Familiar Scenes in Kenyan Elections.


Elections in Kenya have never been credible, not even fare nor free. The multi party democracy in Kenya started when Kenneth Matiba was arrested and detained on July 4, 1990 together with Charles Rubia, and then political activist Raila Odinga, (also a candidate in this years elections) for demanding the re-introduction of multi-party democracy. At that time, the repression by President Daniel arap Moi’s (Nyayo was his other name) regime was at its peak.

The Cold War had collapsed and many Africa strongmen, including Moi, found themselves under pressure from donors and development partners in the West, as well as from home-grown movements, to allow multi-party democracy. The arrest of Rubia, Matiba, and Raila were to pre-empt a rally that had been planned by opposition leaders at the Kamkunji grounds in Nairobi on July 7.

The rally had been baptised Saba Saba. The group was led by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro, Timothy Njoya, James Orengo, Paul Muite, Gitobu Imanyara, and Martin Shikuku, among others, to press for greater democratic space and a stop to human rights abuses. Despite the ban by the government, thousands of Kenyans marched in defiance of a previously unchallengeable regime to make their way to Nairobi’s Kamukunji grounds to press the case for democracy……(Kenyans forget history very fast).

This is the second election since the passage of the new constitution in 2010, and the votes will likely be a referendum on some of its successes and failures of President Uhuru Kenyatta….son the the first president.  It was being watched closely from all ends of the world. But Kenya has faced myriad obstacles to peaceful elections in the past, and there are three main issues which were at watch as August 8 approached: ongoing healthcare strikes, the role of false or defamatory news, and the potential for vote rigging…..the later being a common occurrence during elections.

Another issue of great concern was the growing prevalence of election-related mudslinging. In an already tense environment, the distribution of defamatory headlines about candidates was contributing to fears about potential electoral violence. The spread of fake news is particularly rapid in Kenya, where articles can be shared widely due to the high rate of mobile and internet access, a relatively youthful population, and a large volume of Twitter use. So days before the elections, people shopped, they wanted to make sure they had enough food….or call it more that enough, others travelled to safer places…..I mean places they felt safe.

When I travelled to Kisumu on the weekend before the election, I visited a major supermarket store and on that day they had recorded sales of 12 million two hours before they close of their business, more that double what they normally sale. There was great demand for transport to the country sides and the fares were doubled and in some places tripled. After violence following a disputed election in 2007 left approximately 1,400 dead, Kenyans are always afraid when election knocks on their doors. So afraid that those who were able, booked flights and jetted out of the country minutes before others queued to cast their votes.

Its calm today, elections have come and gone. IEBC, the body that oversees the election says that the incumbent won, they have also admitted that there was attempted hacking of their system……lets just call it hacking, I am a techie and I know there is nothing like attempted hacking…..and they need time to produce form 34a even though they have all the form 34b which are supposed to be generated from the former. Forms 34A are filled at polling stations to show how votes were cast before they are transmitted to the constituency level where the results are filled into forms 34B.

There has been demand from the part of public not to look into what happened during and after they cast their vote saying…….they would like to move on with their lives. Business stopped for one week and the roads were empty….so empty that I enjoyed biking 46 km two days after I cast my vote. It took three days to get the winner. People in some areas had run out of patient and collided with the force of police. Innocent lives were lost, lives of small children…….shot by police at close range. I restrained myself from watching news, from being on a political side and from wanting to know who had won.

It’s been 11 days since we went to the polls, NASA the opposition coalition have declared they will go to the supreme court….the highest court of the land. The move has been welcomes by those holding the government. IEBC on the other had still maintain their stand that the election was free, fair and credible, even with all the allegations that have knocked on their door. Some people have celebrated the innocent lives taken by the police, they have had a big laugh in death. The president came out and called for peace, and asked police not to use brutal force, but the damage is already done. If those victims will ever get justice remains to be witnessed.

Life has moved on very fast, people are going to work, others are pretending to be friends again. Husband and wife are talking again…….everything will go well for the next five years, then we will be at it again. Rigging elections, fleeing danger, overshopping and losing innocent lives…..all that while we call ourselves brothers and sisters.

The one who rigs best wins. The winners have their way and their say also.



Ordering for a new logo? Here are some tips for you.

A logo is a sensitive symbol of our causes and businesses/organisations. Most of the time they communicate our character in the market, so they are subjective.

In this article, I would like to share one important consideration for anyone planing to make a logo by themselves or order one from professional graphics designers. The critical part of the logo today is ease of use on numerous devices and technologies.

Some years ago that flexibility wasn’t much of a requirement because logos could be mostly shipped on print media.

Technology growth is quickly changing that. In that a logo should now be produced in various versions characterized by dimension and color.

Therefore a new logo or even a old but revised one should at least have three basic versions:- the standard version, alternative version and mobile version.

The standard version

This version is what you are likely to get if you design a logo for yourself or even from a professional designer who doesn’t care much about the other versions.


It is in full color.

It is big enough(dimension) which makes it good for any print.


