How will I achieve a 10,000 youth empowerment goal a reality?

Normally I blog once a week, but I missed last week because I was interrupted by the journey to Nairobi, Kenya. Sorry my readers for keeping you waiting.

If you have been following my previous blog posts then you’re familiar to my dream of empowering the youth of Africa. I emphasize that I will start at home because that’s where I know better, so it helps. I will also be focusing solving the problem of ignorance/unawareness in the community. Catch up the introductory part of the project and second part discussing the reason why I chose computers as the tool.

Today I continue to write about the computer project that I believe will positively improve the life of many youths and young people in Uganda and across Africa. The goal is empowering 10,000 youths by end of 2026.

How will I make it possible.