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Konzert: Gregor Meyle

Ähnlich wie schon bei diesem Konzert stolperte ich auch heute wieder mehr durch einen Zufall in einen tollen Abend, über den ich kurz berichten möchte. 
Da die Firma, in der ich arbeite, das Bühnenbanner für die aktuelle Gregor Meyle Tour gemacht hat, landeten zwei Kolleginnen und ich auf der Gästeliste für das heutige Konzert im E- Werk in Köln. Es war ein spezieller Abend, weil dieses Konzert ein Charity-Konzert war, dessen gesamte Einnahmen an karitative Vereine, unter anderem ein Verein aus Köln, der Obdachlosen Hilfe anbietet, gespendet wurden.

Da ich im Allgemeinen kein großer Fan deutscher Musik bin, bzw. sie mir einfach selten anhöre, war mir leider kein Lied von Gregor Meyle geläufig, was aber nicht weiter schlimm war. 

Gregor Meyle und seine großartige Band waren ein echtes Erlebnis, sehr charmant, lustig und echt gut live. Das Besondere waren allerdings die geladenen Überraschungsgäste, die nach und nach für ein bis drei Songs auf die Bühne geholt wurden:

Mandy Capristo 

Mark Forster

Laith Al-Deen

Die Höhner

Andreas Gabalier 

So bekam ich dann auch noch einen Vorgeschmack auf eine Karnevalsveranstaltung: danke, lustig wars, jetzt reichts 😀

Ein gutes Konzert, tolle Künstler, auch wenn eigentlich alles gar nicht wirklich meinem Musikgeschmack entspricht, aber der Grund, warum alle zusammen auf der Bühne standen, war schlicht und einfach Anlass genug, den Abend zu feiern. Danke! 

The Making of A Reindeer – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I opened my Christmas Shop and mentioned that I wanted to do more animals for Christmas/seasonal cards. So I thought I’d show the making-of of a reindeer card. This is part 1 and shows the first stages of what I do to get inspired. Make it cosy To get into…

Holidays in Jordan, Part 2

I already wrote a bit about our holiday in Jordan last week. Today, we fly back home, my head is full with pictures and impressions. I need to sort out and reflect on what I have seen and experienced. From the Dead Sea we drove through the Dana National Park to Petra. Already on the ...

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Reisen ist geil!

Die zwei Tage Ruhe waren gut. Das Schwimmen im Toten Meer ist wirklich lustig. Durch den hohen Salzgehalt kann man nicht waagerecht schwimmen. Man kippt einfach nach vorn und schluckt meist Wasser. Das schmeckt so widerlich salzig, dass einem das vermutlich nur einmal passiert. Es ist sehr warm und feucht dort und abends gibt es …

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All Saints Celebrating 100 Years.

Photo By Sebastian Wanzalla

I wake up today in the middle of the night to look on my phone screen, a colleague whom we serve with in the planning committee was picking the guest of honor, The Archbishop of Canterbury from the airport. Its been two years since we started sitting in different committees to plan for All Saints 100 years celebrations. We have come a long way, shaping up to make sure this day, which is finally here goes on smoothly.

To many Anglican faithful, the Cathedral, as its members like calling it, has been the fountain of spiritual nourishment, while to the men (and lately women) of the cloth, it has played the perfect venue to win souls for Christ, as they are called to do. The doors of the cathedral have been open to all, those who have needed spiritual nourishment, the lost and the captive. Those who have ruled over the land, those running away from brutal attacks. Those who have started a new life and those who have departed.

The iconic architectural masterpiece that has since been classified as a national monument gives the impression of a church that was built for posterity, with the provost projecting that it can only help the growth of ‘the body of Christ. It witnessed as Kenya, which was then the british colony… she slept silent in the arms of London. It watched as its sons went to fight wars, in Burma. The troops were raw, lacked combat experience, and were inadequately trained …some came home, wounded and lost while for others they died in the fields of war, it watched.

The cathedral watched as Kenya became a self governed state.  As sons and daughters of this land launched a resistance to their colonial master, so it watched. As our country finally achieved what it had long fought for, independence,  as Kenyans felt with humility the pride to govern themselves and run institutions. When the first African archbishop was elected, the cathedral watched. The second liberation, as a refuge for those who ren away from the bullets and tear gases, the cathedrals watched…providing refuge for those who were followed to the inside of the sanctuary. Some of the teargas canisters that were thrown into the cathedral on 7 July 1997 on the day now known as the Saba saba rests here today…..many years later, with the broken clubs.

Its has stood the test of time, while other cathedrals in the world have been a target of war, even brought down to ashes this cathedral has stood tall. The cathedral holds the history of our great nation with pride, and it has done so really well for the last 100 years. Just as many cathedrals all over the world have stood tall and been custodians of history of the world. Some of those I have had the honour of visiting, Cathedral De Barcelona, St Mary’s Cathedral in Krakow Poland, and many others.

But as the Anglican faithful from across the world led by the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican communion, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, troop to Nairobi for the church’s centenary celebrations culminating in a major service on Sunday, some will be paying homage to a sanctuary that has also been a refuge to the oppressed and the downtrodden. It was a sanctuary for those fleeing brutal security forces sent to crush dissent. Then, The Anglican Church of Kenya was called The Church of the Province of Kenya. Sarcastically, people started referring to it as the church politics of Kenya, hence the change of name.

