BarCamp Schweiz

Ein BarCamp ist ein Event, bei dem Menschen zusammenkommen, die sich sonst nicht unbedingt begegnen würden. Jeder Teilnehmer kann, wenn sie oder er das will, eine Session präsentieren. Der Name ist eine Anspielung auf eine von Tim O’Reilly initiierte Veranstaltungsreihe namens FooCamp, bei der ausgewählte Personen (Friends of O’Reilly) sich zum Austausch und zur Übernachtung …

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Why Twitter blocked and deleted our @ibcoco1 Twitter Account

We are running the not for profit iron blogger project. The aim of the project is to motivate people to blog once a week. If you are interested in the project (and you should 😉 ), have a look at our website Beside the website, the project had a Twitter account. Last week I received …

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Die Sache mit Social Media, dem Profilfoto und der Bio

Ich habe nach längerer Zeit mein Profilfoto gewechselt. Das letzte Foto hat immerhin mehr als fünf Jahre gehalten. Bei der Gelegenheit habe ich auch meine „Bio“ verändert. Oh, und ein Hintergrundfoto braucht es ja auch … Auf dem Foto mit dem Kochlöffel rühre ich übrigens in einem Käsefondue, die Hintergrundbilder stammen aus Jordanien, aus Qatar …

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Good Deed: Think Like A CEO

The Month of November was made magical by the sermons I heard at church. It was as if the pastors used a set of binoculars to scan through the crowd in church, then focus on me, and then tuned into what I needed to hear the most.

At Daystar Christian Centre, every month we explore the scriptures based on themes, or series. These series are broken down every week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and in November we tackled ‘Think Like a CEO’. The had pastor, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, usually takes the lead, while other pastors also share the word.

I was really touched by this month’s sermons, so much so that I shared some keypoints on Instagram and even Twitter. One of my cousins took note, and asked if I could buy him the CD of the whole series. I replied, “why not?” and told him I would. Little did I know I how much trouble it would cost.

Getting a copy of the CD proved a herculean task, because I had to go back to the stores four times before I could finally get one. I even went there twice during working hours.

I will be dropping it off with his mum so she can ‘ship’ it to him soonest. I already sent him a picture of the CD in my hand, and he can’t wait to have it.
Putting a smile on his face and helping him get access to the messages was worth it.

Lend a Helping Hand

Nigeria's social platforms recently got bombarded with a plea to help an ailing acting and broadcasting veteran, Sadiq Abubakar Daba. When I began seeing the various messages on Twitter, Facebook, news paper sites, and even WhatsApp, I began to wonder if it was true.
I spent a while checking it out and realized, yes, the details are accurate (so far o).

The need: 20 million naira
The concept: 20, 000 people send N1,000 to Mr. Daba's account. This would raise the money faster than waiting for some politicians and rich people to get in touch with the 'angel in their hearts' and spare some money for him.
Details: Send N1,000 to UBA account for Sadiq Abubakar Daba, 1005382276

So far, it seems to be working. As at November 17, 2017, about 1.5 Million naira had been raised and more were still coming in, particularly with the aid of activists like Dr. Joe Odumakin, and Mr. Soni Irabor.

Let us all come together to help this great man. N1,000.00 is not much. The target is still far ahead.
Please lend a helping hand, to this golden age Nigerian actor, famous for his role in "Cock crow at Dawn", and recently, "October 1st".
I have done my bit. Please join me.
UPDATE: The target has been reached for Sadiq Daba! Thank you to all those that heeded the call.
God bless us all. God bless Nigeria

Ironblogging – Blogging a week at a time

One of the results of attending CMS Africa 2016 in Kampala, Uganda, was the creation of an Ironblogger network, IBCOCO. The intent was simple: there is a huge huge benefit from having an online presence, for every business, and blogging frequently is one of the ways to achieve this.

IBCOCO was conceived for global participation: the initial members hailed from Europe, East and West Africa. We work with rules, and the penalty for not blogging is either 5 Euro paid into a Paypal account, or one good deed, that you will blog about. You can blog in English, French or German.

Our blog posts are shared on social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook. We get access to readers outside our network, because of the fact that the group members are from diverse backgrounds and locations. For example, I have increased readership from European cities, places that may never have read my posts, because some Ironblogger members read and share my posts.

Sounds easy right? Well its not, but IBCOCO encourages you to be committed to something worthwhile. Its just once a week after all.
Everyone struggles to stay on top of their writing, especially me, beset by so many things pulling me left right front and center. In fact I owe up to two good deeds at the moment. We Africans especially, have challenges, like epileptic electricity, crazy internet service, and laptops and equipment that have minds of their own, but wee stay committed. Members can always count on the rest of the group reaching out. I hope to get a balance in my life, enough for me to blog more often - everyone knows I love writing and blogging, for the sake of it, not for money.

And speaking of the money in the till from defaulters, its used for things like server management, domain purchase and renewal, and more - a transparent account of the funds is also available on the site.

Why not join us? Reach out to us here