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Spreading the Web

Can free public WiFi access become an election issue? It should. Nairobi is one of the big city that has been slow in free WiFi. WiFi is a short-range wireless network. Its already offered is public places such as restaurants, shopping malls and hotels sometimes at a fee. The rise in adoption of smart phones has resulted in a spike in data usage, and the demand for fast and reliable broadband network has soared.

The ICT Authority for the last three years have connected all the counties with broadband. Most public schools are now connected to electricity, 22,000 of them, all around the country. The county representatives in Nairobi are planning to tusk the city authorities to make some key parts of Nairobi CBD WiFi accessible. WiFi is increasingly offered in places as divergent as malls, schools, taxis and buses.

A study by IBM-TechKnowledge has found that there are no public hotspots in the whole city of Nairobi, which is a sad reality, considering the fact that the governments push for more access to the internet. When you look at the giant mobile companies, who are making billions out of their business, its impossible to believe that they have not thought for a second the impact of creating hotspots for the public. Access to the internet has a 4% increase to the GDB, this should be taken seriously.

While the legislators brainstorm on how to make Nairobi a public hotspot, its our desire that this is a promise that will be kept, and that the public will be able to access at least 50MB of data per day. This will increase the internet usage especially in accessing government services online. Today, Kenyan government has gone online with portals like ecitizen, where you can access services like, renewing your drivers license, ID card, etc. and with making broadband available to its citizen, more people will use that to access some of this services.

As Kenya goes to polls in 2017, this should be an election issues, especially in under-served areas and cosmopolitans. Promises have been made, and we will follow it up to the new age.

How to uplift a rural child in Uganda.

In Uganda, approximately 70 % of young people living in the urban areas don’t have access to computers. Worst of the matter is that you may find 40% of them have also never seen or practically used a computer at least once in a lifetime.

They are possibly like me at 14 years of age, I had never seen one and though I had heard about I thought it was a robot. Like the one I we used to watch in movies. However, this is a decade and 2 years past then. It’s shocking is isn’t it?

However, like many countries in Africa; the largest part of Uganda is a rural area. Rural areas are characterized by having poor education, health care, ignorance and the disadvantages you may imagine including poverty.

Of course, the single most reason why a few youths and adults don’t have access to computers is ignorance, poverty coming in the second. At least that it’s in my opinion.

Other factors could be lack of connectivity to national grid hindering the access to electricity which could be used to power the computer devices.



More official Nextcloud Apps

As promised in the first blog post about the Nextcloud App Ecosystem, here comes the second one about all the official Nextcloud Apps that are disabled by default.

To understand the different types of apps better, I would categorize them as following so far:

  • Official Nextcloud app:
    A Nextcloud app is called official when it’s developed/maintained by Nextcloud GmbH and shipped in the Nextcloud server package. Some official apps are enabled.
  • Approved Nextcloud app
    A Nextcloud App is called approved when it comes from a third party entity and is shipped in the Nextcloud server package.
  • Apps from the Nextcloud app store.
    In Nextcloud version 11, an app store will be integrated. I don’t know yet how these apps will be called in the future.

This blog post covers official Nextcloud apps which are disabled by default:

  • Default encryption module
  • External sites
  • External storage support
  • External user support
  • File access control
  • Files automated tagging
  • Gallery
  • LDAP user and group backend
  • Retention
  • SAML authentication

If you just read the names and you are not familiar with the Nextcloud project you might struggling to understand what these apps are for, why they are not enabled and whether it is a good or a bad idea to enable them. I’ll go through these apps, provide a short description and, if possible a common use case and some screenshots.

Default encryption module

I’m not sure why this package is called a module, it should be called an app, an official app!

As you may assume this app is about security. After enabling the app and server-side encryption in the administration settings, all your new uploaded files will be encrypted based on AES 256 keys (How secure are AES-256 encrypted files?), the app won’t touch existing files.
Attention: It is not possible to disable the encryption again and switch back to an unencrypted system!
Please read the documentation to know all implications before you decide to enable server-side encryption.

Enable server-side encryption
Enable server-side encryption

External sites

This app allows an administrator to add links in the Nextcloud web interface apps menu that points to an external website. For a user, the external site appears in an iframe as if it’s part of the Nextcoud installation.

