Play MTG Arena on a Android smartphone (PC with Steam needed)

Recently Steam published the Steam Link app for Android. Here is what you need to play Magic Arena in the bathroom, bed or maybe in the bus?

  1. Get a MTG Arena access (its in closed beta)
  2. Add MTG Arana to Steam
  3. Install Steam for Android (on your phone)
  4. You are ready to stream it:

I tested it some time within my WLAN and it works great. It plays really well with fingers and on the phone. I haven't tested it on a mobile connections through some kind of VPN, but maybe will.


Kunku App: African stories for today’s kids

Do you remember Tales by Moonlight? Did you ever reminisce about all those folk tales that our parents and elders used to tell us, as we grew up?
I remember that the tortoise was always up to no good, and the hare was always running and running and never making the finish line on time.
We live in a fast-paced world now, and not everyone has the time to tell these stories to the kids of this century.
Kids are now occupied with cartoons and TV shows, but what if you could bring back the nostalgia with those old golden stories? Share them with your kids now, the way you used to enjoy them?
Well that is what the Kunku App does.
Kunku App allows you to share the golden folk tales you enjoyed in your youth, with the next generation!
Kunku App lets you enjoy story after story - its like a library of short stories for the young children.
Complete with lots of pictures, and a soothing voice to read each story, what's not to like. And the best part is that the Kunku App is free to download, and most of the stories in the library are free as well.
The app encourages reading skills in children, as it allows them to follow each word via highlighting, as it is spoken by the narrator. Targeted at children between the ages of two and eight, Kunku has lots of stories that teach good morals, culture and about historical figures.
There is even a competition going on via Whatsapp - first person to answer questions based on the stories and gather five points for the day, gets five thousand naira.
Why not give it a try? Download the app on the Apple Store or the Android store.  Do tell what you think in the comments!

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