Christmas is coming

Its that season again, when the whole world marks the birthday of Jesus Christ. While I am not too comfortable with all the symbolism and how so many things have been commercialized about the season, I love the way December seems to draw families together. It also forces everyone to slow down their pace, rest and relax.

Resting and relaxing seem like luxuries, especially in a country where taking a vacation is made to look like you are not a serious human being. Most adults tend to 'work until they drop'. Its not a good situation, as the medical reports at this stage is not good.

At this time of the year, most churches have Christmas Carol programs lined up. Daystar Christiam Center was not left out. The booking takes place online. This year was no different.

Something struck me though: the portal was opened at 12 noon. After 3 minutes all the spots had been taken. Three minutes!!! I was amazed. I could just imagine over 2000 people poised over their keyboards, waiting for the booking button to be activated. That is how much people love the event, and I am told that that is the way it happens every year.
It gladdens my heart that my beloved church has reached the level I encountered when I returned to Lagos. Despite the humongous size of members, the church still remains focused and close-knit.

So, this season, I encourage all of us to please prioritize rest, and live in a state of constant gratitude. Many started this year with us, but did not make it to December. Let us practice #ThanksLiving always.