External Sites - Configuration
External Sites – Configuration
External website in an iframe
External website in an iframe

External storage support

The external storage support app enables administrators to configure connections to external storage providers (FTP , Amazon S3, SWIFT object stores, Google Drive, Dropbox, other Nextcloud servers, WebDAV servers, and more). Administrators can choose which types of storage to enable and can mount these storage locations for a user, a group, or the entire system. The screenshot shows an example with external storage via SFTP.

External Storage Configuration
External Storage Configuration

Users will see a new folder appearing in their root Nextcloud directory, which they can access and use it like any other Nextcloud folder.

External Storage in Files
External Storage in Files

External user support

This app authenticates user login against FTP, IMAP or SMB. Passwords are not stored locally and authentication always happens against the remote server. There is no graphical user interface for configuration. You have to add parameters to the configuration file config.php.
Have a look at the documentation.

File access control

This app controls the access to files. It can be used e.g. in relationship with the two factor authentication app (an approved app – TOTP TwoFactor (Google Authenticator)) because it’s necessary to protect the keys. I’ll cover this topic in a separate blog post.
Meanwhile, have a look at Joas blog post on – File Access Control – A firewall for your private files in Nextcloud.

Files automated tagging

The app automatically assigns tags to newly uploaded files based on conditions. Combined with Files Access Control App and Retention App it’s possible to create workflows like

  • converting document file types to PDF upon upload by members of a specified group
  • emailing files put in a specified folder with a given tag to a given mail address.

Have a look at


Hey, the Gallery app is the awesome photo gallery that you see, after you uploaded some images. It creates automatically mosaic pictures for folders and hopefully it’s soon possible to see EXIF Tags.


LDAP user and group backend

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) app allows LDAP users (including Microsoft Active Directory) to appear in your Nextcloud user listings!
Have a look at User Authentication with LDAP.


This is for automatic deletion of files after a given time. Files have to have a “delete” tag. It is configured in the administration area.

Retention App
Retention App

SAML authentication

The app authenticates users against a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) backend, such as Shibboleth which allows people to sign in using just one identity to various systems run by federations of different organisations or institutions.


The official but not enabled apps are often covering special use cases like the whole authentication and workflow handling. Even if these are not “main stream use cases” it’s important and crucial to know that these solutions exist for using Nextcloud efficiently in your company!

tl;dr: The Nextcloud 10 server package comes with several official apps that are not all enabled by default but awesome!




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A New Masterpiece: Silver

Gold and silver are often mentioned in the same breath, somehow belonging together, they represent about the same symbols and attributes. Admittedly, I have a slightly different feeling about silver, to me it is more clean and has more clarity, typifies modernity and technology.
Anyway, after painting Gold, it was obvious to paint the other half of that couple.

As always, I applied many layers of paint in varying thickness, by using spatulas, brushes and self-made fabric stamps.
I then sanded or abraded them and anew these layers. Instead of genuine silver, I used silver paint since it does not oxidize.
Here a series of photos documenting the painting process a bit:

Silver - steps
Silver – steps

The result is as always a little surprising also for myself, because the structures arise on the go, at random.








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anscheinend erwartet worden #ibcoco #1aOlivenoel

Liebe Blogleser von 1aOlivenoel,

letzte Woche habe ich angekündigt dass ich am 24.09.2016 nach langer Pause in #Oberkirch auf dem #Bauernmarkt zu finden bin.
Und was soll ich sagen – Klasse war es – Ich habe noch so viele Gesichter gekannt und erkannt – und es hatte fast schon den Anschein als wurde ich wieder erwartet. Viele Kunden kamen wieder direkt auf mich zu.

Impressionen meines Marktstandes 🙂

Was mich allerdings doch ziemlich erstaunt hat, war das Thema „Olivenöl panschen“. Fast jeder hat mich darauf angesprochen. Es ist schon ein Unding wie Menschen irritiert werden, von genau denjenigen, die davon leben, dass man ihre Produkte kauft – einfach nur absurt.
Diese Woche habe ich noch einen Artikel aus der Zeitschrift Test 2/2016 „Von wegen höchste Güteklasse“ gelesen.
Ohne Worte was dem Kunden alles in den Regalen angedreht wird.
Ich bin froh, dass ich meinen beiden Olivenölproduzenten vertrauen kann. Diese verstecken sich nicht hinter irgendwelchen Firmenimperien. Ich habe sie als Vorbild für mich genommen, direkt beim Kunden, direkt vor Ort und oberste Regel vor dem Kauf kann immer verkostet werden.

