1. At least one blog post a week. Weeks will be defined as starting and ending Sunday night at 11:59 PM or 23.59.
    The relevant timestamp is the one in your blog feed.
  2. You’re welcome to post more than once in any given week but it doesn’t count
  3. If you miss a post you have two possibilities
    3.1. do something “good” and blog about (with a photo), we call that a task.
    – plant a tree,
    – help someone with something and describe what you have done
    3.2. pay 5 Euro to our PayPal account.
  4. Any topic or length of blog post is acceptable. If it’s obviously filler we laugh at you.
  5. There is no set end date.
  6. You can, at any point, decide to quit totally
  7. If, at any point, your tasks are more than 6 or your balance hits 30 Euro we I will assume you have invoked the previous rule.
  8. If you decide to rejoin you have to pay the 30 Euro or write about your 6 tasks.
  9. Every 3 months all iron bloggers meet on line and decide what to do with the money
  10. We start under the domain name because so far we have no budget
  11. Hashtag in social media is #ibcoco
  12. Don’t have a blog yet? No Problem! Open one with your special name with us at!
    It’s free, and we get your blog feed faster

Facebook Chat: All iron bloggers are part of a Facebook Chat. We add you there (if you want).
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Written and discussed so far by Adedayo Adeniyi, Hagen Graf and Christine Graf

Please contact us to participate!