The Cathedral has been the gospel centre, a place of worship. But it has also been a place of refuge where many have run to in times of sorrow and trouble, like the case of Prof Wangari Maathai and the mothers of the political prisoners, and during the agitation for democracy in the 1980s and 1990s.

This pulpit has been used to preach the gospel and convert souls to salvation, but also for agitation, especially for the rights of the downtrodden and those under the brutality of State forces.Also it has been used by some of the fiercest critics of the Government, especially the archbishops and provosts who have served at the Cathedral This is part of what we celebrate.

We celebrate 100 years of All Saints Cathedral, of God’s faithfulness and even as we remember the past, we do not the opportunity to seize the future.

Fungibility – why Bitcoin or Ether aren’t the most democratic currencies yet

Fungible currency is, or must be, a cornerstone of a democratic and free society. In this blog I will explore what a fungible currency is and why Bitcoin and Ether currently are lacking in this respect. What does “fungible” mean? Goods or items in a collection are “fungible” if all of the items have the … Continue reading Fungibility – why Bitcoin or Ether aren’t the most democratic currencies yet

Het treinstationnetje van La Franqui (Leucate)

Wie houd van treinvakanties door Europa mag zeker het treinstationnetje van La Franqui niet vergeten. Het station light op de grote treinroute van Perpignan richting Narbonne > Bezier > Monpelier enz. 
Het station is ideaal gelegen voor wie een stop aan een strand wil organiseren. Zo heb je op 15min wandelafstand van het station het strand van La Franqui. La Franqui is een prachtig klein strand dorpje en hoort bij Leucate. Je kan er aangenaam vertoeven en genieten van het strand en de terrasjes.
Bij Tilley France bieden wij ook afhaaldiensten van het station of luchthaven. In onderstaande map vind je twee van onze verhuur locaties dicht bij het station van Leucate (10min rijden)
Neem een kijkje naar onze verhuurk locaties of lees nog meer van onze blogs over deze prachtige regio via deze LINK! 

White House, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

White House, courtesy
In a quest to meet up with an old girlfriend for lunch, I found myself in Adekunle, Yaba.
The way I felt initially, you would think I did not grow up in this environs. Thankfully I had someone else with me, who was very familiar with the terrain.

Keke Napep Queue
So we waited at the traffic lights, then entered Keke Napep (that's the three wheelers, called Boda Boda in Kenya).
These three wheelers have somewhat replaced the two wheelers that were becoming a concern in Lagos. There is almost no community that they cannot be found, in Lagos. I'm sure its because they are the primary means of transportation for short distances, for the masses.
I remember it was a small surprise seeing them in Nairobi, and then in Kampala last year. It makes sense that Africa would be the primary importer of this tiny vehicle.

We alighted at our stop, minutes later, and strolled to the lunch date location.
Notice I did not call it a restaurant. White House cannot be labeled as a restaurant at all, because it is more of a 'joint', and has never aimed to be the most visually appealing, or sanitarily clean eating location. White House is a local food canteen that has evolved over the decades, into just the place that people come to, from the environs, to eat and enjoy. Its menu comprises mainly of local cuisine. In fact, the only closely exotic meal you can order there is Fried rice.
White House, can never compete with its namesake, but from what I saw yesterday, it is still being patronized by the workers in the environs, as well as geeks of all types.
Girlfriend and I, before diving into our meals

We ordered, ate, and pretty much caught up on what we had missed since we saw last, last year.
The Amala, topped with Gbegiri and Ewedu, was alright.
I missed Lagos.
Glad to be back.
Happy New Month!

That bond we need

Sunday was the 34th wedding anniversary of my parents and I wish them both joy, peace and harmony in their union.
Sunday was also my big cousins birthday. My love for sis lolly will never diminish because she is a big sister in deed.

Some hours ago I got fixated on Michelle Obama. After pinning many of her outfits I realised that it's not really the dress, it's the woman wearing it that makes each style, simple or sophisticated, stand out. Then I considered the source of that self assurance, and realised again that it would most likely be tied partially, to the bond.

There's a certain bond between Barack and Michelle Obama, that's almost a tangible force, almost a visible aura, when they are pictured together.
This force is more present when it's just the two of them. I can imagine what living in the spotlight can do to a marriage, but theirs survived two terms in office. Their partnership, their friendship seemed to get even stronger. They didn't seem to ever argue or fight, but I'm sure it's because they always presented a United front to the world. I'm also sure, that they both created a plan as to where they wanted to reach, and what they could do to help each other get there. They then followed it religiously, and adapted it if necessary, over the years.
Michelle is Barack Obama's partner, not shadow. When she glows his happiness is visible. Her joy is his mission.

I'm also pretty certain that they never ever allowed outside forces  (most likely including their daughters) come in between them.
They wouldn't ever slouch or sit back and let the other person take the full burden of running things within the family.
Their love and respect for each other is always evident in the millions of pictures of them.
They each made the other, their pillar of strength.
It's tough but they have shown that it is possible.

I pray we find such a bond to grow old with..... Amen