Summery Orange, Rucola and Rice Salad with Caramelised Fennel

With this lovely weather, I am now embracing the summer of fresh and filling salads. I received some fennel in my weekly vegetable box and had some other bits and bobs left that I thought would make a great combo. One thing that I wish I could change though is the type of rice. I…

Voilà, le side table – only took a year!

What do you do when your chopping boards are a bit grim and need replacing? You make a side table, naturally. It all started with a vision. A vision to create something beautiful and avoid going to the recycling station. I was envisioning a win-win scenario whereby I could let flow my creative juices, make…

The other red

I learned that the choice of colours depends on age and on gender. Considering my age, it’s not really clear to me why I chose shades of pink as the main colour in this painting as this colour is referred to naivety and girlish behaviour. But is also stands for romantic, charming woman, which I […]

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