Bitcoin is not money

It’s sometimes hard to frame conversations around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. That’s largely down to the fact that no one can truly express what these things are, and what they mean to humans and our society. These are entirely new organisms that lack precedence. Is Bitcoin money? Is Bitcoin a network or a protocol? … Continue reading Bitcoin is not money

Fungibility – why Bitcoin or Ether aren’t the most democratic currencies yet

Fungible currency is, or must be, a cornerstone of a democratic and free society. In this blog I will explore what a fungible currency is and why Bitcoin and Ether currently are lacking in this respect. What does “fungible” mean? Goods or items in a collection are “fungible” if all of the items have the … Continue reading Fungibility – why Bitcoin or Ether aren’t the most democratic currencies yet

New era of personal computing

On this blog I’ve talked a lot about blockchain technology recently. And while blockchains certainly are disruptive to how we use and agree on shared information, or run shared applications, they aren’t changing how we do general purpose computing, or personal computing.<!—more—> What is personal computing? Storing or reading private documents, storing emails or maintaining … Continue reading New era of personal computing

What is Urbit?

If you thought blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the most avant-garde or anarchist technologies of today, I will say you’re wrong. There’s an even bigger and bolder idea out there that I’ve been following for a while — it’s called Urbit. I must admit that I didn’t fully understand Urbit, until recently when I started playing … Continue reading What is Urbit?

What is Vault 7? And how not to be spied on

Have you heard about the latest Wikileaks release called Vault 7? The short version: If you ever were sceptic about “USA is spying on everyone on the Internet” you can stop being sceptic now… Since 7 March we know, for a fact, that they’re capable of hacking into, listening and recording on pretty much any […]

Why I do free software

Free software is software that respects users’ freedom and the community around them. Users of such software are able to use, copy, distribute, study, change or improve the software. “Free” in this case refers to the freedom, not the price, of the software. “Free software” does not mean “non-commercial”. A free program must be available […]

Why entrepreneurship is not freedom?

Building myself as an entrepreneur I juggled between freelance and employment. During the time until mid 2015 the market pulled me into and I virtually identified myself as an Information Technology expert than what I truly desired to be since 2003.

You see I wanted to code and develop solutions which could help me especially. I never owned a PlayStation yet kids next door did, my playing time was boring most of the time. Such incited the desire to be creative. Later spent every penny in the internet cafes for years to learn this thing called software development.

All the way, developed desire to make money, so I instead of going at it through coding looked for the simplest way possible. I went into troubleshooting computers and setting up internet cafes. As this brought in some money, it positioned me more into the I.T arena than giving than coding. Much as had lots of ideas flowing in my blood, couldn’t find the courage to start or pick up where I left off.

When you want to be something, it’s good to discover the way you want to do it and fall that. If you don’t you are most likely to do it just like anyone else. Will this bring you happiness?

As for me solving problems through coding will be my first method, even if I run away it will always haunt me.

If anyone wants freedom or is pursuing happiness my recommendation is to try and spare sometime to discover yourself. Try so much to become as much self aware as possible so that if anyone has to tell you something they know or are observing about you, you don’t feel offended and surprised. Because you entirely know where it begins and ends.

For many coders, there is pain on start and during debugging phase but that pain has never compared to the happiness that comes at launch of our system.

If you’ve never gone through any self-awareness program, start now. Don’t let fears and thoughts like discovering the opposite that you want something or you who someone else than you’ve known. The magic here is that you will know yourself more than anyone knows you and you can now continue on your journey taking the right direction. I got a chance to attend Unleash dreams in 2016 co-found by David Reeve. One of the sessions Christine taught us about the life ecosystem, it’s my center of reflection since then.