House renovation – more cement floor and plastering walls

It has been quite a while since I shared an update of our house renovations. The last time I wrote about what we got up to we started with the cement floor in the cellar. Since then, my parents have removed an asbestos pipe and put in a new waste water pipe, removed a concrete…

House Renovation: Stripped to the bones

The last update I wrote about our house renovation in the south of France was when we finished building a wall. In the meantime, with the help of our globe-trotting family, that wall has reached many more floors and is in fact done. On top of that, they managed to empty the entire house of…

The wall

Few weeks ago, we started restoring another old house here in Fitou. Long time ago, it has been a larger house which was separated into two houses as a result of an inheritance debate. The separation wall was partly made with flat natural stones in gypsum and small terra-cotta bricks but only about 5-7 cm […]

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