Trust in Technology

A few days ago, I got enthusiastically introduced to Ethereum, a platform for decentralised applications, based on a public blockchain and using Ether as a crypto currency. The main idea of this project is building decentralised, digital networks to handle standardised agreements (smart contracts) between people, f.e. handling financial transactions, booking hotel accommodations, granting of […]

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Der plötzliche Tod meiner Mutter hat uns, ihre engsten Angehörigen, fragend zurückgelassen. Je mehr wir über sie reden und uns erinnern, um so mehr Facetten entdecken wir von ihr. Wir erkennen, dass wir alle verschiedene Dinge über sie wußten. So langsam ergibt sich für uns ein neues, ein gemeinsames Bild. Dabei stellen wir unsere alten […]

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Diversity & Nationalism

Currently, there are more than 65 million displaced people, refugees, asylum seekers in the world. This movement causes a crisis in many countries around the world and discussions about asylum seekers, migration, integration, assimilation and multicultural societies are taking place in many countries, quite often initiated by right wing populism. Many people fear the influx […]

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