It may not work well on small devices like mobile phones, tablets and websites.

The alternative version

As much as it’s important, this version is usually ignored by many logo owners. It is also called the negative or grey scale logo.


It comes at a dimension of the standard logo though in monochrome.

Being monochrome it can be used in most of the partners’ media especially the mobile, web applications and websites.


Since it’s monochrome, it can’t be used anywhere if your logo originally comes in more than one color.

Mobile version

The mobile version is a small logo in terms of dimension(width and height) made in both full color and monochrome. It is an important logo for mobile applications and websites. If the standard logo is complex i.e has many symbols which may not be visible shrink mode, effort should be taken to remove some of those symbols in this version.


It will fit and represent the brand on the widely used devices today.

It is good to be used as an icon, for a mobile application and website fav icon.


It is not good for print media.

Bonus: It is good discipline to always have the original editable versions of the logo and any graphic for your brand. Without them flexibility is not paramount as you stand a high chance of color and dimension inconsistency in the future publications.


Three Yummy Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast smoothies have become part of my staples. They’re quick and easy to make in a blender and don’t need a lot of ingredients. Plus, they’re deliciously yummy and satisfying. So I thought I’d share three of the ones I do most, depending on what I feel like having in the morning. The mocha and…

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Cave d’Agnes resto a Fitou village

De Cave d'Agnes is één van onze beste resto's in Fitou. Gelegen op mooie locatie rechtover kerkje van Fitou en zoals de naam het weergeeft in een oude cave. Wij krijgen veel goede reactie van onze bezoekers op gebied van vriendelijke bediening, heel lekker eten en origineel opgedient in een super toffe sfeer. Het enige nadeel dat cave d'Agnes heeft is dat er geen terras aanwezig is. Natuurlijk als je wel in hoogseizoen op terras wil gaan eten bij één van de andere resto's zoals Vidal of Le Moulin kan je beter goed voordien reserveren!! 
 Hier vind je wat foto's van klanten die graag hun bord a la Cave d'Agnes presenteren!
Foto van hun TripAdvisor beoordelingen !
29, rue Gilber Salamon, 11510 Fitou, France
Tel +33 4 68 45 75 91  
Tussen de 45 a 65€/pp

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recipe testing

Maybe you remember that I wrote about meal prepping earlier this year. I started this at the beginning of this year as an attempt to control my expenses for meals and lunches throughout the week and to be able to control what I was eating/ that I was eating healthy.
With just a few exceptions, I managed to prepare meals for my working weeks on a regular bases, which is pretty satisfying. 

I may have gotten some laughters when people in my office realised that sometimes I ate the same meal on all five days of the week, but I can proudly say that I don't care at all and look forward to every single lunch, when I made it myself and like it. I also realised, that I just can't force myself to cook on a weekday, so when something is up on a specific weekend and I don't have the chance to prepare my meals on the weekend, I don't get it done at all and it is take out or ordering lunches the whole week. This results in much higher costs and much crappier food, like fries, pizza or asian take away, probably with a lot of artificial flavour enhancers. 

So, back to the recipe. I've been following Deliciously Ella for a while now and admiring the food on her Instagram account, but never actually tried one of her recipes. But then I saw this recipe right at the front page of her website and I quickly decided to give it a go: a quinoa sweet potato raisin salad

Sorry for the messy picture I took from this delicious dish. I only remembered to take a picture after everything was finished, it was dark outside and I had already started to pack away the food. So I tried to make it look nice by editing and putting one filter after another on it, but that didn't help much. So I recommend going to Ella's site, where I found the recipe, the photos there are MUCH prettier than mine! 

There are recipes, I just know that I will love the result, because there is not a single ingredient I don't like. Here it's mostly the sweet potatoes, which I could eat over and over again in all variations, together with fennel, toasted nuts and a lemony dressing. "This can't be bad" I thought, and I was right. 

This is the kind of salad I would wish for at any barbecue ever. It has a lot of stuff in it, it makes you full, it has a lot of texture and many different flavors complementing each other. Who needs meat on the grill anyway when you can have this salad?? :) 

Besides, the recipe was really easy to prepare. 

So of course, there are five neatly packed lunch boxes in our fridge right now and I can't wait until lunch time tomorrow :D 

Mobile digital hub has started, will you join us?

Mobile Digital Hub(MDH) is a program carried out by You Inspire You in Uganda, focusing on expanding technology awareness and use through offering a free technology education to people in the local communities.

MDH was for the first time rolled out to the people at the former home of Righteousness Palace Ministries church at Lukuli Nanganda. YIY through it’s leaders talked to RPM leaders about the idea before it was welcomed. RPM took the responsibility of mobilizing the community people to participate on top of facilitating space to be used for free.

Around 21st July 2017, we provided about 22 printed application forms to help RPM to register interested participants. From that total we would only choose 10 people to participate based on available resources.

On 11th and 12th, we were able to start the activities to which we are very proud of the training team and the community members who are very interested and committed to learn despite the age, academic and life background.

The group we are attending is a mixture of age groups, ranging from 17 to 50 years and both genders.

