Laaangweilig! #flussnoten #ibcoco

Was habe ich geflucht, dabei wusste ich doch genau, dass der Radweg schnurgerade an einem Kanal aus Straßburg hinaus führt, zwanzig, dreißig, vielleicht vierzig Kilometer weit. Laaangweilig stöhnte ich wieder und wieder und begab mich für einige Stunden auf Forschungsreise im eigenen Seelengewebe. Wenn man genau in sich hört, kann man die Kräfte hören, die … Laaangweilig! #flussnoten #ibcoco weiterlesen

Laaangweilig! #flussnoten #ibcoco

Was habe ich geflucht, dabei wusste ich doch genau, dass der Radweg schnurgerade an einem Kanal aus Straßburg hinaus führt, zwanzig, dreißig, vielleicht vierzig Kilometer weit. Laaangweilig stöhnte ich wieder und wieder und begab mich für einige Stunden auf Forschungsreise im eigenen Seelengewebe. Wenn man genau in sich hört, kann man die Kräfte hören, die … Laaangweilig! #flussnoten #ibcoco weiterlesen

Start your Blog – Today!

A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

A conceivable simple concept.

The existence of blogs has now arrived in everyone. Blogs are read and also the traditional media take them seriously. I’ve also a blog that you are reading 🙂

When you post messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Foursquare, CouchSurfing, DeviantArt, Ello, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Meetup, SoundCloud, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube and all the other platforms, then you run also something like a blog.

If you are looking for an entry (status, check in, photo, video), you realize many things. It is not easy to search, archive or download your “own” data. It is often impossible to transfer your data from one platform to another. You can not evaluate “your” data.

You also’ll realize that it is not “your” data. Depending on the conditions of use of the platform you have issued many or all rights for your content to the company that operates the corresponding service.

My data is not worth anything anyway

If LinkedIn is purchased for US $ 26,000,000,000 by Microsoft, then Microsoft paid about US $ 60 per user (User 433,000,000). Do you have a LinkedIn account? Do you also have an account with other services?

I have accounts at 12 major services where I post occasionally content. If I expect US $ 60 per service, my data is currently worth around 720 US $ on average.

Your data is worth something!

At LinkedIn, users networked to do business. Please consider briefly what kind of data you are generating : texts, photos, music, videos, your fitness bracelet, your car, your bank card, your home automation and all the other stuff that creates data .

Collect Data

Do you also have a box of keepsakes from your childhood? Any tinkering, postcards, pictures, souvenirs and other things. Sometimes it takes 30 years or longer, until you look back into that box. Often to show them to your children. Maybe you don’t have a box and store everything to your memories.

In the age of online communication most memorabilia are made from bits and bytes and are stored on data storage media, on which you have little control. That means, even if you have no box, other people you do not know personally have a “collection box with your experiences”.

Private companies, and increasingly governments, collect treasures from historical data. They are used for predictions about the future. Based on these data decisions are made by SMART algorithms. Of course, Microsoft is only interested in the details of 433’000’000 business contacts and the raw data in the case of LinkedIn. Microsoft sells software, hardware and services for this target group and 26,000,000,000 will recoup a profit.

But back to your blog project.

A private blog

Now a private blog is of course not the solution to all problems related to data and not the ultimate archiving machine, but it is a bit “more ownership” than on the platforms with their services.

When I wrote the STOP BÜPF article (German), it struck me how important any blog can be, even if it’s a small one.

This tweet lead to some blogposts of Swiss providers.

Swiss provider whether access, Web or communication provider of any kind: Please call on your clients to sign! # StopBÜPF

Finally it was possible to collect more than 50,000 signatures which is a base for a referendum against the law. BÜPF is a proposed law about censorship and surveillance in Switzerland. Have a look at this video to get an idea what could be possible afterwards (subtitles in English are available).

It’s a good feeling when you publish your text on your platform and then post the link to your platform in different services. The principle is called POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere).

In POSSE your content is stored on an environment over which you have control. If you refer for example to Facebook on your own blog, then Facebook “visits” your blog and copies the first words and an image and displays both in your status message. Similarly, it works on all platforms. When you offer an RSS feed, your data can be read in an external feed reader. However, the data remains under your control.

The consequence is (among others):

You are perceived. This can not prevent, because everybody wants your data and are curious what you have to say.

