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vor einiger Zeit hatte ich berichtet dass ich über eine Begegnung bei der es eigentlich um Balkongeländer ging etwas glücklich einen Kontakt knüpfen konnte um 4 Wochen auf den Weihnachtsmarkt nach Offenburg zu kommen. Dieser „Deal“ wurde nun vergangene Woche entgültig besiegelt. Bei einer Verkostung der von mir vorgeschlagenen Olivenöle konnte ich überzeugen. Das zeigt mir, dass ich mit den Olivenölen die ich im Angebot habe durch Qualität sehr gut überzeugen kann. Über diese Zusammenarbeit freue ich mich natürlich sehr. Weitere kleinere Märkte über den neuen Vertriebskanal stehen ebenfalls als Möglichkeit.

Auch mein Produzent ist darüber erfreut und hilft mir auch mit seinen Kontakten Möglichkeiten der Vermarktung zu öffnen.

Heute nur ein kurzer Blog von unterwegs. Aber es bleibt spannend. Ich wünsche eine gute Woche


Building a Central Bank – Part 2

Three weeks ago I played around with Ethereum and was wondering what I can do with it (Building a Central Bank – Part 1). Meanwhile Dick wrote blog posts about Free lunch, blockchains (benefits and costs) and dapps.  He scribbled an example how smart contracts can help to organise a project like iron blogger in a …

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Rochelierre is een toonaangevend wijnboer in Fitou waar reeds de vierde generatie door de familie Fabre actief is met het brengen van deze lekkere wijnen! Onlangs hebben zij een nieuwe cave opgebouwd op de rand van het dorp. Hier een mooie foto van hun recente cave dat sinds 2016 open is gegaan.!
Rochelierre is geen kleine wijnboer meer, zo exporteert hij naar verschillende klanten wereldwijd en staat hij op verschillende gerenommeerde beurzen. Zo is hun nieuwe cave perfect geautomatiseerd om een goede service en hun lekkere wijenen fijnloos te versturen. Hier wat mooie fotoshoots van de cave en hun entre om te degusteren in een Chai sfeer.
Van onze tipi B&B kan je al wandelend langs de zalige straatjes van Fitou met zicht op het meer en zee. Vanuit ons appartement is het 3min rijden. 
Openingsuren: van april tot oktober elke dag open van 9 tot 12 en van 14 tot 19u > buiten het hoogseizoen is het enkel in het weekend open van 14 tot 18u.
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Soll ich in Deutschland wählen?

Meine Staatsangehörigkeit ist Deutsch. Ausserdem bin seit 1992 Bürger der Europäischen Union. Mit der deutschen Staatsangehörigkeit sind Rechte und Pflichten verbunden. Mit der Unionsbürgerschaft  bisher nur Rechte. Deutschland gibt mir als Rechte das Wahlrecht, die Möglichkeit der Aufnahme in den öffentlichen Dienst, eine Mindestsicherung im Inland, diplomatischen Schutz im Ausland, Recht auf Rückkehr aus dem Ausland und die Bildung politischer Parteien. …

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Prayer From Auschwitz.

“You have made me so rich, O God; please let me share Your beauty with open hands. My life has become an uninterrupted dialogue with you, O God, one great dialogue.

Sometimes when I stand in some corner of the camp, my feet planted on Your earth, my eyes raised toward Your Heaven, tears sometimes run down my face, tears of deep emotion and gratitude.

At night, too, when I lie in bed and rest in You, O God, tears of gratitude run down my face, and that is my prayer. Amen”.

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On September 1st 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland and thus began the second world war. Less than a month later, Warsaw surrendered and the Nazi victory was all about complete. On November 1940, the Jews of Warsaw were transferred and confined into small ghetto within the walls of the city. The ghetto population increased to 45,000 and the conditions became unbearable. The streets were full of starving children. The diseases and poverty were rampant. Some kilometers away the gas chambers were designed to kill 600,000 people every day.

