JoomlaDay Kenya Brings Exciting Times.


JoomlaDay Kenya was held yesterday. The location of this event was ihub one of the best African support system for ICT focused tech entrepreneurs and individuals who aspire to create great companies that tackle some of our biggest challenges. iHub were amongst the sponsors for this event and they have been JoomlaDay partners for four years now.

The other sponsors were Open Source Matters, a non profit organization that provides financial, legal and organizational support for the Joomla! project. Open Source Matters (OSM) is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in the United States, created to serve the financial and legal interests of the Joomla project. OSM has been designed to be flexible and change as the needs of Joomla! expand.

At all times, OSM is fashioned to suit the needs of the Joomla project. OSM will also engage in regular self-assessment to ensure it is accountable to Joomla!, acting in Joomla!’s interest and ensuring that it is the right shape and size to support Joomla!.

CMS Africa an organization that supports and evangelizes the use of open source softwares also a JoomlaDay partner for a long time. CMS Africa also organizes the CMS Africa summit now on its 5th year. This years summit was held in Abuja Nigeria and we are looking forward to our next summit which will be held in Kigali Rwanda in March 2018.

Joomla Monster came too with amazing templet sponsorship. This is the second year they are supporting our JoomlaDay event. Joomla Monsters have good templates, Extensions and Themes that you can use with Joomla.

SasaHost a leading web host was coming in for the second year. SasaHost provide reliable and secure web hosting and dedicated servers. They are also 2015 award winning in customer support.

This was a full day of learning, interaction and networking and for those attentive enough they managed to go home with some of the goodies from our sponsors. I started the day with an introduction to Joomla, who is Joomla. Shedy Serem coming in with Joomla 4, what to expect before breaking of for a healthy break by TranquilFoods. Joan of Sasahost talked about using Joomla as an eCommerce platform followed by Oduor Jagero’s creating for the user.

TranquilFoods also came in with a delicious lunch, Hungarian chicken, Rice, assorted stir fried vegetable and some gravy. The food was amazing. our afternoon session saw us learn about HikaShop and later accepting Mobile payments online by Patrick Mutwiri. We ended with a question and answers session and giveaways.

We want to thank our sponsors, Open Source Matters, iHub for the amazing space, CMS Africa for the support in expertise in organizing this event, SasaHost and Joomla Monsters our giveaway sponsors and for SasaHost who sent a speaker for this event.

One of our challenges this year was that this being an election year, JoomlaDay Ke was not organized as always scheduled. It has been really difficult, but we are happy that we were able to accomplish the mission.

Our next JoomlaDay event will be in September of 2018, the date will be communicated. We invite you to visit our facebook page and we will soon be posting the pictures and we hope to interact with you. See you then.




Christmas is coming

Its that season again, when the whole world marks the birthday of Jesus Christ. While I am not too comfortable with all the symbolism and how so many things have been commercialized about the season, I love the way December seems to draw families together. It also forces everyone to slow down their pace, rest and relax.

Resting and relaxing seem like luxuries, especially in a country where taking a vacation is made to look like you are not a serious human being. Most adults tend to 'work until they drop'. Its not a good situation, as the medical reports at this stage is not good.

At this time of the year, most churches have Christmas Carol programs lined up. Daystar Christiam Center was not left out. The booking takes place online. This year was no different.

Something struck me though: the portal was opened at 12 noon. After 3 minutes all the spots had been taken. Three minutes!!! I was amazed. I could just imagine over 2000 people poised over their keyboards, waiting for the booking button to be activated. That is how much people love the event, and I am told that that is the way it happens every year.
It gladdens my heart that my beloved church has reached the level I encountered when I returned to Lagos. Despite the humongous size of members, the church still remains focused and close-knit.

So, this season, I encourage all of us to please prioritize rest, and live in a state of constant gratitude. Many started this year with us, but did not make it to December. Let us practice #ThanksLiving always.