The longer you think about it, the sooner you’ll probably notice why it is good to have your own blog.

This is a small list of benefits:

  • It helps you to learn new things
  • You begin to think more clearly
  • You learn to write better
  • Your self-confidence grows
  • You talk more structured about topics you wrote about
  • You can make money (if you wish)
  • You can support a good cause
  • You need no prior knowledge
  • It is a real challenge 🙂
  • It’s free (or affordable)
  • You learn always something about yourself, others and the issues about which you write

How to start?

The popular software for blogs is WordPress. It works well with many other programs too and all the known and unknown content management systems, but WordPress is simply practical and has become the de facto standard.

First steps

If you do not have a blog, you can set up a blog on for free in minutes. is also a service (from the USA) and your data will be stored on their hard disks, as in the platforms described above. But you’re the one who determined about your data. You can export them at any time and import them into a self hosted WordPress installation. At this moment you begin to take over any responsibility for your data. You can import the data also into many other systems (Joomla, Drupal).

The WordPress software is open source and is developed by a large community. You can download the source code from and install it locally or at a hosting provider of your choice. You can also at any time move your data to another place.


The farther you go away from “all around carefree” services, the more responsibility you transfer to yourself. It’s a bit like growing up. Suddenly you have a car / phone / bike / boyfriend / girlfriend / family / apartment / house / boat and you learn that you have to care so that it continues to work well.

A blog is therefore also a good exercise in “grow up”.


You need a blog and if you already have one, then please post but your URL as a comment.

Apollo 11 vs the Internet.


A Kenyan basic needs are food, shelter, clothing and connectivity. When an average Kenyan wakes up in the morning, they don’t touch their spouse, (if they are married) or walk the dog, or make breakfast. They pick up the phone, open all the social media application and go through them if not all, most of them. This is a new era of technology, I remember a while back there was this big argument that IT sector is going to overtake Electricity as a cable consumer, yes, and even I wondered how? But today, we talk undersea cables. This is the era, while you are a sleep, computers are trading in bitcoins, credit cards are being accessed, and hackers are looking around in your personal information-how much you are worth, the world in still awake by the fact that they are connected to the internet.


Technology has played a very important role and still does in improving the way we live, work and interact. I can start to mention a million smart inventions that we enjoy today, but then, it will take a million years.., no am kidding. Yes but you will agree with me, from complex and high end to simple and free, easy to use, available technology is always around us. The world today is filled with smartphones-both high end and low cost that are a million times faster than the computer on the Apollo11, yes it means today, we can go to the moon faster and easier that we did decades ago. Am not an astronaut but am sure you get my point.


When the World Wide Web was invented by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, He didn’t maybe imagine how his invention will colonize the world, yea true, the level at which we are dependent on technology would be described as the colonization of the human race. But that’s just the bad side, the good side is that we are able to improve how we do things and how we connect with xyz. So, we buried the old way of doing things and opted for the new, and a new world emerged. Today, the only physical mail I get is from eBay, yes, I shop online sometimes. I hold an iPhone 4s I got from my sister when she upgraded to a 6s, yes, that’s how good this stuff are designed, to last longer. With it, I can make calls, browse the internet, hold skype meetings, and connect to personalized business applications and transfer and receive money.


In Kenya, there are many invention that surround the mobile phone and connectivity. Internet connectivity alone adds around 4% to our GDP, no wonder our government has been so reluctant to regulate it, or maybe today, we just have the best government. M-Pesa allows you to send and receive money, receive-from everywhere in the world. M-Shuari another invention allows you to save on your mobile account and you can get loans against your savings. Okoa-Jahazi, another invention allows you to get airtime on credit, just in case you are stuck and needed to make that urgent call and you have no money to buy airtime.


We have local apps that connects us to our back accounts and we can check balances and transfer funds, others connect us to the road, we can check the flow of traffic and see which routes to avoid, others connects us to family and friends we haven’t seen for years just because they are stuck in the land of opportunity, without documentation and are not able to travel home. We are able to get new alerts from when they happen, where they are happening. Videos have been used in concluding investigations and closing cases. The world has been turned around with technology and the future is as bright and you can imagine. Today, I got a call from my friend, he was very worried that after googling my name, he did not find much. Yes, we are on google, your CV is in a cloud somewhere and every time you need it, you request and it appears.


