How to remove Woocommerce sidebar from front-page using hooks

Woocommerce is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress because it’s used by anyone wants to setup online shop without the need writing a single line of code.

Themes are one of the notable features that come with Woocommerce out of box. It comes with a default theme as well as you can download many out from theme repository and many theme stores online. In fact most of those themes on the WordPress repository and theme stores are fully compatible with WordPress.

Therefore this post is targeting people with custom themes made by themselves or got from somewhere but haven’t come with Woocommerce support.

Let’s start right away!

Go to Appearance -> Edit after logging in to the WordPress Dashboard where Woocommerce is installed.

Look for the functions.php file. For experienced WordPress coders you can create your own site specific plugin. This is where you can add custom code.

Let’s remove a Woocommerce sidebar action.

Use the code below in your themes functions.php or site specific plugin.


remove_action( ‘woocommerce_sidebar’, ‘woocommerce_get_sidebar’, 10 );

Save and reload the front-end of your shop page.

As simple as that.




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France marktjes

Harry Tilley jewelry op de Franse marktjes!
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Harry Tilley staat hier ieder jaar op verschillende marktjes of evenementen. In 2016 kon je hem aantreffen op de marche nocturne in La Franqui en in Leucate Village. Ook is hij ieder jaar paraat op de Fête du Vin in Fitou en la Fête du village in La Palme. 
Het assortiment van juweeltjes is aangepast aan het publiek. Zo hebben wij tal van kleine prijs juweeltjes, tot de meer creatieve juwelen, voor wie echt iets uniek zoekt.