Vom Feiern auf dem Dorf

Sommerzeit ist Festivalzeit hier im Süden. So auch in Fitou. Vergangenen Freitag war Weinfest. Die Appellation d’ origine contrôlée Fitou wurde 1948 gegründet und ist die älteste im Languedoc. Ich dachte mir, dass der 70.Jahrestag ihrer Gründung auf dem diesjährigen Weinfest besonders gewürdigt werden würde. Ich habe, ehrlich gesagt, nichts besonderes wahrgenommen, es war so ...

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Our dreams have been awaken!

One of the reasons we started a community Mobile Digital Hub, is to introduce as many people as possible to technology in Uganda and around the world. Fulfilling this that task won’t only teach most Ugandans about technology, it will also encourage learning of many important skills for life.

We discovered that most people who applied for the training were older than 19 years and had either little education background or none at all. When we introduced them to internet, and they learned how to carry out simple research with the internet you could see each of them one searching something of their own interest. One of them was searching about money lending businesses, the other was searching about the best schools in Uganda perhaps because she has a daughter who could start to go to school soon.

On the graduation day we gave out both certificates of completion and participation, we also received a lot of feedback from the learners. [Photos coming soon]