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Mistral wind

Omdat de mistral wind in onze regio veel aanwezig maken we hier een blog over. In zomer is deze wind aangenaam en verfrissend, in winter dan voelt hij koud aan, maar is dan ook de rede waarom we zoveel mooie heldere dagen hebben zonder wolken. De surfers aanbidden deze wind en genieten om op hun plank mee te glijden. 
De mistral is een krachtige noordelijke wind in Oost-Frankrijk. Hij is het bekendste voorbeeld van een versnelde wind. De mistral ontstaat wanneer zich, gewoonlijk in het winterhalfjaar, een gebied van lage luchtdruk boven de Golf van Genua bevindt, de Genuadepressie.
De mistral is een harde en koude noorden- tot noordwestenwind die gedurende de dag gemiddelde windsnelheden bereikt van 50 kilometer per uur of meer (windkracht 7), met windstoten van meer dan 100 kilometer per uur. De duur van de mistral is erg wisselend maar hij houdt vaak dagenlang aan, tot wel een week. De mistral waait erg vaak, zo'n 130 dagen per jaar, en komt in elk seizoen voor, het vaakst in de winter en het voorjaar.
De wind steekt op wanneer koude, uit de poolstreken afkomstige lucht ver zuidwaarts Europa in wordt gezogen door een lagedrukgebied boven de Golf van Genua. Wanneer het water van de Golf van Genua warmer is dan in de omringende gebieden, stijgt de warmere lucht boven die Golf op. Die stijgende lucht veroorzaakt het ontstaan van een actief lagedrukgebied, het Genua-laag. Dit vergroot de bestaande luchtdrukverschillen waardoor het harder gaat waaien. Overdag is de wind meestal sterker dan 's nachts, omdat de temperatuurverschillen tussen het noorden en de Middellandse Zee onder invloed van de zon dan het grootst zijn. Tijdens de mistral is het in het Rhônedal meestal onbewolkt, maar als de koude lucht tot boven het warme water van de Middellandse Zee komt, ontstaan daar buien.
De mistral komt voor in het gebied tussen de Alpen en de Pyreneeën, maar is het sterkst in de Rhônevallei. Daar versnelt de wind doordat de lucht tussen de bergwanden in het relatief nauwe dal van de Rhône wordt geperst. De wind kan hier windkracht 9 (storm) bereiken, soms wordt zelfs windkracht 10 of 11 (zware tot zeer zware storm) bereikt, met gemiddelde snelheden van meer dan 100 kilometer per uur en windstoten van 150 kilometer per uur. De wind waait niet alleen in de onderste lagen van de atmosfeer, maar tot wel 3 kilometer hoog, wat wordt geïllustreerd door de windsnelheden op de 1915 meter hoge Mont Ventoux, een berg in de Vaucluse: hier zijn windsnelheden gemeten boven de 300 kilometer per uur.
Lokaal optredende koude valwinden langs de hellingen van de Rhônevallei hebben een borakarakter en worden ter onderscheiding mistral général ook wel mistral local genoemd.

Bitcoin is not money

It’s sometimes hard to frame conversations around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. That’s largely down to the fact that no one can truly express what these things are, and what they mean to humans and our society. These are entirely new organisms that lack precedence. Is Bitcoin money? Is Bitcoin a network or a protocol? … Continue reading Bitcoin is not money

Visiting the Guggenheim Museum in New York

If I had a bucket list, visiting the Guggenheim Museum in New York would be on the top of the list. I don’t know how or why but it’s been a dream to go here for a very long time that I can’t even remember when the seed was planted to go here one day.…

1st of December

The first snow this year.

The first day of the last month this year.

Only 23 days left until Christmas and 30 days left until the new year begins.

Christmas markets, christmas songs, lights everywhere and a lot to do before we can all slowly slide into the holidays.

Then some crazy days inbetween leading to a much anticipated, much overrated New Year’s eve and then we can start fresh and anew.

A whole new year to try a new beginning, to form new year’s resolutions or to mess up. That depends on us.

How Netherlands is Reframing Accessibility.

If you ask a large group of people with different kinds of disabilities what they want to be called, you will get a large number of answers. Some prefer “people with disabilities,” some prefer “disabled people,” some prefer their specific situation be called out, some would rather not mention it at all.

For this essay, I chose “people with disabilities” because it’s what my friends call themselves. As always, you should ask a person what the prefer, and respect them by using it.

If we make the choice to consider everyone “a person on the ability spectrum” instead of separating the “able-bodied” from the “disabled,” we stop treating people with different abilities as members of an out-group, and we start treating them as part of our own diverse in-group.

What I have seen here in Netherlands has baffled me. The country has done well in making sure the people with disability are able to move around, be it by trail, bus or just on the streets. A typical street in Amsterdam is busy, with people walking, others cycling and cars. But a blind person with a little training can make their way around, while being safe.

The streets are paved with a special kind of tile with groves, with different patterns guiding to the bus door, crossing points, turnings etc. The country has done more to ensure that there wheelchair users can have access to and from the city. If you are arriving in Schiphol by train or flight, you can book for wheelchair assistance prior to your travel.

When intending to use a train, getting around Netherlands, you also have to book for wheelchair assistance. A platform which is mobile will be lowered on the platform for you to wheel yourself into the train and when you reach your destination, somebody will be waiting for you, to do the same thing. In buses and trains, there are places reserved for wheelchairs.

There are many restaurants and coffee house who have also taken this seriously. I dont know if your favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is accessible by wheelchair but if its not, then its not favorite anymore. My few hours there I managed to spot a few in Amsterdam and Daan Hang too.

I have travelled in many cities in europe and before I arrived in Netherlands i was in Rome. If you have visited Rome you will agree with me that there hills and some obstacles for wheelchair users unlike in Amsterdam with a fairly level ground. In some cities, the infrastructure is not maintained, rendering it very unfit for use.