Our volunteer’s hurting set back!!!

The trendy today in a country commonly known as peaceful and a pearl of Africa since the landing of the Europeans dating back 100s of years ago is the total opposite.

It is sad to accept but it’s true, the reality and what we have to find a solution for. I used to hear the so called group of angry youths going around Kampala beating innocent civilians and stealing from them what belonged to them. This were just stories on the internet until recently when 3 of my own people, one of them almost lost life to this group. The other two lost belongings such phones, laptops etc.

One of my people is a young skilled, hard working web design and volunteer aspirant who volunteered to redesign our website youinspireyou.org. Whose way of living has been made difficult by the greedy lazy group of thugs who stole two laptops from him while in a public taxi.

How did it happen?

At around 10:00am Calvin bordered a taxi from Bukoto heading to Kampala city center, on their way they realized there was a lot of traffic jam which prompted them to U-turn and use a different route.

At the moment he recalls, they requested him to close the door closest to him properly, not giving him room to concentrate they asked him where he was going exactly and before his answer, as he trying to figure out where his bag has disappeared, they sent him out of taxi, later speeding to avoid being caught.

What does this mean?

The incidence means Calvin won’t be able to earning a living until after several months, our website development will stale and our community technology skills program.

We have to find a way of protecting ourselves more than ever before in addition to raising over $1200 to be able to replace the two laptops.