I actually did not picture that I would be adjusting back to my home city this soon. If someone had told me at the beginning of the year, that I would be in Lagos around this time, I would have asked, "What for?"

But here I am.
And as I get stronger, I am absorbing what actually made this city tick, slowly. Gradually I am finding my fast-paced rhythm again. And loving every minute of it.
On the business scene, there are so many businesses. Its all busy busy busy! In every sector, there is no new idea, just new ways of packaging things. Even the information technology industry has a really cutthroat atmosphere. You have to keep ensuring that your brand stays right in front of the clients, to keep making sales. Doze off and you are forgotten.

I think if the Daydah brand had been in this atmosphere, it would have done better and not allowed the tortoise-speed of Abuja eventually weigh her down.
I'm glad I'm back in Lasgidi....
Now which pot do I put my finger in first? lol

A brief wonder about Uganda’s leadership.

– A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
– a state governed under a system of democracy.
– control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.
Where is inclusion or leadership in the definitions above?
But it doesn’t mean we have to act deaf and blind. If you participated in the bush war using the guns, it’s unnecessary to keep fighting in modern society using words and suppression methods to the population. As young Ugandans can feel the pain and see scars that the war left, probably the catalyst to the leadership negative behavior.
Modernity encourages equity on top of the freedoms of speech, financial inclusion, education, inclusive leadership, share of leadership, mentor-ship, communication, health and security and protection that you promise.
In observation the divide between the poor, middle and rich class is increasing day by day. The fear among citizens is increasing day by day and is observed from some who vote for your leadership just for the fear of the war which could stem if you lost.
Is it what many of you in the army and governance of Uganda fought for? You would need to take a strategic step back and reflect, drawing from the examples of having members of parliament fighting in parliament before the nation, the expense of UGX29M on each individual parliament member to promote the change of article 102b in the constitution in a country where not even the senior public doctors and educators, earn a quarter of the equivalent. Yet the citizens pay taxes on a daily.
Attached is the picture of Army in Zimbabwe capital Harare after what many refer to as a military coup to overthrow the oldest state leader in the world!

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Securing your digital home – part 3: keys and other secrets

In part 2 of this series we walked through the thought process around your digital ID. Once that’s established, you need to protect the keys and other secrets attached to this identity, such as passwords and cryptographic keys. In this blog post I will write about my own personal approach to this with some recommendations. … Continue reading Securing your digital home – part 3: keys and other secrets

Our volunteer’s hurting set back!!!

The trendy today in a country commonly known as peaceful and a pearl of Africa since the landing of the Europeans dating back 100s of years ago is the total opposite.

It is sad to accept but it’s true, the reality and what we have to find a solution for. I used to hear the so called group of angry youths going around Kampala beating innocent civilians and stealing from them what belonged to them. This were just stories on the internet until recently when 3 of my own people, one of them almost lost life to this group. The other two lost belongings such phones, laptops etc.

One of my people is a young skilled, hard working web design and volunteer aspirant who volunteered to redesign our website Whose way of living has been made difficult by the greedy lazy group of thugs who stole two laptops from him while in a public taxi.

How did it happen?

At around 10:00am Calvin bordered a taxi from Bukoto heading to Kampala city center, on their way they realized there was a lot of traffic jam which prompted them to U-turn and use a different route.

At the moment he recalls, they requested him to close the door closest to him properly, not giving him room to concentrate they asked him where he was going exactly and before his answer, as he trying to figure out where his bag has disappeared, they sent him out of taxi, later speeding to avoid being caught.

What does this mean?

The incidence means Calvin won’t be able to earning a living until after several months, our website development will stale and our community technology skills program.

We have to find a way of protecting ourselves more than ever before in addition to raising over $1200 to be able to replace the two laptops.




Vor einer Weile hatte ich ein paar Tage frei und bin mit meiner Schwester zu meinen Eltern gefahren. Am Tag vor meinem Urlaub wünschten mir zwei Arbeitskollegen eine schöne Zeit zuhause, bzw. viel Spaß daheim.

Üblicherweise, wenn jemand seine Eltern besuchen fährt, geht man davon aus, dass er in sein Elternhaus zurückkehrt, dort vielleicht sogar sein Kinderzimmer vorfindet, zumindest aber in seine Heimat fährt. 

Meine Eltern haben unsere Heimat vor einigen Jahren verlassen, um näher bei mir und meinen Schwestern zu sein. Im Laufe der Jahre hatte es eine nach der anderen, angefangen mit meiner ältesten Schwester, ins Rheinland verschlagen. Besuche bei meinen Eltern fanden regelmäßig statt, nichtsdestotrotz hatten wir Schwestern mehr oder weniger eine zweite Heimat hier gefunden, während meine Eltern nach wie vor, jetzt alleine, in unserem Elternhaus wohnten.

Heute wohnen meine Eltern in unserer Nähe, worüber ich sehr froh bin. In unserem Elternhaus wohnt nun ein Fremder. Gründe, in die Heimat zu fahren, gibt es jetzt deutlich weniger, die Anlaufstelle fehlt.

Was ist meine Heimat? Was ist mein Zuhause? Wohin fahre ich, wenn ich meine Eltern besuche? Auf jede dieser Fragen gibt es eine Antwort. Drei Fragen, drei Antworten.

Meine Heimat, meine Wurzeln, liegen in Süddeutschland, wo ich geboren und aufgewachsen bin. Dort bin ich zur Schule gegangen, dort hatte ich all meine Freunde, dort habe ich meine Kindheit und Jugend verbracht. Dies ist die Heimat, die meine Eltern für uns gewählt und mit uns gestaltet haben.

