Daydah, September 23, Writer

My birthday is in a few days, and while I am nursing a bad cold, and trying to get work done, I am actually not looking forward to it this year.

I will tell you why.

For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to make my birthday, a day of joy for others. I plan matchmaking parties (got many friends hitched this way), or outings, or even lunches, where I go the extra mile to cook up a three course meal.

But this year, I just want to run away. I want to sit and reminisce on all the years of my life. I want to contemplate on where I am now, and how I have miraculously survived on my own, as a single mother for the past two years. I want to sing to myself, laugh at my memories, cry to a stupor and smile as I remember my son’s antics.

I would prefer a spot where I can be part of nature for a while, just listening to the birds chirping, the wind rustling the leaves, or the sea lapping at the shore.

Just for 48 hours.

But I can’t.

I have to be there, for others once again.

This time, I know most of the people that will reach out on Sunday will be those who care about me; those who are still not used to the idea that I might have died in 2017 and there was nothing they could have done to save me; those who remember the old jovial happy me of about a decade ago, and long to see her once again, shining with warmth, hugging everyone within reach.

I long for her too.

Ever since I got back, I catch a glimpse of her sometimes, hear her boisterous laughter once in a while. I know it will take time to heal, so I am patient with her. I know all the broken pieces of her shattered heart can only be put together in time, but I wonder.

Can the broken edges can be sealed up once again? Can she ever love again? Can she ever remember the pain and not hurt inside?

I got a mail from NaNoWriMo today. Someone there remembered my birthday. The letter encouraged me to prioritize my creativity. While it may be just another promotional newsletter to the writer, it touched me because a part of me that I wish I could revive, is my creativity.

I wish I could make one-of-a-kind stone bead jewelry again. I wish I could write again, with gusto, and actually finish a piece. In time, again, I guess.

One of the things mentioned in the mail that I did immediately, was to check for famous writers and authors born in September too.

I did not find any one for September 23. I could not believe it! I checked IMDb, and Famous people, but could not find any author, only songwriters, and lots of actors. Then I checked On This Day, and saw some, but none of them was born in my generation!

The most recent writer (not songwriter), is Peter Allen David, an American writer born in 1956. He’s still alive, known as PAD, and writer of comic books like Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Super girl and more (maybe I should consider writing comic books eh?). He also wrote Ben 10: Alien force. I like him already 🙂

So for this generation, I submit to you,

Adedayo “Daydah” Makinde, Nigerian writer born in 1984.

Watch out for that name 🙂

Rebooting Liberalism – part 1: Voting

Liberalism, the foundation of our current political structures, was conceptualised during the Enlightenment period in the 16th century. Philosophical and academic contributions came from many people, different parts of the world, but John Locke is widely considered the “Father of Liberalism”. Fast forward to the 17th century and Capitalism started to emerge in Europe, much … Continue reading Rebooting Liberalism – part 1: Voting

When in Labuan Bajo

We spent 10 days in around Labuan Bajo and though we are no experts for every little corner of the town like some expats working in dive centres, we did get to try enough to have some recommendations, should you ever decide to visit this place. I admit, we could have eaten out more, gone…


I have good friends. Like really, really good friends and relationships. 

The last year has been quite a difficult one and I was in need of a lot of support and listening ears. That was when I realized, that I have real, genuine and deep friendships and that I can rely on them. Some even had their beginning during this time and I’m so glad they did.

I also took more time then I ever did before to foster these relationships, which has been a good feeling and gave me back so much.

I am at a very good place now and have to thank all these good people around me for being there and caring about me.

I wish for everyone to have good friends and family when you need it and to invest in them, you can never go wrong there!

Vroegboek vakantie

Wie weet waarheen en dit goed voordien kan best profiteren van alle vroegboek voordelen. Bij Tilley France hebben we verschillende voordelen, vroeg en lastminute voordelen.
Wat zijn de standaard kortingen bij Tilley France?
Wij geven een vaste vroegboekkorting van 10% op alle reservaties 90 dagen voor aankomst.
Afhankelijk van de reservatie en aankomsttermijn wordt er op dat moment 25 of 50% voorafbetaling gevraagd. Alle boekingen worden door ons goed bijgehouden en vind je laatste update via onze kalenders!
LAST MINUTES kortingen!
Voor wie het spannend wil houden of pas op het laatste moment kan beslissen kunnen genieten van kortingen van 10% tot 25%.
Hoe kan ik genieten van een last minute deal?
De standaard lastminute kortingen zijn als volgt (niet cumuleerbaar met andere acties en kortingen)
-> 10% -> 30 dagen voor aankomst -> 15% -> 15 dagen voor aankomst
-> 25% -> 7 dagen voor aankomst
Opgelet > niet van toepassing voor onze B&B CoCon kamers !!
Kijk voor beschikbaarheid op onze agenda's per locatie!
Maison Tilley - Lounge appartement
Reserveer of neem contact op via onze officiele website op onze BOOK ONLINE pagina!

A Successful JoomlaDay Kenya 2018.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-16 at 20.42.47

JoomlaDay event came and went. I would like to thank those who put in the time to volunteer, this includes the speakers. Last year our event did not have a good attendance, in our post event meeting, some of the things we overlocked were the timing of the event which affected the attendance, marketing and promotion.

We decided to start organization of this event in good time, early in the year. We also knew we will face challenges on funding. We started talking with people really early in the year and am happy to say it helped. We were really loud on social media, talking about the event, getting feedback and interacting with other joomlas.

I have said before, organizing an event is not easy, even a small event like JoomlaDay. But having a good team of volunteers really help. Having good partners too. For the first time we had our first Administrators certification Exam. Six people had expressed interest in doing the exam hours to the event. When the day came, only one of those was brave enough to sit for the exam.

It took a lot of time to get everything ready, being the first time, Joel who was supervising the exam had some difficulty getting things started. This is understandable, but we have a good start. One of our speakers from Italy couldn’t make it for the event, but he managed to send a video link of his presentation.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-16 at 20.42.47 copy

Our desire for the future is to push this event to a different city other that Nairobi… be able to grow the community.

I thank all the speakers, who have shared knowledge during this event. I thank the people who have worked on our social media campaign and all who worked on the background. What a wonderful team we had, and we hope that you all accept our sincere appreciation.

We will be doing this again next year, hopefully in a different city. Check out our Joomla User Group page for more information about the jug meetings.


Drupal Europe – Tag 3

Heute morgen gab es das Future of the open web and open source Panel und es war durchaus interessant. Alle Teilnehmer waren am Überlegen, wie das denn nun ist mit der Zukunft und wie man die ursprüngliche Motivation und Kraft des offenen Webs wiederherstellen könnte. Ein paar Antworten fand ich bemerkenswert. Auf die Frage, was jeder Einzelne …

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Drupal Europe – Tag 2

Erstmal ein paar Nachträge zu gestern. Die Content Planner Session ist erst morgen – There should be a better /admin/content! Improve your content management with Content Planner. Ich habe eine wichtige Session, die ich gestern gesehen habe, vergessen, nämlich Preston So mit dem Thema Decentralized Drupal: The decoupled Drupal endgame. Es ging darin um das “alte” offene …

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