Don’t fret

I wrote that in 2012. Little did I know that a huge storm was waiting for me in 2014. I still believe this is true, and because God has helped me I will continue to help others. This is for someone out there: #Godhasnotforgottenyou #Godhasaplan #letgoandletgod and watch him turn all your tests into testimonies. Don't fret.

Self love matters

You see that ever-smiling ever-laughing ever-grinning attitude I have? It's in the genes.
I hope I pass on the self-love I'm imbibing now as well because it matters. When you love yourself then you can ensure no one pushes your boundaries. #loveyourselffirst #itmatters


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Scars are reminders of battles won. Your painful memories should be scars, not channels for bitterness, pain or anger. Wonderful service today @daystarng and as usual Pastor @thesamadeyemi was on point. #marriageandloveseries


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Your peace of mind and self-worth is very important. Without it, so many things will not work no matter how hard and long you try #believeme #ihavebeenthere #wasntworthit

Good Deed: Apply Now!

Do you know anyone that would benefit from a Full Scholarship worth NGN250,000.00 used for learning to be a full stack developer?  NESA by Makers are giving out scholarships sponsored by Tech Advance.
The application process is laid out on the NESA by MAKERS website and its pretty straightforward. The deadline is May 7 2018 so hurry!
I have done my good deed for the day by sharing this information as soon as I saw it. Its your turn - spread the word!