Good Deed: The Web that binds us part 2

Earlier in the year, I connected my dad to the angel who ensured he had an education, thanks to Facebook. Some weeks after posting an answer on Quora, something told me to go to Facebook and check out the daughters timelines. One of them had actually posted pictures of Pastor Moon, asking that we all call him to cheer him up, as he was battling cancer. I told my dad, who insisted I ask for permission from one of the daughters, before he would call. My dad would call, and chat with the pastor for a while. Pastor Moon's health got a boost, and he was extremely happy that Dad called him (Whoever said our health is not connected to our emotions lied). That was March. Continue reading "Good Deed: The Web that binds us part 2"

Full Moon at Christmas

Heart beating fast,soul kisses interrupted by hot breath What could beat a beautiful sunrise ten-fold, surpass its enchanted awe 'A full moon rising to the wake of lovers, witnessed by the stars'