Akara and Fried Yam, Courtesty Pinterest (Nigerian Foodies)
GOOD DEED: THE OKADA RIDER Some nights ago, I closed late and so I had to patronize an okada rider. For those outside the shores of Nigeria, we have what we call okada riders in almost every city in our country. Imagine someone with a motorcycle, carrying passengers for a fee. That's an okada rider. At first they were a new means of livelihood for many, then they became a nuisance, especially when they were being used for robberies and attacks. Various cities now have laws governing their working times and where they can operate, if at all. Okada riders are allowed to patronize the areas where my office is, and where I live, so its quite easy for me to use them from one location to the other. So, on that night, I hailed one of these 'transporters' to take me home. After negotiating the price, the man asked how much I was holding. It turns out he would need to break down the money he had to be able to give me change when we arrived my destination, so we agreed that he would stop along the way to buy bread. He did stop some minutes later, but not for bread. He stopped at a street food location, where fried yam, fried bean cakes (akara) and fried plantain (dodo) was being sold. The smell arrested me immediately. I seem to love yam with a passion these days, and that day was no exception. It did not even matter that all I had eaten all day was roasted yam and pepper sauce. I ordered some, then paid for both my order and the okada man's order. The man did not believe I was not going to collect the money back from him. I insisted, and when we arrived at my house, I proceeded to pay him the full charge agreed for the trip. He prayed for me fervently and I thanked him and walked away. I still do not understand why he did not believe me. I mean, I said I would pay and I did. I enjoyed my order. You should try it one day - african white yam, deep fried in vegetable oil, served with pepper sauce and chilled water...hmmm.... I better stop here before hunger knocks fully on my door.

Good Deeds: Epitome Products

Its not easy when you have bills hanging over your head. My subconscious is cruel, it keeps bringing it to the forefront of my mind, day after day. Thanks to the daily reminders, I cannot stand even a little debt because it would weigh a ton on my mind, and make me distracted. All this talk of debt and bills came about because I owe 25 Euros. Yes, Euros.

Why should I be energetic for 2017?

2016 is a memory. Full of personal and business challenges, surprises and milestones. The opportunities,  that it brought such as the “Dine and Dream” and Unleash dreams workshops for free of charge. Over 4 districts of Uganda traveled to educate fellow youths about entrepreneurship & personal development, the networks built, the websites designed and mobile app development opportunity scoped are one of those that make me feel energized for 2017. The first time I applied for a fellowship, can’t wait for feedback. Fingers crossed. More reason to be energized is the goal am setting to learn more about youths and women empowerment, human rights, violence and entrepreneurship in all. To mentor and support at least 2 young entrepreneurs run self sustaining businesses is what I stand for. I live to inspire individuals to build awareness and self-sustaining communities. So the more knowledge I give, the inspirations I make, the support I give is what keeps me stronger as well as make others stronger. Looking forward to this challenge. In 2016 most of my workshops have been in Central and Eastern Uganda, connecting to Western and Northern Uganda will be courageous.  

Good Deeds, PayStack and Cre8SMS

Anyone running a business that needs foreign exchange, especially with the American dollar, in Nigeria, is currently frustrated. The exchange rates have practically tripled in months, making production costs crazy, and turning profits to heavy losses.

IronBlogger – My Good Deed

It goes without saying, that when you are selling something, it is essential to also patronize your product. In Daydah’s case, one of the services we provide for clients, is online visibility through blogging, social media activities and more.