Butterfly Conservation at Haller Park.


From far, its a beautiful house, small, in fact very small. It sits in a lavish green farm, one you couldn’t afford yourself. It surrounded as you can see with more green, with no glass windows and doors, its very inviting. You see it from far and want to just get close, then you want to get in then you want to live there, but then you are reminded that what you paid at the gate only lasts you for a day, and now that its 2pm, the day is running fast.

But maybe you would think a beautiful house with no owner? No, not this one, a middle aged man sits inside listening to some music coming out of his phone, his name…Peter Oruma. He has a pen and paper, apart from the phone off-course. Still on the table are lives, this am thinking are from a specific tree, different kinds, with plastic containers with the lids cut in the shape of a butterfly, there I have my answer. I might just have been jealous that Peter gets to spend his day in this place I want to call home, but even for him…..its not his place.


This is the home of the butterflies. If Haller Park was a country for many animals, then where I am standing will be the butterflies province and this house would be the factory. Its impossible to imagine what goes on around here. In the first stage a girl butterfly lays eggs. A butterfly first starts out as an egg. A girl butterfly lays the eggs on a leaf. She lays the eggs really close together. The eggs are really small and round. About five days after the eggs are laid. A tiny worm-like creature will hatch from the egg.


A caterpillar is sometimes called larve. A caterpillar is a long creature. It looks like a worm. Most caterpillars have a cool pattern. This pattern has stripes or patches. The caterpillar is hungry once it has hatched. It starts to eat leaves and flowers. It eats these all the time. It first eats the leaf that it was born on. This is the eating and growing stage. All this happens here, in this small house.

So I understand the importance of this small house here at Haller Park. The house is of great help in making sure that butterflies are breading in a controlled environment that minimizes the risks. When you pay at the gate, Peter says; and you come in here, you should see the butterflies, and this house is here to make sure that you will be guaranteed to see them. Makes sense to me.

But then I ask if he studied somewhere, what is the scientific term Peter, of this thing that you do, we go to google very fast to just verify some term Peter said, but the surprising thing, he never studied in anywhere, it just passion, persistence and the love for the butterflies that has made him. Such an encouraging story for me, what greater love. Peter sends us to where he keeps the butterflies after they leave this small place and while we are there, we can only appreciate his contribution to their being alive.

Tell me how important your job is, tell me how hard you work, how you build the app that has revolutionized health care, how you open the highway with your heavy machines and keep the traffic flowing, how you are the judge that sends the bad guys to jail, or the police that arranges their appointment with the judge……tell me how important your job is…….and then I will tell you how important Peter’s Job is.

Places we’re going to in Indonesia

The last few weekends have been heavily focused on getting some more flights and places booked for Indonesia. Indonesia is the first country we’re going to and it is not easy being “flexible” and have a “let’s see where we’ll end up tomorrow” attitude because it’s all islands. You can’t just catch a car or…

Péage autoroutes France

Iedereen weet als je Frankrijk inrijd je eerstkomend een station de péage zal tegenkomen als je via de autoroutes het land doorkruist. Hier geven we even een korte samenvatting van de meest voorkomende autoroutes richting het zuiden.
Als je van Belgie of Nederland naar Tilley France rijd (Fitou) dan heb je drie mogelijkheden.
1. Je rijdt binnendoor
Als je van de péage af wil zijn en binnendoor wil rijden kan je het beste via Millau rijden.
a. Stel eerst je gps in om tolwegen te vermijden.
b. Stel je gps in richting Nemours, zo vermijd je ring Parijs zonder verlies in kilometers.
c. Stel dan gps in richting Millau, hier mijd je tolbrug Millau.
d. Stel je gps in richting Fitou als je naar Tilley France rijd.
2. Je rijdt via Luxemburg
Via Luxemburg heb je de snelste route naar het zuiden, maar wel rekening houden, in hoogseizoen de drukste route!
Stel gps in richting Fitou over Luxemburg zo simpel is het. Nu is het zelf zo dat je péage in Monpelier niet meer moet passeren, je kan vanaf 2018 langs de péage heen rijden als je voorbij Monpelier moet, dus één péage stop minder wat ook weer heel wat tijd uitgespaard is ;)
Totaal péages >> 70€
3. Je rijdt via Parijs > Millau
Ik persoonlijk vind deze route de mooiste en is zelf ook 50km korter als je vanuit centrum Belgie vertrekt of vanuit Nederland.
a. Stel je gps in op Nemours, zo rijd je zonder al te veel file rond Parijs en ontwijk je de ring van Parijs zonder kilometer verlies!
b. Stel nadien je gps in op Fitou als je naar Tilley France rijd.
Vanaf Clermont-Ferrand is de autoroute gratis tot Bezier met uitzondering van de brug van Millau.
Totaal péages >> 69,30€
Bezoek ook nog even onze vakantieverblijven bij Tilley France!

a fight and a find

I was sitting at home at my desk all day because I had some important paperwork to do, that I could no longer procrastinate on. 

I got up several times doing laundry or just taking a short break, but in the end, not leaving the house for the entire day and sitting on my butt the entire time, really drove me crazy. To a point where I knew I had to get out and moving but couldn’t, because I felt too exhausted and frustrated because of the never ending pile in front of me.

When I went out for a stroll eventually, I did so without a destination or a certain route, I just left the building and started walking.

The first street I took led me directly into a fight between two men in front of a house, one of them clearly not quite right in the head and very aggressive, the other one may have been of sound mind, but not one bit less aggressive.

I passed them while they were at the edge of getting in a fist fight, one of them waving an empty glass bottle over his head, ready to throw it at the other guy. I couldn’t really get behind what had been the cause for the fight, but when I entered the scene from a distance, it was the man with the bottle who exclaimed that it was his and only his bottle alone. I’m sure it was a very precious glass bottle, or why would anyone on this world get in a fight for something like an empty beer bottle?

On my way back to my house, I crossed a street thinking that the houses in front of me were exceptionally nice, when I saw a carboard box in front of one of them, filled with books and other stuff. Someone wanted to get rid of them and I took a glance if there was something interesting in there. Right behind the cardboard box, hidden between ivy leaves on the ground, I found an old  brass candle holder with four arms. I pulled it out under the leaves, found it to be beautiful and took it home.

After some cleaning, getting rid of the old candle wax and making a quick trip to the grocery store to buy new candles, it illuminates my dining area now and makes me very happy.

Maybe I should take a stroll more often, it definitely makes for a good story.

Good Deed: #HelpChuksWin

  Last month, I got a jolt. I wished an old friend “Happy Birthday” two days before activity on her Facebook wall indicated that she was dead. Not only dead, Ada had been dead for two years. I was numb. Then I checked instagram, to try to buzz another old friend and be the first to wish him a Happy Birthday at midnight, only to see that he has cancer and was in need of funds for his second chemotherapy session. I wept. I have since reached out to tried to create awareness verbally, as well as donate a small token myself. I am happy to report that he has finished his chemotherapy session and is clear. We hope he remains a cancer survivor and never goes into remission. Please join us in prayers that Chuks will continue to win over this situation. Moral of this story: Reach out to your friends once in a while, especially old ones that you hardly hear from. Say hello and actually solicit a response. You never know what they may be going through. And I hope its not too late, like it was for Ada.

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