While stories of Auschwitz seem more fiction than reality to many, to most people, this place, is one of those places they would rather forget. Most of my polish friends have never visited Auschwitz, and they are not planning to, they say it’s a place that reminds them of the past they would rather pay to forget. On the 68 year of celebration after the liberation, I watched a survivor narrates of his time in the consecration camp. That evening was a turning point in my life. I wrote in my journal some lines that will remind me that this would be one place I should visit. Atleast before I die.

By late 1941, Hitler decided that the Jews of Europe were to be exterminated, so Birkenau, originally intended to house slave laborers, was re-purposed as a combination labor camp / extermination camp. Prisoners were transported there by rail from all over German-occupied Europe, arriving in daily convoys. By July 1942, the SS were conducting “selections”. Incoming Jews were segregated; those deemed able to work were admitted into the camp, and those deemed unfit for labor were immediately killed in the gas chambers.

The group selected to die, about three-quarters of the total, included almost all children, women with small children, pregnant women, all the elderly, and all those who appeared on brief and superficial inspection by an SS doctor not to be completely fit. Mengele, a member of the team of doctors assigned to do selections, undertook this work even when he was not assigned to do so in the hope of finding subjects for his experiments. He was particularly interested in locating sets of twins. In contrast to most of the doctors, who viewed undertaking selections as one of their most stressful and horrible duties, Mengele undertook the task with a flamboyant air, often smiling or whistling a tune.

He was capable of being so kind to the children, to have them become fond of him, to bring them sugar, to think of small details in their daily lives, and to do things we would genuinely admire … And then, next to that, … the crematoria smoke, and these children, tomorrow or in a half-hour, he is going to send them there. Well, that is where the anomaly lay. As I walked inside the camp I wondered, I wondered what kind of man would send small innocent children to death while he goes back home and put his own children to bed. 

For me, a trip here is something I cannot explain. This is a very emotional trip, filled with silence, soul searching and most times tears. People visit here in their thousands everyday, but it’s always a silent tour. No talking, just marmar. The trips are very well organized, with a bus ride from the city of Krakow and a tour guide. You are provided with headset and you are able to hear what your guide is saying clearly. I saw pain in the pictures on the walls, pain of prisoners in their uniforms, labeled with a small triangle and a number. I saw where they slept, small rooms where they crowded with not enough restrooms and air, I saw what remained of their belongings, their spectacles, all crowded in a large room, two tons of women hair cover two large rooms, this is just the remnant of what the Nazi germany looted from them.

They robbed them of everything, they robbed them of their homes, families, personal belongings, the hair on their heads and the clothes they were wearing. All this was shipped to germany, to be sold. Tons of gold were melted from their ornaments. And after they took so much from them, they choose who they would kill, women and children. And for those who still had the health and strength they robbed them of that too. They worked 12 hours, without food. Their labour was free, painful, sweat, tears and blood, everyday. At night they were crowded in small rooms, they died from suffocation and starvation. Some slept standing all night……some made it and others didn’t.

The pain of those who died here is still here, it hasn’t gone away. I don’t know if it will ever go away, it’s been 72 years since the liberation and for me it’s been 4 years since I desired to come here. I am also in pain, I see their faces and in the quietness of this place, I can hear their voices. The place where some of them were hanged still smell of death, the sight is still fresh. You can see the crystals flying in the gas chambers, denying you air as you suffocate to death. Its been many years, they say time heals all wounds, it doesnt.

After the warsaw ghetto uprising, Jewish fighters continued to defy the Nazis. Over 30,000 Jewish fighters fought in resistance units in the ghettos, forests and death camps. They fought all throughout Poland and Europe until the final defeat of Nazis in 1945. Emmanuel Ringelblum letter to his fallen friend described his emotions on this painful moment.

“Peace go with you my friend, maybe we shall meet again. The thing is the dream of my life has come true. Self defence in the ghetto and Jewish armies has become a reality. I have lived to see the magnificent heroism of Jewish fighters in battle” Emmanuel was killed days later. In his last letter, the warsaw ghetto historian described the spirit of Jewish resistance…..”To live and die with honor” Unlike other brutal foes…….the resistance fighters lived and died in honor.

