Howto: Drush sql-dump a Drupal database and compress the output with bzip2

Because I keep forgetting: here's a one-liner to immediately compress drush sql-dump output with bzip2.
This'll work for any command that generates output, such as mysqldump and tar.

$ drush sql-dump | bzip2 > filename.bz2

If no option is provided, bzip2 assumes -c (compress).

Now, to decompress:

$ bzip2 -dkf filename.bz2


  • -d: decompress
  • -k: keep original archive file (otherwise bzip2 deletes it after decompressing)
  • -f: force-overwrite output file (otherwise bzip2 will complain about output file already existing)

Summary of the week from 15.01.2018

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When Disaster Strikers………..


I was asked to train my class on emergency procedures for our class, and steps we can make to save lives. I discovered that many people don’t understand or don’t know what it is they can do incase of the unexpected. Some of this procedures can still work for you, whether you are in a home, a school or at work.

Earthquake, Fire, Flooding, Terrorist attacks/Shooting

Steps to save lives. Everyone must be prepared.

We recognise God as our overall protector, and always pray for his wisdom and courage when we are confronted with difficult situations and challenges.

NO ONE is immune to disaster. Preparation is your most important key to survival. But what does preparation involve?

Prepare Before. Acknowledge the fact that disaster happens and that the class is potentially at risk. It is too late to prepare after disaster strikes.

Learn about disasters. That can happen in our area. Know where shelters are, emergency assembly points, higher grounds, where the fire alarms / extinguishers are located, check whether the smoke detectors are working. Keep the venerable spots clear of anything that can escalate the fire.

Prepare emergency Supplies. Power, Water, Phone and transportation services can fail. Do you have what you need? Car with fuel, food, water, emergency kit, touch/light, emergency contacts e.g. ambulances, fire, police, church admin.

Make and rehearse an escape plan. Know the nearest exits in the building as well as the emergency plan of the class. Plan to help others while staying safe.

  1. Hold evacuations drill to test your emergency plan with all members present.
  2. Have a clear memory of where every group sits and assign yourselves in different locations when preparing for evacuation.
  3. Teach group leaders how to prepare members in any case there is an emergency.
  4. Pray for wisdom from God to enable you do the right thing with speed that will save lives.

During – Act Quickly


Don’t not panic, do not wait, and do not pick the lesson. When disaster strikes….We don’t wait.

 In a fire. Stay close to the floor and move quickly to the nearest exit. Smoke makes it hard to see and most fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. Leave behind personal items….seconds can make a difference between life and death.

In an earthquake. Get under sturdy furniture or next to an inside wall. Expect aftershocks, and get outside and away from the building as soon as you can. Try to help others.

In a flood. Stay out of flooded building. Avoid wading in or driving through water. Beware that flood water can contain sewage and conceal dangers, including debris, open manhole, and downed power lines.

Note that. Two feet of moving water can carry a car away. Most death in floods results when people try to drive through moving water. If the authorities order evacuation. leave immediately! Let GL/Friends/TTs know where you are or they might risk their life looking for you.

Note that. Texting may be more reliable than calling/voice service.

If authorities direct to remain in one place/shelter. ie during floods, riots/demonstrations, unrest, terrorist attacks. stay inside. In case of chemical. biological i.e. fuel incident, stay indoors, turn off ventilation and seal all doors and windows. When the threat is from outside, please follow the news.

After – Stay Safe

Stay with friends if possible help those who need help/ do a head count and make sure everybody is present.

Keep your daily routine. as normal as possible, people need to see that you are calm and hopeful…..stay in prayer. Do not dwell on news coverage of the tragedy, and do not take out your anxiety or frustration on family members and other people. Accept help and help others.

Acknowledge that disaster cause less. Relief efforts focus on helping people to survive and not replacing an iPhone or laptop. Recognise and address emotional injuries. this often surfaces after the initial shock has passed. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, mood swings as well as difficulty thinking, working, and sleeping. Talk to caring friends.



De abdij Fontfroide

Op ongeveer vijftien kilometer van Narbonne, in het hart van een rustig dal van Corbières, ligt de voormalige abdij Sainte-Marie de Fontfroide genesteld te midden van cipressen en dennen. Het charmante geheel is gesticht aan het eind van de 11de eeuw door benedictijnse monniken, die zich in 1145 aansloten bij de orde van Cîteaux.
Dit prachtig gerestaureerde cisterciënzer monument is het hele jaar door voor publiek geopend, en kan bezichtigd worden tijdens een rondleiding van ongeveer een uur, of een themabezoek... De gelegenheid om de rustgevende locaties te bewonderen, zoals de abdijkerk uit de 12de eeuw met moderne glas-in-loodramen, de kloostergang met romaanse steunpalen, de prachtige kapiteelzalen met marmeren kolommen, de gebouwen voor monniken en leken, en niet te vergeten natuurlijk de tuinen en terrassen, en de schitterende rozentuin met niet minder dan 2.500 rozenstruiken!
Hier worden tevens proeverijen van de AOP Corbières wijnen van het domein, maar ook vele culturele evenementen, van muziekconcerten tot exposities maar ook het plantenfeest in mei georganiseerd.
Openingstijden maandag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00 • dinsdag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00 • woensdag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00 • donderdag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00 • vrijdag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00 • zaterdag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00 • zondag: 10:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00
Adres Route Départementale 613, Narbonne
Telefoon +33 4 68 45 11 08
Bezoek onze Tilley France Google map met Wouw plaatsen via deze LINK
Neem ook even tijd om onze website te bezoeken met prachtige verhuurlocaties via deze LINK

Sonntag morgen

Der Wasserablauf unter der Spüle ist undicht. Dummerweise stehen zwei Pappboxen mit Salz für den Geschirrspüler darunter. Check – Ist jetzt wieder dicht und das restliche Salz in einer Plastiktüte Die Lampe über dem Tisch muss etwas tiefer gehängt werden, damit das Licht nicht blendet (seit 2 Jahren 🙂 ). Heute is es nun soweit. …

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Das Meer ist noch da

Ich war heute am Strand. Seit Wochen das erste Mal. Dazwischen war viel Arbeit, Reisen, Grippe und Sturm. Aber heute, da mußte ich unbedingt wissen, ob das Meer noch immer so wunderbar gleichmäßig rauscht. Das tut es 😉 Es scheint, als ob das Meer sich im Winter von den Strapazen des Sommers erholt. Bei sonnigen ...

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The Young Entrepreneur

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#blogpost I remember when I got this book. Before I had finished the 4th chapter, I had convinced 3 parents where I was interning to buy it for their kids. I still refer to the book today, as an #enterpreneur . Pls get it for your kids as it's still relevant! #FastRepost from by @fastrepost_app ••• Do you have a startup? You could learn useful tips that can help you survive the competition. For the Young Enterpreneur, you've got that's helpful. #enterprenuersguide #bookaddict #bookworm #booklovers #startups #bookstagram #instagood #instaread #bookshelf #bookshelfng