Portknox Update May – Collabora Server Update

Update: There is a note for existing users below (gray screen problem).

We have just set live our updated Collabora server, all users who have booked the Collabora Online Addon can benefit from many new features. Here is a list of some, you can find many more in the linked blog posts from Collabora below:


  • Interactive horizontal ruler
  • Insert header and footer
  • Implemented Chart creation:


  • Outlining and row/column grouping
  • Column filters, AutoFilter
  • Support for chart data series editing
  • Data Validation in Calc
  • Support for hidden tabs in Calc:


  • Document repair from Writer is now available here as well
  • Ability to reply to comments

Installed Version on Portknox.net:

To get a full overview about the Collabora Update read this postthis post and this.

Note for existing users:

If the Collabora screen does not open and you see just a gray window, please go the Collabora Settings and just safe the form again, this resets the cache.

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Portknox Update November – Collabora

Since Collabora Online is available as an addon to our Portknox clouds, many customers have started using it to work on office documents through the browser and in collaboration with others.

Today we have further improved and updated our Collabora integration. Our infrastructure now has increased capacity, opening a document is much faster. Furthermore we have updated Collabora Office and all included dependecies.

We have also included the version number of Collabora Online / LibreOffice Online to your applist.

And more improvements and updates to Office Online are about to come!


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