Lend a Helping Hand

Nigeria's social platforms recently got bombarded with a plea to help an ailing acting and broadcasting veteran, Sadiq Abubakar Daba. When I began seeing the various messages on Twitter, Facebook, news paper sites, and even WhatsApp, I began to wonder if it was true.
I spent a while checking it out and realized, yes, the details are accurate (so far o).

The need: 20 million naira
The concept: 20, 000 people send N1,000 to Mr. Daba's account. This would raise the money faster than waiting for some politicians and rich people to get in touch with the 'angel in their hearts' and spare some money for him.
Details: Send N1,000 to UBA account for Sadiq Abubakar Daba, 1005382276

So far, it seems to be working. As at November 17, 2017, about 1.5 Million naira had been raised and more were still coming in, particularly with the aid of activists like Dr. Joe Odumakin, and Mr. Soni Irabor.

Let us all come together to help this great man. N1,000.00 is not much. The target is still far ahead.
Please lend a helping hand, to this golden age Nigerian actor, famous for his role in "Cock crow at Dawn", and recently, "October 1st".
I have done my bit. Please join me.
UPDATE: The target has been reached for Sadiq Daba! Thank you to all those that heeded the call.
God bless us all. God bless Nigeria


I actually did not picture that I would be adjusting back to my home city this soon. If someone had told me at the beginning of the year, that I would be in Lagos around this time, I would have asked, "What for?"

But here I am.
And as I get stronger, I am absorbing what actually made this city tick, slowly. Gradually I am finding my fast-paced rhythm again. And loving every minute of it.
On the business scene, there are so many businesses. Its all busy busy busy! In every sector, there is no new idea, just new ways of packaging things. Even the information technology industry has a really cutthroat atmosphere. You have to keep ensuring that your brand stays right in front of the clients, to keep making sales. Doze off and you are forgotten.

I think if the Daydah brand had been in this atmosphere, it would have done better and not allowed the tortoise-speed of Abuja eventually weigh her down.
I'm glad I'm back in Lasgidi....
Now which pot do I put my finger in first? lol

Welcome to November

Welcome to November!
This is a special month for me, for several reasons.
I have special friends that celebrate their birthdays this month. I also have my cousin's wedding anniversary this month (remember that sweet cousin of mine that I had to lose weight and be fit, for her wedding? That's the one. They celebrated 9 years of marriage this month. They have come a long way...)

November also brings to us NaNoWriMo! NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It has blown into a global initiative, and the enthusiasm is very very catching.
Its simple really - all you have to do is write 50,000 words this month. Yes, that's all. Sounds easy right?
Ok, I saw you re-read the previous line. Its 50, 000 not 5,000. That's fifty thousand.
Ok, I will stop scaring you now.
NaNoWriMo has a website that helps to gear you up, before November, and push you through to the end. With lots of encouraging captions, and an easy way to log your progress, the site claims to be able to help you get to the finish line without giving up.
There are also community forums that you can be a part of, depending on your region, and you can have buddies to share things with.
Your story can be written in any language, but it has to make sense - I can picture some people writing the same word over and over again, just to attain that gold.
There is lots of swag to buy from, and you can also donate to the cause.
Did I mention that joining NaNoWriMo is free? Yes! Free as in free beer and free lunch.
Your story is yours to keep - in fact they insist that you do not save it on their site. Save it elsewhere.
All you are asked for, is an excerpt and a description.

The last time I wrote in NaNoWriMo was in 2014. So, in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I decided to create my first work in WattPad, and work on it, towards the challenge. Wattpad is a community for writers. They say it best:

Here is an excerpt to my story, Dawn's Joy, below:

That bond we need

Sunday was the 34th wedding anniversary of my parents and I wish them both joy, peace and harmony in their union.
Sunday was also my big cousins birthday. My love for sis lolly will never diminish because she is a big sister in deed.

Some hours ago I got fixated on Michelle Obama. After pinning many of her outfits I realised that it's not really the dress, it's the woman wearing it that makes each style, simple or sophisticated, stand out. Then I considered the source of that self assurance, and realised again that it would most likely be tied partially, to the bond.

There's a certain bond between Barack and Michelle Obama, that's almost a tangible force, almost a visible aura, when they are pictured together.
This force is more present when it's just the two of them. I can imagine what living in the spotlight can do to a marriage, but theirs survived two terms in office. Their partnership, their friendship seemed to get even stronger. They didn't seem to ever argue or fight, but I'm sure it's because they always presented a United front to the world. I'm also sure, that they both created a plan as to where they wanted to reach, and what they could do to help each other get there. They then followed it religiously, and adapted it if necessary, over the years.
Michelle is Barack Obama's partner, not shadow. When she glows his happiness is visible. Her joy is his mission.

I'm also pretty certain that they never ever allowed outside forces  (most likely including their daughters) come in between them.
They wouldn't ever slouch or sit back and let the other person take the full burden of running things within the family.
Their love and respect for each other is always evident in the millions of pictures of them.
They each made the other, their pillar of strength.
It's tough but they have shown that it is possible.

