Our roadtrip through England

It’s been two weeks we are touring around in England, to be more precise in the South West of this country. Just to swipe away all prejudices: most of the time we had fantastic weather, a bit colder than expected and only once we had heavy rain. However, we learned that English people do not ...

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United Kingdom

The Wikipedia page for UK starts with this sentence: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain. After visiting the country for the first time for a longer time (2 weeks) I learned so much about the history (William the conqueror, Oliver Cromwell, the parliament, …), that …

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Learning by Chunking

I found an article today that describes how I have been learning and why I have not been able to assimilate things instantly recently.

I was reading a satire about how to learn coding the hard way earlier, and one of the links in the Medium article led to this science-proven method of learning. Practicing by solving difficult problems helps to save chunks in our neural brain. If you want to keep growing, you need to make learning a habit.

This explains how my mum is able to churn out new books periodically – she is constantly learning and practicing solving problems.


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a birthday weekend

Spending the weekend with your whole family in a beautiful place with good food and sunshine is really something. 

My sister turned 30 today and invited her family and close friends to spend the weekend with her in a beautiful, huge house with a large garden including a fireplace and veranda. The weekend started on Friday and lastet until Sunday after breakfast. We ate together, hiked together, cooked delicious food and had drinks outside on the veranda in the sunshine.

Horses nearby, a big kitchen to cook food and have a chat inbetween, a wood fire outside, an impromptu guitar session in the evening and celebrating together, this was what made this weekend so special.


Thank you, AnnaBanana 🙂

It’s time to start dreaming again

It’s honest time today, so please bear with. My husband and I had a conversation the other day about dreams. Rather, it was more a conversation about how I should (could) make use of my time currently before we start travelling in 2 and a half months time. I am currently not working, so I…

Mandhary mosque in Mombasa Old Town.

“As we journey through time remember: There are always two sides to history. The visible one – that which we see and admire, and the invisible one – that which stems our curiosity and enchantment”. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 18.28.15

Mombasa Old Town is one of the historical tourist attractions on Mombasa Island. It is located on the southeast side of Mombasaa nd occupies an area of 180 acres. It is inhabited by a mix of local, Arab, Portuguese, Asian and British communities.

Mandhry Mosque (on of the oldest Mosque) is next to the Fort Jesus in Old Town,Not too far from Basheihk. The architecture recaptures a bygone era influenced by the African, Arabic and European cultures, from the narrow streets.

There are many curio shops that sell arts and crafts, antiques and popular Kenyan souvenirs, as you walk towards the Mosque.

Mandhry usually takes away the antiquity award from Basheihk owing to its written and dated records. The mosques does not disappoint in architecture either; the front yard takes an ornate seat-like shape regaled by calming ocean breeze.

Founded in 1570, Mandhry Mosque in the Old Town is the city’s oldest, and an excellent example of Swahili architecture, which combines the elegant flourishes of Arabic style with the comforting, geometric patterns of African design – note, for example, the gently rounded minaret. Not open to visitors.


Cigales, het geluid van de Languedoc-Rousillon

Ieder jaar rond einde juni beginnen de Cigales te sjielpen. Het is voor ons de periode waar we enorm van kunnen genieten en het kondigt nu echt het begin van de zomer aan. Ze beginnen bij zonsopgang en wanneer de zon verdwijnt lijken ze allemaal te stoppen.
Wat zijn Cigales?
De cigale is een insekt en geen krekel zoals veel mensen denken. Ze leven het grootste deel van hun leven, zo tussen de drie en vijf jaar, onder de grond. Na de laatste gedaanteverwisseling komen ze naar boven. Ze nestelen zich dan in een boom, waarna de mannetjes het oorverdovende geluid maken, waar de Provence zo om bekend staat, om de vrouwtjes te lokken. Ergens in juni hoor je voor het eerst het geluid van de cigales. Ze maken het geluid door kleine plaatjes te laten trillen met behulp van sterke spieren.
Kom genieten van deze prachtige insecten en hun geluiden bijwww.tilleyfrance.fr
Warme groeten,
Harry & Miranda