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#blogpost I remember when I got this book. Before I had finished the 4th chapter, I had convinced 3 parents where I was interning to buy it for their kids. I still refer to the book today, as an #enterpreneur . Pls get it for your kids as it's still relevant! #FastRepost from by @fastrepost_app ••• Do you have a startup? You could learn useful tips that can help you survive the competition. For the Young Enterpreneur, you've got that's helpful. #enterprenuersguide #bookaddict #bookworm #booklovers #startups #bookstagram #instagood #instaread #bookshelf #bookshelfng

Good Deed: Think Like A CEO

The Month of November was made magical by the sermons I heard at church. It was as if the pastors used a set of binoculars to scan through the crowd in church, then focus on me, and then tuned into what I needed to hear the most.

At Daystar Christian Centre, every month we explore the scriptures based on themes, or series. These series are broken down every week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and in November we tackled ‘Think Like a CEO’. The had pastor, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, usually takes the lead, while other pastors also share the word.

I was really touched by this month’s sermons, so much so that I shared some keypoints on Instagram and even Twitter. One of my cousins took note, and asked if I could buy him the CD of the whole series. I replied, “why not?” and told him I would. Little did I know I how much trouble it would cost.

Getting a copy of the CD proved a herculean task, because I had to go back to the stores four times before I could finally get one. I even went there twice during working hours.

I will be dropping it off with his mum so she can ‘ship’ it to him soonest. I already sent him a picture of the CD in my hand, and he can’t wait to have it.
Putting a smile on his face and helping him get access to the messages was worth it.