Though they were some challenges especially on the first day when our own laptops failed to work, RPM and Gagawala graphics ltd donated the computers we used on both days. The trainers were late by an hour on the first day.

The biggest achievement was everyone apart from one  individual attended both days.

Everyone is now able to switch on and shut down a laptop as well as some are comfortable with the touch-pad already and one or two individuals are still getting used as we go into a week were practicing with the keyboard and mouse will be intense.

With gratitude we appreciate everyone who made our commencement a success. Words can’t explain the happiness we have in our hearts, having introduced 10 Ugandans especially from the local community to technology.

Julie Wallez

Over Julie Wallez
Julie Wallez, geboren op 18 februari 1981 te Schaarbeek en woonachtig te Evere. Julie behaalde haar Master Vertalingen aan de Hogeschool ISTI in 1999.   Na een eerste werkervaring als administratief bediende bij GE Money is Julie in 2005 aan de slag gegaan bij StepStone waar ze de dag van vandaag hoofd is van de klantendienst.  Hier kan ze haar talenkennis en creativiteit ten volle benutten, maar uiteraard kan ze haar creativiteit helemaal de vrije loop laten buiten haar professionele omgeving.
Sinds kindsbeen had Julie een passie om mooie tekenkunstwerkjes te maken maar het is vanaf haar 20ste levensjaar dat ze de smaak te pakken kreeg om te schilderen.  Dit, een beetje toevallig, ter nagedachtenis van haar overleden grootvader. 
Haar eerste schilderijen waren geinspireerd door de natuur en de reizen die ze maakte.  De nood kwam er snel om haar eigen gevoel en emoties in haar schilderijen vast te leggen.  Hierdoor creëerde ze een eigen abstracte stijl gebaseerd op het pointillisme.   Met deze techniek kan zij haar emoties volledig tot uiting brengen en nieuwe kleurrijke  kunstwerken te creëren.    Het pointillisme wordt door Julie eerder gezien als een herkenningspatroon in haar werken.  Vandaag openen de doeken van Julie de deuren naar nieuwe horizonten, harmonieuze gemengde vormen en kleuren die de fantasie stimuleert  van iedereen die ernaar kijkt.  
Julie Wallez est née le 18 février 1981 à Schaerbeek et réside actuellement à Evere. Son Master en traduction en poche, Julie met sa connaissance des langues à profit en travaillant tout d’abord 3 ans dans une fonction administrative auprès de la société GE Money.  En 2005, elle rejoint le service clientèle de la société StepStone dont elle devient responsable 4 ans plus tard. Si Julie aime à penser que dans son activité professionnelle, elle fait au quotidien preuve de créativité ; elle avouera sans détour que c’est en dehors de ses heures qu’elle préfère laisser libre cours à son besoin de créer. 
Très jeune, Julie adorait déjà dessiner mais ce n’est que vers l’âge de 20 ans qu’elle s’est mise à la peinture, un peu par hasard, en mémoire de son grand-père décédé. Ses premiers tableaux étaient figuratifs, inspirés par ses voyages, la faune, la flore mais peu à peu Julie a ressenti le besoin de s’exprimer au travers de son art et pour ce faire, il lui fallait trouver un style, son style: le pointillisme abstrait. Grâce à cette technique, Julie est parvenue à utiliser son émotion du moment pour créer de nouveaux univers empreints de mille et une couleurs. Le pointillisme pur est après quelques temps devenu une contrainte pour Julie qui a alors fait le choix de davantage l’utiliser telle une signature. Aujourd’hui, les toiles de Julie se veulent des portes vers de nouveaux horizons, des mélanges harmonieux de formes et de couleurs dont l’unique but est d’éveiller l’imagination de ceux qui les regardent.
Ziet u op het eerste zicht een boeket bloemen?  Beperk uw fantasie hier niet en laat u niet misleiden door de gebruikte kleuren.  Ziet u tussen al die kleurenpracht geen figuur zoals een lachende vogel of een insect? 
Si au premier coup d’œil, vous semblez apercevoir un bouquet de fleurs ; ne bridez pas d’emblée votre imagination. Le choix des couleurs peut être trompeur car au beau milieu de ces formes, ne voyez-vous pas également un étrange personnage, un oiseau moqueur ou encore un insecte carnivore ? 
Dit doek zal u een een compositie van bloemen doen denken, maar als u dichterbij gaat kijken een onderling verband tussen vormen en kleuren en met een beetje meer fantasie ziet u misschien wel een sprookjesfiguur of ..... ??????  daarvoor moet ik het doek zien ☺
Wat maakt u ervan? 
Cette toile pourrait, de loin, vous faire penser à une composition florale alors que de plus près, il ne s’agit que de formes et de couleurs entrelacées. Avec un peu plus d’imagination et de poésie, peut-être pouvons-nous y voir un personnage fantasmagorique, des bulles de rêves agrippées à l’arbre de raison, … Que voyez-vous ?
Kom een kijke nemen naar de Gallery van Julie Wallez LINK !