Many of those who had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, those I have gotten the opportunity to talk to, can’t describe their experience other than that of sadness, emotions and reflective. And like many of my Polish friends, it’s something they would rather not talk about. Something they wish they would forget. But there are some wisdom words that greet you when you enter Auschwitz…words from George Santayana. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat


To the memory of men, women and Children who fell victim to the Nazi genocide. Here lies their ashes. May their souls rest in peace.





Moorlander Plakat #MudArt

Die aufwändige Arbeit zu Heiko Moorlanders MudArt Kunstwerk „Pole Position III“ in der Nähe der Schweizer Gemeinde Möhlin musste wegen eines sensationellen Salzfundes unterbrochen werden. In eigener Sache: was haltet Ihr von einem Moorlander-Plakat, Format A2, im Stil der Poster in der Postersektion dieses Blogs. Arbeitstitel „Live is Roaaar“. Verschiedene MudArt Fotos wie man sie … „Moorlander Plakat #MudArt“ weiterlesen


Purple is the subtle intermediate between red and blue, balancing the energetic power and extroversion of red and the calming, analytical blue. For a long time in human history, it was the colour of the royal dynasties, often associated with mystical phenomenons and worn by catholic bishops. It stands for wisdom, magic and extravagance and […]

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Liebe Blogleser von 1aOlivenoel.de,

wie ihr ja alle wisst bin ich neben allen Aufgaben sportlich recht aktiv. So war es nun mal an der Zeit meine Laufschuhe auszutauschen. Die bisherigen sind doch nun schon ziemlich durchgelaufen. Man sieht ihnen die vielen Kilometer auf Asphalt und Schotter an. Aber doch haben sie mich nie im Stich gelassen.
Nun war die Frage wo ich meine neuen Laufpneus kaufe. Im Schuladen ? in einem renomierten Sportgeschäft? Nein ich habe mich für ein kleines Spezialgeschäft entschieden. Ausschließlich ausgerichtet auf alles rund um den Laufsport. Der Grund warum ich mich dazu entschieden habe – ich wollte nicht hören „das ist ein schönes Modell“ oder solche Verkäufersprüche. Ich wollte Beratung ! für meinen Laufstil, für meine Füße das passende. Ich habe meine Entscheidung nicht bereut.
Der erste Schritt zum neuen Schuh war Barfuss auf einem Laufband ein paar Meter rennen. Dabei wurde eine Videoanalyse gemacht. Der Profi sah dabei sofort welche Schuhe in Frage kommen. Marke? Farbe ? egal :-). Da ich viel auf hartem Untergrund renne und ein Fersen- und Mittelfußrenner (was es alles gibt 🙂 ) bin, mußte es ein gut gedämpfter Schuh sein. Der Profi hat sich kurz ins Lager verzogen und mir einige Schuhe zur Auswahl gebracht. Und bereits beim ersten Schuh den er mir zur Probe gegeben hat, hatte ich das Gefühl sofort losrennen zu müssen. Perfekter Sitz, perfektes Gefühl – perfekt.
Und zum Preis ? perfekt gefühlt um einiges günstiger als in den großen auf Verkauf ausgerichtete Sportartikelhäuser.
Was will ich damit sagen? Es lohnt sich, sich umzuschauen um das für sich passende Equipement zu finden. Auch wenn man dafür vielleicht ein paar Kilometer mehr unterwegs ist. Aber man hat ein besseres Gefühl wenn man bei solchen Händlern kauft die sich spezialisiert haben. Gilt auch für Olivenöl 🙂
Heute früh war es dann soweit, die ersten Kilometer habe ich auf die neuen Schuhe gelaufen. Und am schönsten ist es vor Sonnenaufgang loszurennen. Die Luft ist frisch und die Aussicht einfach einzigartig.

Frühaufstehermomente über den Spargelfeldern