Ein wenig ist es mit meiner neuer Tragfläche für meinen Elektrohanglaunchglider weiter gegangen – Ziel der Woche war die Fläche fertig zu bauen – nicht erreicht.


Aber heute Sonntag ist noch schönes Wetter und dann geht es raus an den Hang, bauen kann ich noch wenn es regnet. Deshalb wird der Segler vorbereitet und geladen.


In diesem Sinne, noch einen schönen Sonntag und eine gute Woche.

Freundschaften am Arbeitsplatz – schädlich oder nützlich?

Konkurrenzdenken im Job dient der Karriere, heisst es oft. Freundschaften am Arbeitsplatz sollten vermieden werden, schrieb Angelika Slavik kürzlich in der Süddeutschen Zeitung. Denn diese schaden allen Beteiligten so ihre These. Notwendig sei vielmehr eine klare Trennung zwischen Job und Privatleben. Im Job gehe es darum, die Arbeit möglichst erfolgreich zu erledigen, und dafür brauche es oft auch Reibung. Zu dieser komme es nicht, wenn sich die Arbeitskollegen als Freunde (sogenannte Frollegen) verstehen. Konkurrenzdenken sei notwendig, um über die bestmögliche Lösung zu streiten. Dieser Prozess sei gut für die eigene Karriere, den Arbeitgeber und die Wirtschaft.

Ich frage mich, ob sie recht hat.

Rivalität schadet

Kürzlich lud der Chef alle Mitarbeitenden zu einem Grillfest bei sich zuhause ein. Ginge es nach Slavik, müsste man solche Anlässe wohl unterlassen, denn förderlich für das Konkurrenzdenken sind sie ja nicht gerade. Aber weshalb die Arbeitsleistung unter einem freundschaftlichen Arbeitsklima leiden sollte, kann ich mir nicht vorstellen. Braucht es wirklich Rivalität, um im Job besser zu performen?

Eigenschaften, die ich mit einer guten Arbeitsleistung in Verbindung bringe, sind: selbstständiges Arbeiten, Mitdenken, Produktivität, Hilfsbereitschaft oder Durchhaltewillen. Ich frage mich, wie ich diese Ideale erreichen will in einem Umfeld, das von Konkurrenzdenken geprägt ist. Wie soll ich jemanden um Hilfe bitten, wenn ich alles alleine schaffen sollte? Weshalb Fehler zugeben, wenn dies als Schwäche ausgelegt werden könnte? Warum gute Ideen teilen, wenn diese von Arbeitskollegen geklaut werden könnten? Vor allem aber frage ich mich, wie ich es an einem solchen Arbeitsplatz länger als ein paar Monate aushalten würde.

Bestleistung dank den anderen

Mit meinen Arbeitskollegen verbringe ich täglich acht Stunden – mehr Zeit als mit den meisten Menschen in meinem Umfeld. Deshalb möchte ich die Leute kennen, mit denen ich zusammen arbeite. Ich will wissen, wie es ihnen geht, wohin sie in den Urlaub fahren und welche Musik sie mögen. Das ist doch allemal spannender als jede Pause über das Wetter zu philosophieren. Wenn ich Motivationsschwierigkeiten habe, möchte ich meinen Frust auch mal in der Arbeit rauslassen können, und wenn mir eine guter Deal gelungen ist, mit meinen Arbeitskollegen darauf anstossen können.

Und das alles soll schaden? Ist es nicht eher umgekehrt? Ich selbst arbeite in einem freundschaftlichen Arbeitsumfeld lieber, bin motivierter und bleibe länger. Ich streite sogar lieber um die bestmögliche Lösung, wenn ich mich mit meinen Arbeitskollegen gut verstehe. Denn ich habe eher den Mut mitzudenken, Kritik zu üben und anzunehmen. Dies kommt auch der Arbeitsqualität zugute: Ich arbeite besser dank den Rückmeldungen, den Ratschlägen und der Hilfe anderer. Im besten Fall werden die Arbeitskollegen zu Freunden. Und wenn nicht, gehe ich immerhin gerne arbeiten.

