das Urheberrecht für ganze Artikel. Künftig sollen auch Linkvorschauen und Textausschnitte lizenzpflichtig sein.


Den offenen Brief von Nextcloud könnt ihr hier nachlesen und unterstützen:

Cape Town Weather Is Giving Us Winter Blues.

You’ll often hear Capetonians say ‘this is the only city in the world where you can experience all four seasons in a single day’ – mornings are misty, afternoons are sunny, early evenings are windy and late evenings chilly.
Despite it being March, which is one of the city’s hottest months, we’ve had sporadic rain and that pesky chill remains in the air even when the sun is out. Today, I have seen enough rain, to rival Amsterdam.
The cab guy said Winter is coming early because we had summer also coming in early. We didn’t expect rain until June.
Global warming folks, I said in my heart.
The weather is so confusing, many have not yet put away their winter blankets. We use all means to keep the apartment warm, heater, blankets, coffee and even something unbelievable…continues cooking.
There was hope of the weekend bringing some beach weather, it did not, it was followed by rain yesterday afternoon and today morning.
But we live like the Capetonians, brave. A morning dush to the printer, then the university and then the office. The summit starts in four days and rain is the least of our funeral.
Make no mistake, we are very grateful for every drop of rain, besides, it always rains during our event. Every year. But this is Cape Town, One minute you can see the table mountain from your window the next minute you have no idea how to locate it.
Mother City, the host for CMS Africa Summit, She reserves the right of admission.
We look forward to welcoming you here in Cape Town.

Spring is coming

After a long winter break, caused by too much other work, I did a new painting. I do not really like winter especially, the cold and the snow, even if a winter wonderland certainly has its charms.The snow covers and hides the beautiful colours of nature and when the sun is strong enough, they shimmer ...

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