Wow… can one board computers be this pretty?

For those following my posts, you are aware conceptualizing an idea of helping every youth in Uganda to have access to a computer.

Because I know the importation law of my country, second hand laptops which would have been a better fit for this project won’t apply. Just because they were prohibited. Of course it doesn’t mean they don’t come into the country but how and where they pass, a small dude wouldn’t want to take that route.

So which alternative would fit this case? It’s the single board computer. A good popular single board computer is the Raspberry PI. It’s called a single board computer because it is a circuit board, integrated with RAM, Wi-fi, 4 USB ports, Micro SD card slot, HDMI port, and physically sized like a credit card. Besides it’s $35 cheap price, it can do wonders for low end users especially kids, learners, internet users or those just typing documents.

Because it’s the most popular there is a big community where to get set-up and troubleshooting help.

Also it has inspired competitors such as the Banana PI and the Orange PI. Both competitors have high end single board computers shipping with maximum of 4GB RAM and onboard eMMc storage. Mobile computing and internet of things is just getting easier.

For us who will run this project it gives us in a better position to segment our market and be able serve them all well.

Take for example some audience would feel free to use Raspbian Os which is a linux distro but others would prefer windows. Thus the windows market will go for the Banana PI.