MSG in Quick Bible finally!

Since I discovered I could actually read a bible on a mobile phone, I have been an avid fan of mobile bibles.
I think the first one I tried was from Olivetree,  before I moved to YouVersion. The latter was not so satisfactory however, because one had to stay online to actually use it. Back then data was really a high end commodity so I once again went in search of another option.
Then I stumbled on Alkitab, also known as the Quick Bible app, on Android, and fell in love.
I could choose the versions I wanted, bookmark sections, add notes and basically use it offline. The app kept getting better, with the addition of hymns and even devotions. The best part was the fact that it was open source and developers encouraged others to contribute. Then the developer added a way for you to sync your bookmarks in the cloud so you could have a backup when you changed devices.
All in all it was great, until I heard the Message translation for the first time. The language was very modern, I wanted it on my app immediately. Unfortunately it was not listed in the versions available. After over a year of waiting for it on the list I gave in to the urge to hunt for it myself and if possible, actually do the conversions needed to make it compatible.
That hunt began over four years ago. Im glad to say it ended some mornings ago, when I found this goldmine from 2011.
Some angel decided to create the YES files for various versions including the Message translation. The download link for that translation had been unproductive and was just updated recently. I am happy to report that it's working now and I have imported the version into my app. Hoorah!