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with a heavy heart

with a heavy heart it is, that you’re starting your day.

not really knowing what is ahead of you and having a lot to look back to.

feeling grateful, still, but also lost, insecure and afraid. afraid of losing something dear to your heart.

with a heavy heart it is, that you’re ending the day.

feeling tired from being sad. thoughts racing in your head, keeping you from sleeping.

with a heavy heart it is, that you wish for lighter days.

but still, this heavy heart of yours keeps on beating bravely.

How governance works for the Ethereum blockchain

It’s a common misconception that the creator and/or the developers are in sole control of the blockchains they create, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. But in reality governance of blockchains involves different parties that act according to whatever incentive they have. In the case of the Ethereum network, it consists of various participants that all … Continue reading How governance works for the Ethereum blockchain

Tilley France introductie nieuw verblijf

Binnenkort gaan we ons nieuw Tilley France paardje inwijden,  onze
Tilley Lounge CoConChalet!
Onze CoConChalet zal alle comfort bieden van een perfecte hotel kamer >>> maaaaar nog veel meer!!!
1. Groot comfortabel bed (160cm breed met goede matras!!)
2; Prachtig uitzicht vanuit slaapkamer op meer en zee.
3. Privé tuin met patio, bbq, buitendouche.
4. Parking wagen naast verblijf
5. Plaats en mogelijkheden voor surf gerief of ander materiaal op te bergen en te kuisen
6. Groot terras met lounge corner.
7. Relax lig zwembad.
8. And last but not least, als u wenst kan u ter plaatse genieten van een Miranda ontbijt waar al heel wat voorafgaande gasten blijven van spreken!!
Wat maakt deze CoConChalet of in het Frans ChaletCoCon zo uniek. Harry Tilley heeft in samenwerking met zijn buddy Ronny Roos een nieuw ontwerp uitgetekend van een chalet dat alle comfort en ook een hoge ZEN factor kan aanbieden. 
De vorm, het interieur, de ruimte is goed over nagedacht. Zo heeft Harry Tilley (broer van Kaat Tilley) uitgezocht om deze mooie vorm te realiseren tot een uniek monument van een chalet.
De naam cocon vond hij perfect passend met de vorm van het dak.
We hopen ons nieuw verblijf te openen voor het brede publiek vanaf februari 2017.
Schrijf u in via onze FB of mailing en blijf zo op de hoogte van onze eerste publieke opening!
Neem een kijkje naar onze bestaande logies via volgende LINK!

A week in November

Mainly I’ve been working on my reindeer card ready for the season and it was already hump day by the time I looked up. ✨If you’re one of those organised people, this way to the festive cards.✨ Some other things that happened this week: Sent off a bunch of festive cards to the south of…

Learn the modern way of developing Web applications this festive season for free.

If there is anything I’m passionate about nothing beats the passion to use technology to benefit fellow humans.

Since I got the opportunity to live in the generation where the world is a global community because of internet, it gifts me the privilege to learn and share. This festival season, I would like teach you about developing functional web applications using modern tools and approaches.

Take a look at the table of contents.

  1. Prerequisite
  2. Web design vs Web applications development
  3. Extending is smart!
  4. Components of a Web application.
  5. Powering web applications with WordPress
  6. The do list application

At the end of the tutorial I expect the reader to:-

  • To differentiate web design from web development.
  • To learn the different components together with their functionality in web applications.
  • To develop web applications using WordPress as an underlying framework.

Stay tuned for the next post, in which I will reveal my experiences and the requirements you need to benefit from this short but practical tutorial.




Ich habe Zeit verschenkt

Meine Zeit ist mir kostbar, ich überlege genau, womit und mit wem ich sie verbringe. Normalerweise sind meine Tage ziemlich durchgeplant, weil ich meistens dermaßen viel um die Ohren habe, dass ich gar nicht umhin komme, genau zu planen wann ich was mache. Aber manchmal kommt irgendwas unvorhergesehenes dazwischen. So letzte Woche. Ein paar Häuser ... The post Ich habe Zeit verschenkt appeared first on Christine Graf.

Lend a Helping Hand

Nigeria's social platforms recently got bombarded with a plea to help an ailing acting and broadcasting veteran, Sadiq Abubakar Daba. When I began seeing the various messages on Twitter, Facebook, news paper sites, and even WhatsApp, I began to wonder if it was true.
I spent a while checking it out and realized, yes, the details are accurate (so far o).

The need: 20 million naira
The concept: 20, 000 people send N1,000 to Mr. Daba's account. This would raise the money faster than waiting for some politicians and rich people to get in touch with the 'angel in their hearts' and spare some money for him.
Details: Send N1,000 to UBA account for Sadiq Abubakar Daba, 1005382276

So far, it seems to be working. As at November 17, 2017, about 1.5 Million naira had been raised and more were still coming in, particularly with the aid of activists like Dr. Joe Odumakin, and Mr. Soni Irabor.

Let us all come together to help this great man. N1,000.00 is not much. The target is still far ahead.
Please lend a helping hand, to this golden age Nigerian actor, famous for his role in "Cock crow at Dawn", and recently, "October 1st".
I have done my bit. Please join me.
UPDATE: The target has been reached for Sadiq Daba! Thank you to all those that heeded the call.
God bless us all. God bless Nigeria