Fixing my fixie

Isabell and I have decided to go travelling for 6 months later this year. And in order to have fewer and less expensive things to put away in storage, I recently decided to sell my racing bicycle. This also means that I will focus more on running this year to stay in shape. But don’t … Continue reading Fixing my fixie

Getting back to racing

As I mentioned in my cycling season review 2016 my winter training did not go as planned. Life got in the way, as it does. But since the end of February I put in a decent block of training and averaged about 8.5 hours of riding per week. It’s still too little to really be […]

Cycling season review 2016

If cycling was measured in how much you learn, instead of the watts your legs put down, I definitely would have won the Tour de France in 2016! Last year was all about learning about bike racing and getting into the cycling scene in London. I wanted to do as many races as time (and […]

Why I Ride

What makes your heart beat hardest? Answer this question for yourself. What lies therein is something that give you purpose and fulfilment to live. If someone would ask you “Why this?” you might not know. Your answer might be illogical, counterproductive or even irresponsible. But it makes your heart beat hardest. So why do I […]