CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy

Next week I’m going to CloudFest.  CloudFest itself is hard to describe. It is an Event and the successor of World Hosting Days. So a large part of the worlds hosting industry will be “there”. The first time I was there was in 2016. I’m writing a weekly blog post for NovaTrend, a hosting company from …

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6 boxes

This post is about 6 boxes. 

6 boxes of clothes, I had packed after my move and of which I wanted to get rid of. Yes, after the move, logically. Who would get rid of stuff BEFORE the move and have to pack and carry less?? Not me, of course…

So I went through my closet and there was lots of stuff, which I hadn’t worn in years, some items I had never worn at all and a lot of them, I hadn’t worn the last year. So I packed them all up and was unsure what to do with the stuff. I wanted to gift as many clothes as possible to people I like and who I knew would wear the clothes and give them new life.

So I invited my family and friends to go through the boxes and just take what they wanted. So far, I was able to get rid of 2 boxes of stuff already and it brought a lot of fun, memories, and even the realization, that I had been a bit too quick with getting rid of some stuff. So a few items wandered back in my closet and I’m glad they did. And a lot of clothes found new homes.

The best part is that I now get photos and selfies from these dear people, showing me that the pieces get wear, for example a very lovely skirt which I loved to wear is now going with my friend to a date at a bar and one of my sweaters suits my sister very well at work.

What better way to empty your closet and make room for something new or even just make room for some simplicity in your life closet 🙂

House renovation – more cement floor and plastering walls

It has been quite a while since I shared an update of our house renovations. The last time I wrote about what we got up to we started with the cement floor in the cellar. Since then, my parents have removed an asbestos pipe and put in a new waste water pipe, removed a concrete…

Art Lover Ground Event Barcelona

Yesterday evening, the Art Lover Ground event took place in Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to show some of my paintings. When I arrived in Barcelona, some of the artists had already installed their art, others were desperately figuring out the right presentation. The event staff, especially Karina, was very supportive and helpful for ...

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Het gemeentehuis in Fitou

Het gemeentehuis in Fitou is de place to be voor alle info rond activiteiten in en rond Fitou, het zoeken naar een plaatsje om te slapen, ook organiseren zij wandelingen door de wijngaarden en het dorp zodat je een mooi beeld krijgt van het dorp, zijn specialiteiten en inwoners.
Het gebouw van het gemeentehuis van Fitou heeft een mooie voorgevel en kan je niet ongemerkt voorbij rijden. Wie onze locatie Tilley France B&B zoekt hoeft na het passeren van het gemeentehuis het eerste straatje links en dan de tweede straat rechts te volgen en zo kom je in de rue du Vigne nr 43.
Achter het gemeentehuis vind je het locale schooltje waar in de zomerperiode tal van feestjes worden gegeven en optredens. Je vind de meeste informatie op hun websit
Onze burgemeester is Alexis Armangau. Hij sinds 2016 burgemeester van Fitou en brengt heel wat vernieuwing in ons dorp. Zo zal er in 2018 een nieuwe zaal geopend worden met tal van potentie (La salle plurivalente). Het geeft weer een boost aan de bekendheid van ons dorp.
Kom ons mooi dorpje Fitou eens bezoeken en geniet van al het geen dit dorpje te bieden heeft. Vriendelijke dorpsbewoners, lekkere wijn en dertien actieve wijnboeren, tal van goede restaurants, een oud prachtig kasteel en natuurlijk onze Tilley France B&B. Neem een kijkje op onze website
Warme groeten,
Harry & Miranda

Ain’t No Sunshine When she’s Gone.


Good evening all. I would like to announce that my wife is back home, after a three days work trip out of town. I know you are wondering, yes. I also agree with you that I have not be married for that long, so i must be suffering from something. This, is the longest my wife has been away. I travel a lot myself, when I do and am not with my wife….i get all busy with stuff. It’s very different when I am alone in the house.

If you are like me, and used to a routine that surrounds your wife, you will realize that you have become really comfortable with the way things are. Maybe you are imagining some things just work, or if they don’t she knows the answer as to why they are not working. How long you are going to be alive alone in that house depends on how you are going to handle things. But what if you are those guys, who like me have mastered everything but nothing?

Make a Call : She just left, and you realize that you need to do some laundry, you encourage yourself to first pass by the store to buy soap. When you arrive home, you look at the machine and want to throw everything inside. But that the button tells you wait, there is wool, mixed, quick wash e.t.c. Then the confusion gets real, see you have avoided making the call, so you go to look for the manual. You know, that book that comes with the machine when you buy it. That thing you have been seeing it lying around but today is the day you can’t see it. At some point, you give up, you seat quietly in the toilet with wet eyes and the voice says….please make the call.

Make Arrangements for dinner: There is no doubt that you love cooking, but you and me know that when a man is really good in the kitchen they use that to impress the lady. So for the next three days, there is no one to impress. All your hard labour in the kitchen will have to be appreciated by yourself and you are thinking it’s not worth the effort. So you call a few people who can go out of their way to accommodate your appetite. But remember you are the same person who moved on when you got married and today is the first time they are receiving your call after the wedding day. You end up getting the dinner, but you have to go through the shame.

Bachelors are also human: Many things change when you get married, especially in the bedroom. You stop sleeping like a bachelor and start spooning. It doesn’t matter how cold it is out there, the bed is always warm. You have your side of the bed she has hers. You have those romantic conversations….and sweet nothings before you fall asleep. Today is different, life reminds you that you are really lucky to have what you have, after all bachelors are as human as you are and you should learn to live like them….and sleep like them. The bed is cold again, you would have ironed it but there is no electricity. Once again darkness has covered your world, and has turned your light into dark.

Keep Hope alive: When she left she said she will be back after three days, you are hanging on those words. To you they are powerful, they are your future. So you have sharpened your counting skills, every new day bringing you closer. You may not have earned it, but you feel you deserve it. Then the day arrives, and you look at how you have done it……you make sure all things in the house are in order. The only thing you have managed to cook since she left the house was a cup of tea, and a cup of tea and a cup of tea. All the cups are clean.

She arrives in the house and compliments you on how you have kept the house in order, but you know you have played very safe. The clothes lie folded in the bathroom but apparently that’s not where they are supposed to be. Just like T’Challa she swings back to keep the house on the move. She helps you recover from the three day shock….with hugs and kisses, and just like a baby, you cling on her breasts….not letting go.

She has been gone for a few days, now you know how important she is.


Good Deed: WordCamp Lagos 2018

In January, a friend suggested I attend the WordPress Meetup in Lagos, since I was in the city. I thought, "What harm would it do?" and decided to go. Little did I know that just that one day would change everything for the next couple of weeks. I discovered they had a conference coming up. Not just any conference by the way. It's a WordCamp, the first in Nigeria. WordCamp Lagos 2018 promises to be a day filled with lots of talks, and workshops. We have several sponsors backing the event e.g JetPack, WordPress  (of course), Woo Commerce and more. There will also be a workshop for teens (discounted ticket, only 20). And there's the Happiness Bar, which is a desk that WordPress developer can approach with their challenges and get help. So what was my Good Deed? Well, since I heard about the event, I volunteered to be part of the organizers. I applied to speak as well. I was taken up on both offers. Since joining I have had a nice time working with other WordPress enthusiasts, who give their all to make things move forward in the community . I'm happy to be a part of this new family.

Summary of the week from 26.02.2018

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