After my phone got stolen

So my phone got stolen some weeks ago. It was a rainy day and I had looked away for about 2 minutes, but I guess the thief was already monitoring because he was quick. So I was faced with the daunting task of securing my phone line to prevent fraud.

I cannot emphasize this enough – do regular backups to the cloud. It was when I lost my phone that I found out my last backup was months ago. So many pictures, documents and audio recordings were “gone with the wind”.

I had to try hard to remember the apps I had on the phone and block them accordingly. some of them include:

  1. Google Accounts – Change your password. Do security check up using this page. Also remove the device from your Google Play device list.
  2. Linkedin – I found a very useful article that enabled me to log out of other Sessions on this page.
  3. WhatsApp – Do you use the WhatsApp app a lot? I do, and especially for business. It was important that I deactivate my account immediately, to avoid impersonation. I found a WhatsApp article that instructed me to send an email immediately to them to deactivate my account.
  4. Facebook – On this Facebook page you get to see where you are logged in, and log out of the stolen device instantly.
  5. Authy – Do you use Authy for 2 Factor Verification? Then you need to request for a reset. This is tricky because it will send a message to the phone line that was used when registering the app. If this is the stolen line then you will have to find a work around. It will also send an email to your registered email, so its not too much of a bother.

After I got a new phone, I had to reinstall the apps and set them up again. I also activated the Google Find My Phone feature which allows me to do things like play sound, even if on silent, secure my device, or sign out of Google on the device.

The phone that was stolen from me was a Samsung Galaxy Prime Plus, and my real loss was my 10 year old reliable SD card in it – I was constantly complaining of the lack of space on the device, and I could not even install half of all the apps I was used to having on the former device.

The loss gave me an opportunity to explore another brand, but definitely not Techno. My terrible experience with Techno W3 is not something I want to remember or go through again.

All in all, I hope I can keep this new phone for longer, and also keep my data safe.