There is no doubt that information technology has been the best invention since man landed on the moon, and it has been a big employer and customer to many. Today, we are able to access information on the GO, when I go to my doctor and explain my symptoms, he always runs on Google, (this is a bad example but true). It doesn’t matter how you use this tool, it may create heaven or hell.

Take action and paint your vision.

For so many months I have been pondering on whether I should learn git or not, I know I needed it than I wanted. Though I kept on procrastinating which made everything difficult. To the extend that even the little I knew evaded from my brain.
A few weeks ago, a friend(Bosco Anthony) shared his with me, his TedEx talk video and did more to me especially igniting my motivation.
In his video he shared about the game changing ingredients which are Purpose and Momentum. And he shared what he knows are the 5 real life applications for fueling one’s purpose. What interested me more was accountability and vision.
How would you achieve a vision if you are not accountable, how easy will it be if you practiced clarity?
Last night I wrote a tutorial which could help anyone learn how to create a WordPress plugin.
Yesterday (3rd/July/2016), besides being a Sunday, I utilized the day instead of relaxing to create templates for the products I’m about to bring to the market, in addition to creating a WordPress plugin, which will help WordPress website owners add 120px by 600px banners to their websites without writing a single piece of code or waiting for a web administrator to do it for you.This plugin is already uploaded to
A screenshot of the process as I pushed to github via Git CMD.
So that anyone can do whatever he wants do to it for free. Whether you install it on your blog or fork it and contribute to it, you’re welcome. Before the end of the day, I will try to upload it to, fingers crossed. It will be my first in the repository. You may find it here, if you want it.
Little of this would happen if I hadn’t watched this 18 minute video. In fact, sincerely, the words Bosco shared helped me find Rhythm and introspect.
You can access the video here on youtube.

Summary of the week from 27.06.2016

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Eine neue Straßenkarte für dein Leben, Herr Irgendlink? #IBCOCO

Beim Lesen meiner alten Roadmap diese Woche wurden mir zwei Dinge klar: erstens, ich merke gar nicht, in welchem Ausmaß mein künstlerisches und literarisches Schaffen voranschreitet. Einige zeitaufwendige Projekte konnte ich in den letzten drei Jahren realisieren. Im Liveblog radelte ich ans Nordkap und nach Gibraltar. Done. Ich stelle fest, ES GEHT MICH. Sozusagen. Und … Eine neue Straßenkarte für dein Leben, Herr Irgendlink? #IBCOCO weiterlesen

IronBlogger – My Good Deed

It goes without saying, that when you are selling something, it is essential to also patronize your product. In Daydah’s case, one of the services we provide for clients, is online visibility through blogging, social media activities and more.

ART Fabrik, & Blogging

Nachdem der eine oder andere sicherlich schon mitbekommen hat, das wir jetzt auch irgendwas mit Kunst machen, hier mal ein wenig mehr Übersicht über laufende Projekte 🙂

ART Fabrik

In unserem cocoate Büro (32, Rue du Pla, 11510 Fitou) haben wir vom 1.7. – 31.8 eine Kunstgalerie eröffnet. Wir, das sind Christine Graf, Susan + Christian Cantau sowie Harry + Miranda Tilley und natürlich ich. Miranda und ich sind keine Künstler, helfen aber mit, wo wir können. Harry und seine Schwestern machen Schmuck, Susan malt, Christian erstellt Lampen und Gegenstände aus Metall. Hier ein Foto vom Abend als die Idee entstanden ist (13. Juni 2016).

ART Fabrik - Idea

Wir haben dann noch in einer Blitzaktion das Büro renoviert.

ART Fabrik

Die Eröffnung verlief sehr “authentisch”, die Künstler waren doch etwas nervös 🙂

The official opening speech done by four very excited artists

Auf der Vernissage hatten wir jedenfalls “full house”, eine Künstler Association aus Toulouse möchte bei uns austellen, am 21.7. gibt es eine Sonderschau von Skulpturen aus dem “Atelier” in La Palme und Mr. Stanley spielte während der Eröffnung auf seiner Mandoline.


ART Fabrik

Wir wollen die ART Fabrik zunächst zwei Monate ausprobieren und daher haben wir noch keine Website erstellt, sondern zunächst “nur” eine Facebook Page (bitte bei der Gelegenheit gleich mal liken 🙂 ).  Alle Links und Kontaktdaten der Künstler gibt es auf

Was mir besonders gut gefällt: Tine hat ein Bild gemalt, wie ich die Zahlen von 0-9 sehe. Die Geschichte dazu gibt es in ihrem Blog (Numbers in Colours). Vom Bild gibt es noch kein Foto (ich gehe gleich mal runter und mache eins).

