Purple is the subtle intermediate between red and blue, balancing the energetic power and extroversion of red and the calming, analytical blue. For a long time in human history, it was the colour of the royal dynasties, often associated with mystical phenomenons and worn by catholic bishops. It stands for wisdom, magic and extravagance and […]

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Fired Earth

While preparing the opening of the ART Fabrik I was also working on two new paintings. One, a bluish-green combination of different shades of green and blue pigments to create a light, sunny feeling when looking at it. I got inspired by the colours I see when wake up every morning and watch the sky […]

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The other red

I learned that the choice of colours depends on age and on gender. Considering my age, it’s not really clear to me why I chose shades of pink as the main colour in this painting as this colour is referred to naivety and girlish behaviour. But is also stands for romantic, charming woman, which I […]

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Ich mache Kunst!

Seit zwei Wochen haben wir einen Künstler zu Gast in unserem roten Appartement, den Maler Harald Huss. Wir haben uns vor drei Jahren kennengelernt, als er anläßlich einer Ausstellung in La Chapelle ebenfalls bei uns weilte. Seine Bilder sind ein Feuerwerk der Farben, in vielen Schichten teils transparent, teils opaque aufgetragen.  Sie haben mich sofort […]

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Perfect Blue

I was searching for a long time for the perfect blue, played around with different pigments, lost my track a bit through the dead of my mother and finally felt that I need another colour in this painting. My perfect blue has got a dash of green, a green I created by adding some terre […]

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Silver Grey

It is often said that grey is not a colour, but a statement, if you want to hide or remain invisible (the grey mouse). Sometimes, instead of positioning oneself for one side or another, we are looking for a way in the middle between two opposites, between white and black. But grey can also be […]

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Exploratory Painting

I am always experimenting with different natural materials, such as lime, marble powder, fine sand, ash, to create depth and structure. The challenge lies in bonding these materials and adhere them to a flexible canvas. Sometimes, they just crumble away after drying. Using a mix of pure lime with marble powder, which is used for […]

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In the middle of the winter, when it became really cold, grey and windy, when the sun did not shine for a few days, I was longing for the blue sky and bright light. I thought of using yellow, the colour of the sun, to create a painting which could brighten up this time of […]

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The Signature of my Art

Signing my paintings is always the last part of my work, when signed, the painting is ready. To me, it’s the sign of completion, like an approval of the result of a creative process. I have talked to artists and did a little research, and I also always paid attention to the signatures in galleries […]

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Turquoise - detail
Turquoise – detail

Blue again, in all its shades, as the light let it seem and the wind stirs it up.
In this painting, deep blue and green, with dashes of turquoise.

If you have ever seen the different seas of this world, you know what I mean 😉
Turquoise, a transition from blue to green, is perceived either as crystal clear or as icy cold.
In any case, this color dissociates, it stands for independence, self-reliance and idealism. Just like the sea, it has burbled for millions of years, even though we human beings are increasingly harming it with our so-called civilisation.
here where I live, I see the sea almost every day.
sea_03 Now, the main holiday season is over again, the sea starts to recover. It almost always begins with a strong wind or storm, which seems to sweep away everything that does not belong to the sea and to the beach, as if the sea is angry at what it had to endure.
When the wind calmed down, everything looks very flashy and almost virgin (except for the garbage that has been flushed to the beach after such a storm).sea_01And then the sea appears to me so powerful, independent and self-reliant, as it is attributed to the color turquoise.


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