Don’t just code, solve problems

Joomla! Day Kenya happened this weekend on 17th Sept and I got to learn a lot, both as part of the organizing team and as an attendee listening to what the speakers had to offer. The importance of team work can not be understated when organizing such an event.Human interaction however simple can prove taunting […]

First setup of my Nextcloud Box

Last Saturday at Nextcloud conference in Berlin the Nextcloud Box was announced. Frank said it’s a part of his promise/desire to make the world a better place by bringing your data home.

How can the world be a better place with Nextcloud Box?

What is Nextcloud Box?

Nextcloud Box is a project between Western Digital Labs, Ubuntu/Canonical and Nextcloud GmbH. It gives you the possibility to store your data (files, documents, photos, calendars, notes, newsfeed, contacts, music files, video files and everything the can be stored in a file) in your own Nextcloud Box. There is no need anymore to upload your data to proprietary cloud services like Dropbox, Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Apple Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and many other! It will be even possible in the next release to make encrypted phone calls via your Nextcloud Box.

The complete Nextcloud Box contains a hard disk, an operating system, and open source software:

  • a hard disk from Western Digital (1TB = a lot for me)
  • a Raspberry Pi computer (at the moment model 2).
    The Raspberry Pi is so far not included in the box you can buy.
  • a 4GB storage card with a preinstalled Linux System (Snappy Ubuntu Core)
  • the Nextcloud software (Version 9.53)
  • a software environment that connects the box automatically to your (local) network via ethernet cable and offers the Nextcloud services to all users.

A complete Nextcloud Box looks like this and costs 70 Euro in Europe (buy here).

Open Nextcloud Box
Open Nextcloud Box

Why is it sold without the Raspberry Pi?

Nextcloud box should be as open as possible so the partners decided for the start not to deliver the Raspberry Pi. If you already own one you can connect your Raspberry Pi 2 to the box. There is a screw driver, four screws, all necessary connection cables and a power supply in the box. If not, you have to buy it somewhere. Frank announced that there are working on a possibility to sell complete packages in the future.

All parts of Nextcloud Box
All parts of Nextcloud Box

Putting everything together is easy and doable for everyone. If you search for the card slot at the Raspberry Pi – It’s a bit hidden “below” it and luckily it’s not possible to insert the card in the wrong way.

Card Slot - Raspberry Pi
Card Slot – Raspberry Pi

This it how it looks if everything is connected

connected Nextcloud Box
connected Nextcloud Box

The last task is to close the box with the cover and your done.

How to install Nextcloud Box

Well, just connect it to your network, provide electricity and wait 8-10 minutes. Open your browser and point to http://ubuntu-standard.local. The start screen asks to set a user name and a password for the administrator account. Enter na nice name and secure password and click the Finish setup button.

Nextcloud Box - set administrator account
Nextcloud Box – create an administrator account

That’s it! Nextcloud Box is ready to use and lots like this:

Next steps

Depending on your goal and situation you can e.g.

connect Nextcloud Box to your clients

This is an example of the OS X Nextcloud client

Nextcloud OSX Client with Nextcloud Box folder
Nextcloud OSX Client with Nextcloud Box folder

It works of course too on iOS and Android devices.

Allow access from outside your home and become a cloud hoster

If you have a fairly fast internet connection at home and a possibility to configure your router, you can enable the access to your Nextcloud Box from outside of your home. E.g. here in France it’s possible to get your own IP-address for free ( As this IP-address is static it’s possible to connect it to a domain name (mydomainname.tld) and you suddenly become a cloud hosting entity.

Why is Nextcloud Box important?

It’s another try to help people to understand how easy it is to store your own data at home or in your own company in an environment as open as possible. Even the plan of the box is available for free, so that you are able to start your own project!

Remember …

There is no cloud, just other people’s computer!

The familiar you become with your own data, the better it will be for the world too!

At Nextcloud conference 50 Nextcloud boxes were available.


tl;dr: Nextcloud Box will make the world a better place and will bring you data home!

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