Mehr Bilder von den Vorbereitungen und der Eröffnung gibt es auf Flickr

Hinweis: Falls du Künstler bist und in Südfrankreich etwas ausstellen (und verkaufen) willst, nur zu :). Wir könnten uns den Raum auch als Mischung aus Galerie und tempörärem Atelier ab September vorstellen. Sprich’ uns einfach an.

Hashtag: #artfabrik

Die Website ist im Laufe meiner Tätigkeit als Blogger für die Firma Novatrend entstanden ( Sie ist in Drupal 8 erstellt und ich beschreibe alle Schritte, wie ich sie erstellt habe im Novatrend Blog. Thematisch ist die Seite ein Art Kunstarchiv. Jürgen hatte die Idee dazu.

Idee: Viele Leute erstellen etwas und oft wird es vergessen. Auf kann sich jeder ein Konto anlegen und seine Werke dokumentieren.

In den letzten Monaten lag etwas brach, da ich über andere Themen geschrieben habe, aber in Kombination mit der ART Fabrik will ich mal sehen, wie sich das weiterentwickelt.

Hinweis: Falls du da mitmachen willst, nur zu. Wir sind natürlich offen für alle Ideen und Weiterentwicklungen

Hashtag: #seafolly


Auch wenn es für viele Menschen bereits “altmodisch” ist, bloggen ist wichtig. Hierzu habe ich einen Artikel im Novatrend Blog geschrieben.
Den werde ich noch auf English übersetzen und hier posten

Link: Starte (d)ein Blog – heute!


Weil bloggen wichtig ist, habe ich ein IronBlogger Projekt ins Leben gerufen. Auch hierzu gibt es einen Artikel im Novatrend Blog Viel Zeit, viele Themen und Iron Blogging.

Aufruf: Blogge einmal die Woche mit uns. Momentan kommen die Blogger aus Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Frankreich und Deutschland. Die meisten bloggen auf Englisch, die Deutschen meist auf deutsch 🙂 Ich mache so eine Mischung. Das ganze ist übrigens für einen guten Zweck.

Hashtag: #ibcoco

Und meine Kunst?

Ich mache mir ja seit Anfang 2015 auch Gedanken über die Kunst und es sind sogar schon ein paar Sachen dabei herausgekommen (MaxiLamps, Hello Art und die Moulage dazu). MaxiLamps habe ich in der ART Fabrik in einer kleinen Nische untergebracht und es blinkt fröhlich vor sich hin.

ART Fabrik MaxiLamps
ART Fabrik MaxiLamps




So far, I have always worked with several colours, with Red I limited myself to one colour, but in different shades: ochre rouge, Rouge de Venise, vermilion. Again, I have worked with different layers and binders, such as marble powder, linseed oil and acrylic.
Ocre Rouge or iron oxide, is a pigment obtained by calcination of yellow ochre. The Venetian red is also based on iron oxide and has been used since antiquity for painting. Vermilion has been derived from mercury sulfide but here I used a synthetic pigment, which reacts a bit differently than the other two mineral pigments.

There are a lot of theories about the meaning of colours and the related personality types, and although some are very controversial, there are quite coincident assignments.
Roughly speaking, personality types differ according to their type of temperament (extrovert, introvert) and further regarding sensory perception, intuition, thinking and feeling.
The colour red is associated with extroverted, analytical thinking people. Allocated to red are such attributes like decisive, strong-willed, demanding, task & goal focused, powerful and positive thinking. “Red people” are full of energy and take immediately chances and challenges, tackle problems, and think later, maybe.
It could be that they do not pay much attention on the feelings of others.
No person is only red, just as the picture that I painted. It has different shades of red, which will be probably not perceived by many as red in the traditional sense. The middle part consists of several layers of ochre rouge, which is mixed with various binders and thus the layers are fairly discolored. The lower part consists of Venetian red, a deep, warm shade of red. The upper part is painted in several layers of vermilion on Venetian red. Depending on the source and intensity of light, the colours change.

When thinking about painting with one colour tone, red and blue came into my mind first. Seems, that I am not one hundred percent red 😉