That bond we need

Sunday was the 34th wedding anniversary of my parents and I wish them both joy, peace and harmony in their union.
Sunday was also my big cousins birthday. My love for sis lolly will never diminish because she is a big sister in deed.

Some hours ago I got fixated on Michelle Obama. After pinning many of her outfits I realised that it's not really the dress, it's the woman wearing it that makes each style, simple or sophisticated, stand out. Then I considered the source of that self assurance, and realised again that it would most likely be tied partially, to the bond.

There's a certain bond between Barack and Michelle Obama, that's almost a tangible force, almost a visible aura, when they are pictured together.
This force is more present when it's just the two of them. I can imagine what living in the spotlight can do to a marriage, but theirs survived two terms in office. Their partnership, their friendship seemed to get even stronger. They didn't seem to ever argue or fight, but I'm sure it's because they always presented a United front to the world. I'm also sure, that they both created a plan as to where they wanted to reach, and what they could do to help each other get there. They then followed it religiously, and adapted it if necessary, over the years.
Michelle is Barack Obama's partner, not shadow. When she glows his happiness is visible. Her joy is his mission.

I'm also pretty certain that they never ever allowed outside forces  (most likely including their daughters) come in between them.
They wouldn't ever slouch or sit back and let the other person take the full burden of running things within the family.
Their love and respect for each other is always evident in the millions of pictures of them.
They each made the other, their pillar of strength.
It's tough but they have shown that it is possible.

I pray we find such a bond to grow old with..... Amen