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making plans

While thinking about the new year, I figured that there will be a lot of things to blog about. Here is a preview on some things, I will be writing about or that I’m making plans for:

moving to a new apartment

renovate a 30 year old kitchen while keeping the f*** 30 year old kitchen

going for a holiday in Montenegro

celebrate my sisters birthday with 20 people in one house one weekend long

starting to dance ballet again

continue sewing

hopefully a lot of trips to Berlin

Jetski a Leucate

Aloha Jetski Leucate is een watersportcentrum die jet ski's verhuurd met of zonder vaarbewijs vanaf 16 jaar. Aloha Jetski is gelegen aan één van de mooiste stranden van Frankrijk (Leucate plage en Barcares plage) Wordt verwelkomd door een enthousiast en dynamisch professioneel team die naar u luisteren, u adviseren en begeleiden. Aloha jetski Leucate biedt een nieuwe lijn van Jetski's.
De tarieven variëren, initiatie Jetski zonder vaarbewijs betaal je voor 25min > 50€ - 35min > 65€ - 45min > 90€ - 1h05 > 120€
Waar vind je deze jongens
Of u je nu uit Narbonne of Perpignan komt via route D627, neem de afslag Port Leucate en ga rechtdoor over de hoofdstraat (Avenue de Septimanie) ongeveer 2 km. Aangekomen aan het einde (parking) slaat u linksaf en zit u het logo en de vlaggen. Hieronder vind u ook onze Tilley France Google map met locatie!
Best voordien reserveren via volgend gsm nummer: +33 6 12 93 52 78!
Bezoek eens onze vakantieverblijven bij

A Taste Of Tony’s Chocolonely.

Crazy About Chocolate, Serious about people.

This is the slogan for the most amazing, tasty and rich Chocolate you have never tested. It Tony’s Chocolonely. My niece adores this stuff, not just any chocolate, only that made by Tony himself……no monkey business.

She loves them so much she know how many flavors they have, and how they taste….and from that list she still picked her favorite. But for her, anything will still work as long as its made by Tony…..a place she hope she will work one day….and eat their chocolate all day.

In West Africa, where most of the cocoa comes from, (child) slavery appears to be alarmingly common. And that while in 2001 a number of large international chocolate companies put their signature under the Harkin Engel Protocol in which agreements are made to eliminate the ‘worst forms of child labor’.
Now that Teun knows that chocolate is smeared with illegal practices, he gives himself, after eating a number of chocolate bars, as a chocolate criminal in the program ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’.
Tony’s Coholony are now twelve years on the road to 100% slave free chocolate they are supported, encouraged, challenged and eaten they now know how difficult it is to change an industry we have grown enormously and have achieved results.
Their mission is to make the norm in chocolate 100% slave-free. To achieve that, they follow their roadmap. But how far are they exactly and how much impact do they actually make? Good! That is why they have worked hard to make the steps we take even clearer and to measure them. This way you can see exactly how much impact Tony’s make.
Tony’s Chocolonely is growing fast. In 2017 they expected to sell some 28 million bars. Sohee!  Because of our growth, they can work with more cocoa farmers according to their recipe for slave-free cocoa and they can make more noise in the chocolate industry, so that other chocolate giants follow their model.
Tony’s consciously chooses to work in Ghana and Ivory Coast. There the problems are the biggest and they want to make an impact there.
They pay an extra Tony’s premium on top of the Fairtrade premium, so that the farmer can earn a living income. The premium is used to increase income for the farmer, both in money and through investments in higher production through agricultural training courses and new tree nurseries.
But also by lowering costs for the farmer by purchasing fertilizers on a large scale or making education more accessible and the construction of a central water pump. More than 9.6% of the selling price of our bars comes in favor of the cocoa farmer.
Today I unwrap my first slave free chocolate, while I hope you do the same, you will discover that Tony’s Chocolonely does not have even cubs, because Chocolate production has never been fair.

Web application development – Part 5

Welcome back, today in the web application development series, part 5 we look at how WordPress makes the task easier than ever before. Previously in part 4 we covered the components that make up web applications, which you can find here if you missed.

Of course they are many tools in contention but of all why WordPress?

Truth be told for over a decade, developers have used and are still using a Model View Controller aka MVC pattern architecture to develop web applications. Giving security, separation of interface from logic, maintainability and scalability as reasons for the pattern’s popularity. Popular web applications providing this architecture are Laravel, cakePHP, CodeIgnitor among others.

WordPress’ pattern differs but it’s straight forward, it’s secure, affordable, maintainable easier to learn by anyone who knows about PHP and Object Oriented Programming.

Travel Planning 101

In my last blog post I announced that this year we are going to travel across South East Asia. Doing something like that requires a lot of planning, of course, and so I thought I’d share what we are doing to prep for the big trip. Any tips and tricks are very much welcome (comment…

Endroits pour montrer l’art

Comme tout artiste, je voudrais montrer mon art à une audience plus large. Pour cette année, je n’aurais peut-être pas la possibilité d’exposer mes peintures dans l’ARTFabrik car le lieu a été vendu et transformé en lieu privé. Par conséquent, j’ai postulé dans certaines galeries dans notre région, la plupart dirigées par des associations à ...

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… fing etwas holperig an. Als wir am 27.12.2017 zurück nach Fitou kamen, hatte die Liebste sich in Leipzig erkältet und ein paar Tage später war ich angesteckt. Das war so diese Art Erkältung, die dich völlig umhaut. Die ersten paar Tage des neuen Jahres habe ich daher auf dem Sofa verbracht und „gelitten“. Seit …

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