I pray we find such a bond to grow old with..... Amen

Good Deed: Creative Food

Photo credit: Pinterest
Late last month, two couples came over to see my mum. They had a major event coming up, three-in-one actually: their wedding anniversaries and the husbands' school alumni hosting. All on the same day.

 They wanted to cook and host the alumni meeting at the house, and needed permission to do so. They also wanted the food to be memorable. I listened as they discussed the menu, and it included cole slaw.

Now cole slaw in Nigeria is boring. Most usually it's chopped up cabbage leaves and carrots with cucumber and lots of mayo slathered on it. I just had to suggest something more creative.

Why not use a juliene peeler this time? I asked. It would definitely give a new twist to the normal salad recipe. They did not understand what I meant, so I went on Pinterest and found a few pics to show them. They got excited before they realized they didn't have the peeler at home.

 I have been looking for a good deed to do for a while now so I told them not to worry. I went online and ordered one each for them. I took it to them when it arrived, and demonstrated how to use it. They were extremely grateful and happy.

 The food was a success and I was glad I had a good deed 'under my belt'.

5 Good deeds!

I just realized I am owing my Ironblogger clan, five good deeds, or 25 Euro!
With this our economy ehn, where do I want to get that squeezed into my budget?
I would rather do good deeds and help those around me.

So, can anyone please think of something I could do, I am live in Lagos, but not mobile. Please share ideas!

Ironblogging – Blogging a week at a time

One of the results of attending CMS Africa 2016 in Kampala, Uganda, was the creation of an Ironblogger network, IBCOCO. The intent was simple: there is a huge huge benefit from having an online presence, for every business, and blogging frequently is one of the ways to achieve this.

IBCOCO was conceived for global participation: the initial members hailed from Europe, East and West Africa. We work with rules, and the penalty for not blogging is either 5 Euro paid into a Paypal account, or one good deed, that you will blog about. You can blog in English, French or German.

Our blog posts are shared on social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook. We get access to readers outside our network, because of the fact that the group members are from diverse backgrounds and locations. For example, I have increased readership from European cities, places that may never have read my posts, because some Ironblogger members read and share my posts.

Sounds easy right? Well its not, but IBCOCO encourages you to be committed to something worthwhile. Its just once a week after all.
Everyone struggles to stay on top of their writing, especially me, beset by so many things pulling me left right front and center. In fact I owe up to two good deeds at the moment. We Africans especially, have challenges, like epileptic electricity, crazy internet service, and laptops and equipment that have minds of their own, but wee stay committed. Members can always count on the rest of the group reaching out. I hope to get a balance in my life, enough for me to blog more often - everyone knows I love writing and blogging, for the sake of it, not for money.

And speaking of the money in the till from defaulters, its used for things like server management, domain purchase and renewal, and more - a transparent account of the funds is also available on the site.

Why not join us? Reach out to us here

Stacks, Mean or not

It took me a while to understand what 'stack' actually meant. When I realized that WAMP was actually a 'stack', I grasped it immediately.
I have been using WAMP for about a decade, so I understood that it was just a compilation of the software needed to produce projects with that software.
WAMP simply means Windows (OS) Apache (Server) MySQL (Database) and PHP (Language). So MEAN means MongoDB (Database) ExpressJS (serverside javascript) AngularJS (clientside javascript) Node JS (more javascript, like the server).

I downloaded Node JS, and MongoDB. For an IDE (integrated development environment) I downloaded and installed ATOM. Apparently ATOM comes with NodeJS built in, so I did not need to have downloaded or installed it beforehand.

I am currently wading through the tutorials I can find, for Express JS.

Kunku App: African stories for today’s kids

Do you remember Tales by Moonlight? Did you ever reminisce about all those folk tales that our parents and elders used to tell us, as we grew up?
I remember that the tortoise was always up to no good, and the hare was always running and running and never making the finish line on time.
We live in a fast-paced world now, and not everyone has the time to tell these stories to the kids of this century.
Kids are now occupied with cartoons and TV shows, but what if you could bring back the nostalgia with those old golden stories? Share them with your kids now, the way you used to enjoy them?
Well that is what the Kunku App does.
Kunku App allows you to share the golden folk tales you enjoyed in your youth, with the next generation!
Kunku App lets you enjoy story after story - its like a library of short stories for the young children.
Complete with lots of pictures, and a soothing voice to read each story, what's not to like. And the best part is that the Kunku App is free to download, and most of the stories in the library are free as well.
The app encourages reading skills in children, as it allows them to follow each word via highlighting, as it is spoken by the narrator. Targeted at children between the ages of two and eight, Kunku has lots of stories that teach good morals, culture and about historical figures.
There is even a competition going on via Whatsapp - first person to answer questions based on the stories and gather five points for the day, gets five thousand naira.
Why not give it a try? Download the app on the Apple Store or the Android store.  Do tell what you think in the comments!

First published on Daydah.com blog