Bitcoin is not money

It’s sometimes hard to frame conversations around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. That’s largely down to the fact that no one can truly express what these things are, and what they mean to humans and our society. These are entirely new organisms that lack precedence. Is Bitcoin money? Is Bitcoin a network or a protocol? … Continue reading Bitcoin is not money

How governance works for the Ethereum blockchain

It’s a common misconception that the creator and/or the developers are in sole control of the blockchains they create, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. But in reality governance of blockchains involves different parties that act according to whatever incentive they have. In the case of the Ethereum network, it consists of various participants that all … Continue reading How governance works for the Ethereum blockchain

New era of personal computing

On this blog I’ve talked a lot about blockchain technology recently. And while blockchains certainly are disruptive to how we use and agree on shared information, or run shared applications, they aren’t changing how we do general purpose computing, or personal computing.<!—more—> What is personal computing? Storing or reading private documents, storing emails or maintaining … Continue reading New era of personal computing

What is Urbit?

If you thought blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the most avant-garde or anarchist technologies of today, I will say you’re wrong. There’s an even bigger and bolder idea out there that I’ve been following for a while — it’s called Urbit. I must admit that I didn’t fully understand Urbit, until recently when I started playing … Continue reading What is Urbit?

Should developers be responsible for potentially harmful software?

With the recent news concerning the arrest of Marcus Hutchins — the security researchers who stopped the biggest-ever ransomware attack — I’ve been thinking (more than usual) about the ethics of software development. But before we go into that, who’s Marcus Hutchins and what did he really do? Hutchins, is a so-called security researcher which … Continue reading Should developers be responsible for potentially harmful software?