Nextcloud Conference – Saturday

Today the contributor conference started. Yesterday was more business oriented, today the “get things done phase” starts.

Jos opened the conference with a few words, Frank, Joe and Jane repeated their announcements of the Nextcloud box and 50 boxes are available to buy here at the conference for 70 Euro. The missing RaspberryPi is provided for free. Frank said, that he’s looking for a possibility to sell Nextcloud Box as a complete package.

Lightning talks

Some lightning talks were held to introduce Nextcloud people, their responsibilities and offer possibilities to contribute (Lukas Reschke , Morris JobkeBjoern Schiessle). Bjoern did an additional and inspiring talk about “what’s special in Nextcloud”.

Beside Nextcloud employees


… was served by a food truck and the burgers were delicious! The marketing department was working hard 🙂


Workshop Collabora – Michael Meeks

Michael Meeks gave answers to very detailed questions from the audience. I didn’t understood everything but the way collabora office suite works is now a bit clearer for me. There was a longer discussion how to integrate Collabora in Nextcloud in a “better, easier and faster” way.

Fair web services – Cornelius Schumacher

Fair web services was the last workshop I attend and the topic reminded me why I’m at this conference. Years ago I wanted to backup my photos on Flickr. Backup in the sense of keeping album structures and EXIF data. I tried OwnCloud but it didn’t work. I discovered that OwnCloud was a perfect solution for other projects of mine and so I used it until June. The Flickr backup problem is still unsolved. It’s possible to access my data via API but so far I found nothing that really works for me (may be time to write a Flickr import app for Nextcloud). Today there is also an additional “iTunes Cloud Match” problem. But back to the talk.

There are a number of attempts to solve the problems of freedom of web services. This is a list of relevant references.

None of the solutions is complete yet or has enough traction to serve as a widely accepted solution … The idea is to create criteria for a certification of services. The certification would allow providers to show that they respect the freedom of users and give users a guideline about what services to use.

I think it’s a good idea – have a look at

Link tip:

I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.

In the workshop I met Marcos Garcia Pedraza, Co-Founder of Patria Digitalis. He wants to offer “fair” services, so it starts and I have a good ok feeling!

At the airport

As I mentioned above I’m not able to attend the whole week, so meanwhile I’m at the airport Berlin Schoenefeld, my Laptop was scanned for drugs, I had to show every piece of my Nextcloud box to the border police. The boarding pass that I printed out in France had the wrong “format” and the plane has a delay. The good news is that Dennis and his friends will come next week to Fitou for a short vacation.

Now I have a little bit time to think about this project that started 6 years ago to make the world a better place.
So far it was an interesting journey!

Someone replied to that tweet that he didn’t get the idea because it already exists and it’s called NAS or Synology.

The journey will continue 🙂

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Nextcloud Conference – Business Day

I had no idea what to expect from this conference but something inside said to me

Go to Berlin, it’s important!

So I went to Berlin to attend at least two days of the conference at Technische Universität. The Berlin Technische Universität is one of the largest and most prestigious research and education institutions in Germany and for a whole week the center of the growing Nextcloud community.

Technische Universität Berlin
Technische Universität Berlin

The future of Nextcloud

In Frank Karlitscheks talk about the future of Nextcloud he also talked about sustainability and the way how Nextcloud will develop in the next 20! years:

During the talk, he showed Nextcloud 10 features und someone from the audience asked when this version with all these nice features will be released (easy answer, it was released a few weeks ago). In the meantime Klaas tweeted two feature request

Features requests via Twitter
Features requests via Twitter

Security Architecture

Lukas Reschke talked about Nextcloud security architecture. I liked the idea that the same developers who wrote the code are responsible for fixing their own bugs.


Bjoern Schiessle is working since four years on the federation subject and showed an overview of the ideas behind the concept and it’s future.

In Nextcloud, it’s possible to share your files with a remote user. A remote user is a user in another personal cloud installation that supports the federation concept (e.g. Nextcloud, OwnCloud, Pydio). To share a file you have to insert the cloud ID of that user [username]@[domain] and Nextcloud sends a notification to the remote user. The remote user can decide whether he wants to accept the share.
You find your own Cloud ID in your Nextcloud profile page. Share it!

MySql Database Scalability

Oli Sennhauser (FromDual) gave a talk about MySQL database scalability. The interesting thing for me was that he was not familiar with the Nextcloud software. So he asked users and developers in the audience questions how Nextcloud is handling this and that. Based on the answers he described possible problems and solutions.

After the lunch break I missed half of Artur Schiwons talk about User Management in Nextcloud. Nextcloud has a variety of authentication mechanisms needed to fit comfortably in the diverse enterprise authentication landscape. I learned some new abbreviations: LDAP, SAML, ODP, ….

Nextcloud Scalability with a concept design for 10.000 users

This talk was interesting too because Dennis Pennings ( is planning to set up a huge Nextcloud installation. He researched a lot about possible solutions and he had plenty of question that were discussed at the end together with Frank and the audience.

Slides, Videos

So far, no slides and videos are available online. I’ll update the blog post when I find them.

Surprise, Surprise

During the day I saw tweets about a mysterious Nextcloud box, even an article in the German Heise Ticker (Nextcloud Box soll die Cloud ins Heim bringen).

The Nextcloud Box

At 6pm the Nextcloud box was presented by Frank. I decided to install Periscope and tried to stream the event. After the third try it worked! Here are the exiting 20 minutes!

The box is real

Directly after the “surprise show” arrived with 50 Nextcloud Boxes and I bought one (70Euro).

The next guy in the queue was Guido Stepken and he bought seven!

While writing the blog post I saw that nearly the same box design exists since one year for the Open Source Media Center (OSMC PiDrive).


The day was super interesting an now I have to sleep. See you tomorrow!

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