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I've been playing this song nonstop since @aramideogedengbe mentioned she went to their concert. I love it so much. And it totally describes how God pulled me out this time last year and showed me love. Believe me when I tell you that God's love is overwhelming, never-ending and reckless.

Don’t fret

I wrote that in 2012. Little did I know that a huge storm was waiting for me in 2014. I still believe this is true, and because God has helped me I will continue to help others. This is for someone out there: #Godhasnotforgottenyou #Godhasaplan #letgoandletgod and watch him turn all your tests into testimonies. Don't fret.

Self love matters

You see that ever-smiling ever-laughing ever-grinning attitude I have? It's in the genes.
I hope I pass on the self-love I'm imbibing now as well because it matters. When you love yourself then you can ensure no one pushes your boundaries. #loveyourselffirst #itmatters


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Scars are reminders of battles won. Your painful memories should be scars, not channels for bitterness, pain or anger. Wonderful service today @daystarng and as usual Pastor @thesamadeyemi was on point. #marriageandloveseries


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Your peace of mind and self-worth is very important. Without it, so many things will not work no matter how hard and long you try #believeme #ihavebeenthere #wasntworthit