Mein Zuhause, oder auch meine zweite Heimat, ist Köln, die Stadt, in der ich seit 2008 lebe. Hier habe ich studiert, hier arbeite ich, hier habe ich neue Freunde gefunden. Dieses Zuhause habe ich für mich gewählt und gestaltet.

Wenn ich meine Eltern besuchen fahre, öffnet sich für mich mit deren Wohnungstür eine Tür zu einer anderen Art Heimat oder einem Zuhause. Es ist natürlich das Zuhause, was sich meine Eltern nach ihrem Umzug neu aufgebaut haben. Aber es ist auch der Zugang zu einem Heimatgefühl, was nicht ortsgebunden ist. Ich fühle mich dann zuhause in der Art, wie wir gemeinsam am Tisch sitzen, zusammen Abendessen, Quatsch machen und uns darüber kaputt lachen. Oder darin, wie wir gemeinsam im Wohnzimmer sind, meine Mutter strickt, während der Fernseher läuft und meine Schwester und ich meinem Vater beim Gitarre spielen zuhören.

Heimat kann ein Ort sein, ein Haus oder eine Wohnung, oder ein Gefühl. Man kann seine Heimat verlassen oder sein Zuhause verlieren, und trotzdem ein Heimatgefühl in sich tragen und wissen, wo man Zuhause ist.

House Renovation – Making a Cement Floor

I think the video below says it all really. Two days of work trimmed down to four minutes. “If only it were so quick” my mum would say. To summarise: Level the floor a tiny bit more Lay the pipe for nature’s activities Distribute the gravel over some plastic sheet and reinforcement Mix the cement…

Visa Duties…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

schengen visa

Visa application is always a challenging process. I have never meet anyone, either a frequent or a first time traveller, who has gotten used to this tedious process. But there are countries that one doesn’t have to go through all this, but unfortunately they are few, so we can’t avoid it, and if you are doing business globally, touring or visiting family this, is a cake you must bake.

The most important thing to prepare for this day is to have a lot of luck. I have seen people who had their Paperwork right and still missed the visa. If you come from countries such as Kenya, having a stable job helps a lot. The trouble is that most people who would go through the visa process and still defile the same laws are people in stable employment.

When you are in business, depending on what kind you are doing. Sometimes you are ahead and sometimes you are behind. But my argument has always been that their is no way you will know the person who will want to defile the immigration law and the one who will not buy only looking at their faces. I agree that the information has to be accurate, but yes, if the person you are looking at has been travelling and never broken any immigration laws, then his passport should help you make a decision amongst other requirements.

We all agree that there are countries taking their fair share of their shit, be it economically, politically and socially. The life span difference between the African countries and western countries is like how far east from west. Kenya for example has a very challenging political environment and especially at this time.  And the same time I was planning my travel and if you looked at the situation at present, it will be very easy for you to overlook the big picture if you are the one with the authority to issue a visa.

So when I went for the visa, i realized that the Italian embassy has different requirements than other Schengen countries. They require you to have a eight days international insurance after you land back home. They need six months of bank statement and copy of identification of the person inviting you. After a lot of shuttling to meet the requirements, and fifteenth day of waiting, my visa was granted. Breathing a sigh of relief I walked to the bureau that processed my visa and pick my passport with my visa.

My itinerary had a ten hours layover in Abu Dhabi, something that needed a visa for me to be able to transit through Abu Dhabi International. So I went to the website where Etihad recommends for their passengers seeking visas. With all the documentations scanned, I filled in the online forms attaching my documents amongst them my bio page, Ticket that is confirmed, my hotel booking in Abu Dhabi and my earlier visa when I travelled to the United Arabs Emirates for business, my current schengen visa that I was travelling on.

I later received a message from the organisation that is tasked to processing the visas. The gentleman said that he is sure my visa request will be negative, and the reason is that because I am Kenyan and most Kenyan passport holders have been denied the visas to transit through Abu Dhabi. The weird thing you are thinking is that why would someone want you to pay him for flying in his place and deny you a place to rest your head. I took the chances and allowed the gentleman to go ahead with my application knowing very well that if it comes out negative, I would lose my visa fees.

It was a few hours, maybe two or three, after I had given a confirmation that I received an email from the same gentleman that my request had been denied. Yes, I also wondered how. For the rest of the day I nursed my devastated heart, went to bed feeling sad and lived to make new plans. As I said, I have never meet anyone who has this process covered for themselves. Maybe my circle is not of influence, but still my statements stands.

If you are a traveller, and you go through this every time, this is something that many travellers have to go through. The bureaucracy that many countries have put between countries and citizens to restrict movement. And this kind of stuff, affect many people who would wish to travel either for business or pleasure. The people enforcing them sometimes don’t do them well.

For me, I pray not to break any countries immigration laws, to respect my host, to be at my best behaviour while am being hosted in a foreign land. This is the right thing to do, and the wise thing if you intend to continue travelling……just like me.

Wherever your travel my take you, I hope it’s fun and profitable.



So ein Urlaub ist ja auch immer eine gute Gelegenheit, über alles Mögliche nachzudenken, für mich jedenfalls. So Überlegungen wie was man so hat und braucht, wie man was besser organisieren (optimieren) kann und womit man seine Zeit verbringen will und muß – laufen bei mir irgendwie im Hinterkopf ab. Zurück zu Hause hab ich ...

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