In Search of Author Feed

It eluded me for weeks. Even before I knew I would need it, I had been trying to guess how I could maneuvre things to produce it.
A single author’s feed.
Kkpakpandu, a multi-writer blog, was born some years ago, to fill a need for an African blog, with African stories, and African writers. Kpakpandu means star in igbo language, and we were determined to make it soar as high as the skies.
Then life happened to the writers – some got married, had kids, others got high profile jobs that kept them away from their writing pads for a long while.

Fast forward to 2015. Again, I needed a place to write, under different categories. There was no way I could pass off my food and drink recipes as business articles here (lol), so I decided to ressurrect Kpakpandu.
Thus Kowe was born.
Kowe is Kpakpandu, risen from the ashes. It is a multi-writer blog that is purely African.
To fulfill one of its promises to its writers however, it needed individual RSS feeds for each writer, so they could share their stories elsewhere.
I was the first writer in need of this, because, it is a stipulation at the IronBlogger team I belong to, that you share a feed with only your own posts.
I searched high and low