Agile restoration

You might have noticed: we, Hagen and me are restoring an old house here in Fitou for our daughter Isabell and her husband Dick. Isabell and Dick helped as often as possible and together we did all the planning but currently they are travelling the world. The goal is to have to house at least ...

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Ein Kessel Buntes

Wir wohnen da, wo andere Urlaub machen. Entsprechend voll ist es hier auch momentan und eigentlich, wollten/sollten auch wir einfach nur Urlaub machen. Aber wie so oft, haben wir dermaßen viel zu tun, dass wir es nur zwei-dreimal die Woche für kurze Zeit an den Strand schaffen. Ja ja, das liegt an uns selbst und ...

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Casein-Lime Paint

It`s already seven years since we constructed a new spiral staircase for our house. Hagen built a wooden skeleton and I put gypsum on it, layer by layer, until it looked like an elegant, old staircase. The final surface was plastered with a mix of lime, gypsum, pigments and protected with savon noir. One can ...

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A lost world

Currently, we are renovating an old house for, and partly with, our daughter and her husband. It’s hard work and sometimes, I am so tired after a day, that only a warm bath or, if the weather allows it, laying on the beach brings me back to life. After all these years in management positions, ...

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Ochres from Roussillon

There are places in this world, I have to go there again and again and so I went last Friday. Roussillon, more precisely, the Conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur is such a place. Here I learned all the old techniques of wall plastering, here I always buy pigments and tools for my paintings ...

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Da brauchste Nerven wie Drahtseile

Die letzte Woche war vollgepackt mit so vielen unterschiedlichen Arbeiten, Tüdel und organisatorischem Kram, dass ich am Freitagabend nicht das Gefühl hatte irgendetwas wirklich geschafft zu haben. In solchen Momenten fällt es mir schwer freundlich zu sein. Die teilweise völlige Abwesenheit von Kundenorientierung in hiesigen Baumärkten wirkt da eher wie ein Katalysator für meine zunehmende ...

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The wall

Few weeks ago, we started restoring another old house here in Fitou. Long time ago, it has been a larger house which was separated into two houses as a result of an inheritance debate. The separation wall was partly made with flat natural stones in gypsum and small terra-cotta bricks but only about 5-7 cm […]

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