Ventures Platform Accelerator 2.0

Ventures Platform is an accelerator that finds, support and fund founders who are resolute, creative, independent thinkers with a deep rooted hunger to win.

We are sector agnostic; we fund companies across all sectors. We offer $20,000, solid mentorship and a ton of support to help companies grow really fast.

Application for our second cohort is still open, if you are building an awesome product that solves a real problem or know anyone who is, we would love for you to apply or share the link with them.

Application closes on the 11th of March, we recommend applications come in early. Companies that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications.

Apply here:

Please find a list of the companies we fund and support here: Ventures Platform Accelerator

The Future is shared!

Good Deeds: Epitome Products

Its not easy when you have bills hanging over your head. My subconscious is cruel, it keeps bringing it to the forefront of my mind, day after day. Thanks to the daily reminders, I cannot stand even a little debt because it would weigh a ton on my mind, and make me distracted. All this talk of debt and bills came about because I owe 25 Euros. Yes, Euros.

Going to the Beach

End of summer last year, I decided to get my creative juices flowing again, after being rather stale for years, and took some online classes at Coursera. One was a series of Fundamentals of Graphic Design to get some more basics, especially, since I want to take my card creations a little further. The other …

Kunku App: Tales of Old

Do you remember Tales by Moonlight? Did you ever reminisce about all those folk tales that our parents and elders used to tell us, as we grew up?

Flashback: Fred Abu

Years ago, when I got an email invitation to speak all the way in Nairobi, I read it, closed it, opened it three days in a row to read and close again. Many would not believe it, but I have some degree of stagefright - put me in a room of people, and I can summon the courage to mingle, but put me under a spotlight, on a stage, a podium or raised dias to speak to a crowd, and I got cold feet and tongue-tied.

Flashback: Ahmed Maawy

So, I'm sitting at a grand dining table, feeding MJ from a plate of rice, pea stew and something called 'posho'. It was our second day in Kampala, Uganda, and the meal looked similar to what we enjoy in Nigeria - except the rice was a bit mashy, the 'posho' can be [mildly] compared to our local swallow food in Nigeria, and the pea stew is simply boiled green peas, with a mild 'maggi-ish' flavour.